3 Scoops

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3 Scoops Soft Serve Ice Cream Menu and Prices

Vanilla, chocolate & swirl
Cone Large $2.99 Waffle cone & extra toppings $0.50
Cone Med $2.45 Waffle cone & extra toppings $0.50
Bowl 12 oz Medium $2.99 Extra toppings $0.50 each
Bowl 8oz Small $2.49 Extra toppings $0.50 each
Bowl 16 oz Large $3.55 Extra toppings $0.50 each
Cone Small $1.99 Waffle cone & extra toppings $0.50

3 Scoops Sundaes Menu and Prices

Banana split, brownie, peanut butter, hot fudge or create your own with amy three toppings
12oz. Medium $3.99 Extra toppings $0.50 each
16oz. Large $4.99 Extra toppings $0.50 each
8oz Small $2.99 Extra toppings $0.50 each

3 Scoops Flavors Menu and Prices

Milk shakes, shaved ice or icy creams from over 30 delicious flavors. Toppings: gummy bears, heath bar, graham crackers, oreo cookies, m&ms, peanut butter chips, nerds, mint pieces, roasted nuts, wet walnuts, marshmallow, marshmallow fluff, espresso s
Pink Lemonade  
Tigers Blood  
Root Beer  
Sugar Free Lemon  
Eg Custard  
Bahama Mama  
Cotton Candy  
Blue Berry  
Pina Colada  
Blue Hawaii  
Sugar Free Cherry  
Blue Raspberry  
Fuzzy Naval  
Lemon Lime  
Blue Bubble Gum  
Black Cherry  
Green Apple  

3 Scoops Specialties Menu and Prices

Homemade ice cream sandwich $1.99
Shaved Ice $1.98 – $3.98
Milkshakes & Floats $2.70 – $4.20 Floats can be made with cola
Icy-Cream $2.25 – $3.75 Half shaved ice & half ice cream
Homemade Apple Pie A La Mode $3.75 – $5.25 Homemade strawberry shortcake

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