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Cuisine: Coffee.


62. Mango Lassi $2.95 Yogurt sweetened with mango puree.
63. Masala Chai Tea $1.25
64. Soda $1.50


1. Vegetable Samosa $4.00 Two pieces. Puff pastries filled with potatoes sweet peas, herbs and spices.
2. Vegetable Pakora $4.00 Fried mixed vegetable fritters coated with garbanzo beans batter.
3. Assorted Appetizer $7.25 Includes two pieces vegetable samosa and vegetable pakoras.
4. Papadum $1.00 Crispy spiced lentil wafers.
5. Aloo Chaat $4.00 Fried potatoes mixed with hot and sweet tamarind and mint dressing.
6. Chicken Chaat $4.95 Boneless chicken mixed with hot and sweet tamarind and mint dressing.
7. Lentil Soup $4.95 A delicately spiced lentil soup with roasted garlic flavor.
8. Chicken Soup $4.95 A delicately spiced chicken and lemon soup.

Tandoori Entrees

Tandoori Entree
9. Tandoori Chicken $9.00 – $14.00 Char-grilled chicken (on the bone) marinated in yogurt, ginger, garlic and spices.
10. Chicken Tikka Kebab $10.50 Boneless char-grilled chicken marinated in fresh herbs, spices and homemade yogurt.
11. Lamb Boti Kebab $11.50 Boneless char-grilled lamb marinated in yogurt, fenugreek and peppercorn.
12. Seekh Kebab $9.50 Minced lamb mixed with aromatic herbs, cumin and cilantro.
13. Tandoori Prawns $11.99 Prawns marinated in turmeric, ginger and spices.
14. Paneer Shashalik Tandoori $9.99 Cottage cheese cubes grilled with peppers, onions and tomatoes and roasted in clay oven.

Chicken Curries

Chicken Currie
15. Chicken Masala $9.99 The classic chicken curry.
16. Chicken Vindaloo $9.99 Chicken and potatoes cooked in a spicy sauce. A south Indian delicacy.
17. Chicken Tikka Masala $10.50 Boneless chicken in a moderately spiced, garlic and tomato base sauce.
18. Butter Chicken $10.50 Boneless tandoori chicken in a sauce of butter, tomatoes and spices.
19. Chicken Sagwala $10.50 Chicken cooked in a creamed spinach sauce and fenugreek.
20. Chicken Korma $10.50 Boneless chicken pieces cooked in a mild cashew, golden raisins and saffron sauce.
21. Chicken Coconut Curry $10.50 Boneless chicken cooked in a mild coconut milk sauce with garlic and tomato sauce.
22. Chicken Achar $10.50 Pickled boneless chicken with tangy sauce. (In-house specialty).

Lamb Curries

Lamb Currie
23. Kashmiri Gosht $10.99 The classic lamb curry.
24. Lamb Vindaloo $10.99 Lamb cooked with young potatoes and herbs in a spicy sauce.
25. Lamb Korma $10.99 Boneless lamb cooked in a mild cashew cream, raisins and saffron sauce.
26. Lamb Coconut Curry $10.99 Boneless lamb cooked in a mild coconut milk sauce with garlic, onions and tomato sauce.
27. Lamb Achar $10.99 Pickled boneless lamb with hot and tangy sauce (in-house specialty).
28. Hyderabadi Kofta $10.99 Minced lamb balls stuffed with raisins and cashew nuts in curry sauce, another house specialty.
29. Sag Lamb $9.99 Lamb with fresh spinach cooked in mild spices, onions and fenugreek garnished with cilantro.

Seafood Curries

Seafood Currie
30. Fish Masala $12.49 Fish of the day cooked in a light sauce of onions, tomatoes, caraway, turmeric and spices.
31. Prawn Masala $12.49 Prawns sauteed with onions, ginger, fresh tomatoes, herbs, spices and saffron.
32. Sag Prawns $12.49 Prawns cooked with spiced creamed spinach and fenugreek.
33. Prawn Pepper Masala $12.49 Prawns cooked with fresh green peppers, onions and spices.
34. Fish and Prawn Combination $12.49 Fish and prawn cooked in spiced gravy.
35. Prawn Coconut Curry $12.49 Prawns cooked in a mild coconut milk sauce with garlic, onions and tomatoes.


36. Mattar Paneer $7.99 Cubed farmer’s cheese and green peas in a tomato base gravy.
37. Sag Paneer $7.99 Fresh spinach cooked with homemade farmer’s cheese, nutmeg, spices, ginger and cilantro.
38. Malai Kofta Curry $7.99 Cheese and vegetable balls served in a mild cream sauce.
39. Channa Masala $7.99 Garbanzo beans cooked with fresh tomatoes, ginger, garlic, coriander, bay leaves and spices.
40. Mixed Vegetables $7.99 Mixed fresh vegetables cooked in blend of aromatic herbs and spices.
41. Navratan Korma $7.99 Mixed vegetables cooked in a mild cashew cream, raisins and saffron sauce.
42. Paneer Makhani $7.99 Cottage cheese sauteed with onion and ginger in a rich sauce.
43. Aloo Gobi $7.99 Fresh cauliflower and young potatoes cooked with onions, turmeric and fresh herbs.
44. Yellow Dal (Lentils) $7.99 Yellow lentils delicately spiced. With garlic, cumin and coriander.


45. Nan $1.50
46. Roti $1.50 Fresh whole wheat bread baked in the tandoor.
47. Garlic Nan $2.25 Fresh chopped garlic layered nan.
48. Aloo Paratha $2.50 Bread stuffed with potatoes and peas.
49. Onion Nan $2.50 Bread stuffed with onions.
50. Keema Nan $2.95 Bread stuffed with mildly spiced ground lamb.
51. Kabuli Nan $2.95 Sweet nan bread with nuts, raisins and cherries.

Rice and Biryanis

Rice and Biryani
52. Basmati Rice $2.50
53. Chicken Biryani $12.50 Saffron-flavored basmati rice with spiced chicken.
54. Lamb Biryani $13.50 Saffron-flavored basmati rice with spiced lamb.
55. Vegetable Biryani $11.50 Saffron-flavored basmati rice with vegetables and nuts.
56. Prawn Biryani $13.50 Saffron-flavored basmati rice with spiced prawn.

Side Orders

Side Order
57. Mango Chutney $2.00 Mango relish.
58. Raita $2.50 A refreshing blend of yogurt, spices, cucumbers and carrots.
59. Pickles $2.00


60. Gulab Jamun $2.50 Fried milky doughnuts dipped in cardamom flavored syrup.
61. Saffron Rice Pudding $2.50 Basmati rice cooked slowly in milk, cashews, pistachios and golden raisins.

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