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Up to date A & T Grill prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Diner.


One Egg $3.95
Two Eggs $4.65
Three Eggs $5.99
Egg Whites $5.99
Two Organic Eggs In Olive Oil $5.99

Breakfast Meats

Corned Beef Hash $7.90 served with two eggs made the way you like ’em!
Skirt Steak $13.99
Butt Steak $12.99
Rib Eye Steak $13.99
Chopped Steak $9.99
New York Steak $13.99
One Pork Chop $9.99 center cut.
Two Pork Chops $12.75 center cut.
Salmon Patties $10.95 comes with two pieces.

Huge A & T Famous Omelettes

One Veggie Omelette $6.95
One Veggie Omelette $1.45 add additional vegetables
One Cheese Omelette $6.95
One Cheese Omelette $1.55 add additional cheeses
One Meat One Cheese Omelette $8.99
Rogers Park Vegetable Omelette $8.45 your choice of four veggies!
Feta & Spinach Omelette $8.50
Ham Omelette $7.75
Sausage Omelette $7.75
Bacon Omelette $7.75
Corned Beef Omelette $7.75
Corned Beef Hash Omelette $7.75
Tuna Omlette $7.75 topped with sour cream.
Chicken Breast Omelette $8.75
Gyros Omelette $7.95
Chicken Liver Omelette $6.99
Greek Omelette $8.99 potatoes, onions, feta cheese and tomatoes.
Chorizo Omelette $7.95
Polish Sausage Omelette $7.95
Denver Omelette $6.95 ham, peppers and cheese.
The Green Omelette $6.95 with green onions and green peppers.
The ”Hot” Omelette $6.95 jalapenos, tomatoes and onions. topped with salsa.
The Village Omelette $8.99 with feta cheese, onions and tomatoes.

The Batter Shop

One Pancake $2.95
Two Pancakes $3.95
Three Pancakes $4.95
Four Pancakes $5.95

Potato Pancakes

Two Potato Pancakes $4.45
Four Potato Pancakes $6.65

French Toast

Three Pieces Of French Toast $5.95
Four Pieces Of French Toast $6.95


Plain Crepe $5.99
Peach Crepe $7.45
Strawberry Crepe $7.45
Banana Crepe $7.45
Blueberry Crepe $7.45
Sour Cream Crepe $7.45
Cottage Cheese Crepe $7.45


Belgian Waffle $5.99

Croissants $7.45

Ham & Swiss Cheese Croissant
Turkey & American Cheese Croissant
Chicken Salad Croissant
Tuna Salad Croissant
Corned Beef & Swiss Cheese Croissant


Gyros Sandwich $6.95 served on a pita.
Baked Ham Sandwich $6.45
Roast Beef Sandwich $6.95
Turkey Sandwich $6.99
Corned Beef Sandwich $6.95
B.B.Q. Beef Sandwich $6.95
Reuben Sandwich $6.99
Monte Cristo Sandwich $6.99
Tuna Salad Sandwich $6.95
Chicken Salad Sandwich $6.95
Egg Salad Sandwich $5.99
B.L.T. Sandwich $5.99
Baked Meatloaf Sandwich $6.45
Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich $7.95
Grilled Cheese Sandwich $5.95
Patty Melt Sandwich $7.45
Tuna Melt Sandwich $7.45

Home Style Burgers

Burger $5.99
Cheese Burger $6.99
Double Burger $7.99
Double Cheese Burger $8.99
Olive Burger $6.95
Mushroom Burger $6.95
Greek Burger $6.99 with feta cheese.


Gyros Plate $8.65 gyros, tzatziki sauce, tomatoes and a pita. served with fries, a bowl of the soup of the day and a pickle.
Spinach Pie Plate $7.65 served with a bowl of the soup of the day.

Hot Sandwiches $7.95

Hot Roast Beef Sandwich
Hot Turkey Sandwich
Hot Burger Sandwich
Hot Ham Sandwich
Hot Meat Loaf Sandwich
Hot Breaded Veal Cutlet Sandwich

Club Sandwiches

B.L.T. Club Sandwich $7.95
Baked Ham Club Sandwich $7.95
Turkey Club Sandwich $7.95
Ham & American Cheese Club Sandwich $8.45
Roast Beef & American Cheese Club Sandwich $8.45
Turkey & Bacon Club Sandwich $9.45

