3 Woks Down

Enjoy 3 Woks Down latest menu price updated list. Up to date 3 Woks Down and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

3 Woks Down Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

3 Woks Down Boba Drinks Menu and Prices

J4. Strawberry Popping Boba Punch $1.69
J3. Mango Popping Boba Punch $1.69
J5. Passion Fruit Popping Boba Punch $1.69

3 Woks Down Steamed Rice Menu and Prices

R2. Deep Fried Chicken Leg $7.99 Served with rice and vegetable.
R1. BBQ Pork Rice $7.99
R7. Sweet and Sour Fried Shrimp with Rice $9.99
R3. Pork Chop, Onion with Rice $8.99
R9. Small Steamed Rice $1.50
RS. Curry Chicken with Rice $8.50
R4. Shrimp, Creamy Egg with Rice $7.99
R6. Tomato, Beef, Onion with Rice $8.50

3 Woks Down Noodle and Vermicelli Soup Menu and Prices

N1. BBQ Pork Vermicelli Soup $6.50
N3. Deep Fried Chicken Vermicelli Soup $7.99
N4. Deep Fried Shrimp Noodle Soup $7.99
N6. Wonton Vermicelli Soup $6.50
N8. Beef Noodle Soup $7.99

3 Woks Down Porridge and Wraps Menu and Prices

P4. Sweet Rice, Red Bean Bamboo Leaf Wrap $4.99
P3. Pork Ribs Peanut Porridge $6.50
P1. Preserved Egg Sliced Pork Porridge $6.50

3 Woks Down Dessert Menu and Prices

D2. Sesame Rice Ball Red Bean Dessert $5.99

3 Woks Down Fried Rice and Noodles Menu and Prices

F6. Black Bean Sauce Beef Fried Noodle $9.99
F7. Deep Fried Chicken Leg Fried Noodle $8.50
F3. Vegetable Fried Noodle $7.99
F4. BBQ Pork Fried Noodle $8.99
F1 Yangzhou Fried Rice $7.99
F8. Pork Chop, Onion Fried Noodle $10.00
FS. Tomato Onion Chicken Fried Noodle $8.99

3 Woks Down Beverages Menu and Prices

B1. 12 oz. Coca Cola $1.00
B4. 500 ml Ozarka $1.00
B3. 12 oz. Sprite $1.00
B2. 12 oz. Dr. Pepper $1.00

3 Woks Down Side Dish Menu and Prices

F2. Orange Peel Chicken Wings $6.99

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