Complete Dinners

Golden Fried Gulf Shrimp Dinner $14.95 served with cocktail sauce.
Fried Fillet Of Perch Dinner $10.75
Seafood Platter Dinner $14.95 with shrimp and fillet of perch.
Golden Fried Catfish Dinner $11.75
Salmon Patty Dinner $11.75
Tilapia Dinner $11.75
Broiled White Fish Dinner $14.99
Greek-Style Skirt Steak Dinner $14.99
New York Strip Steak Dinner $14.99
Rib Eye Steak Dinner $14.99
Athenian-Style Lamb Chop Dinner $18.99 comes with three lamb chops.
Chopped Sirloin Steak Dinner $10.99 served with grilled onions.
Two Pork Chop Dinner $12.99
One Pork Chop Dinner $9.99
Pork Kabob Dinner $10.99
Chicken Kabob Dinner $11.99
Beef Liver Dinner $10.95 served thinly-sliced and with onions.
Breaded Pork Tenderloin Dinner $10.99
Baked Meat Loaf Dinner $10.45
Breaded Veal Cutlet Dinner $10.45
Half Chicken Dinner $10.45 choose between fried chicken, greek chicken or bbq chicken.
Chef’s Steak Dinner $10.45
Baked Ham Dinner $11.75
Roast Beef Sirloin Dinner $11.75
Roast Turkey Dinner $11.99
Spaghetti Dinner $9.99 with your choice of sauce.
Mostaccioli Dinner $9.99 with your choice of sauce.
Spaghetti & Meatballs Dinner $10.99 with your choice of sauce.
Veal Parmigiana Dinner $12.99 with your choice of pasta and meat sauce.
Shrimp Stir Fry Dinner $12.99
Chicken Stir Fry Dinner $11.99
Chicken Parmigiana Dinner $12.99 served with your choice of pasta.
Beef Stir Fry Dinner $11.99 served with rice.

Salads & Things

Garden Salad $5.70 with lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers.
Julienne Salad $9.95 with chopped lettuce, turkey, ham, swiss cheese, american cheese, tomatoes and a hard boiled egg.
Popeye Salad $8.95 with fresh spinach, bacon bits and a hard boiled egg.
The Classic Greek Salad $9.95 with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese, onions, peppers, greek olives, anchovies and a & t’s special greek dressing.
The Classic Greek Salad $9.95 with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese, onions, peppers, greek olives, anchovies and a & t’s special greek dressing.
Ceasar Salad $8.95 with lettuce, egg slices, croutons and parmesan cheese.
Vegetarian’s Delight Salad $8.99 with romaine lettuce, mixed greens, raw mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, carrots, green onions, cucumbers and tomatoes.
Chicken Ceasar Salad $11.99 with romaine lettuce, tomatoes and hard boiled egg.
Stuffed Tomato $9.99 stuffed with your choice of tuna salad, chicken salad, or egg salad. served with cottage cheese and chef’s garnish.
Paradise Platter $9.99 an assortment of seasonal fruit served with your choice of cottage cheese or jello.
Lo-Cal Plate $9.95 broiled beef patty served with fresh cottage cheese, jello and seasonal fruit.
Pete & Tom’s Village Salad $9.99 with tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, imported olives, imported feta cheese, peppers, virgin olive oil and vinegar.

Breads & Cereals

Hot Oatmeal $3.95 with brown sugar and your choice of cream or milk.
Raisin Toast $2.15
English Muffin $2.15
Sweet Rolls $2.45
Hard Roll Of French Bread, Toasted $2.45
White Toast $1.99
Rye Toast $1.99
Whole Wheat Toast $1.99

Old Fashioned Ice Cream Creations

Chocolate Sundae $4.99 served with whipped cream.
Strawberry Sundae $5.45
Mini Sundae $3.99
Vanilla Milk Shake $4.70
Chocolate Milk Shake $4.70
Strawberry Milk Shake $4.70
Traditional Banana Spilt $5.99 topped with whipped cream.


Side Soup Of The Day $2.95 call a & t for today’s selection.
Side Of Pasta $5.95 with your choice of meat or marinara sauce.
Side Baked Potato $2.99 served with sour cream.
Side Of Hash Brown Potatoes $275.00
Side Of French Fries $2.45
Side Of American Fries $2.95
Side Of Ham $3.99
Side Of Bacon $3.99
Side Of Sausage Links $3.99
Side Of Sausage Patties $3.99
Side Of Onion Rings $4.55
Side Of Cottage Cheese $3.95 served with the fruit of the day.
Side Of Sliced Tomatoes $3.45
Side Of Cole Slaw $3.75
Side Of Grilled Turkey $4.95
Side Portion Of The Hot Vegetable Of The Day $2.99 call a & t for today’s selection.
Side Of Corned Beef Hash $4.55


Jello $2.45
Rice Pudding $3.45
One Scoop Of Vanilla Ice Cream $2.35
One Scoop Of Chocolate Ice Cream $2.35
One Scoop Of Strawberry Ice Cream $2.35


Orange Juice $2.99
Tomato Juice $2.75
Soda $2.35
Coffee $1.99
Decaf Coffee $1.99
Hot Tea $1.99
Hot Chocolate $2.45
Iced Tea $2.75
Iced Coffee $2.75
Milk $2.95

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