A Family Affair Restaurant

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10 lb. Bag of Ice $3.99
16.9 oz. Bottled Water $1.99
24 oz. Sport Bottled Water $2.49
Gatorade $4.99
Small Red Bull $3.99
Small Sugar Free Red Bull $3.99
20 oz. Soda $2.59
2-liter Soda $4.59
20 oz. Sweet Tea $2.79
1 Gallon Sweet Tea $6.99
1 Gallon Unsweetened Tea $6.99

Lunch and Dinner

Lunch and Dinner
The Snack (Dark) $3.99 Two pieces of dark chicken and a roll.
The Snack (White) $4.29 Two pieces of white chicken and a roll.
The Basic $8.49 Choice of meat, two vegetables and bread.
The Big Boy $9.69 Choice of meat, three vegetables and bread.
The Big Ant $18.00 Choice of two meat, four vegetables and bread.
The Bubba $9.49 Ten hot wings, two sides and bread.
The Veggie $7.89 A generous portion of your choice of four vegetables and bread with tomatoes and onions.
Beans and Greens $6.00 A generous portion of pinto beans and collards with sliced tomatoes, onions and cornbread.
The House Salad $5.49 A crisp bed of lettuce with cucumber, tomato,cheese, onion, croutons and choice of dressing.
The Chicken Salad $7.29 A juicy grilled or fried chicken breast set atop crisp lettuce, tomato, onion and choice of dressing.
The Chicken Caesar Salad $7.50 Grilled chicken breast tossed with romaine lettuce, fresh Parmesan cheese and croutons.
The Soup and Grilled Cheese $6.00 Bowl of tomato or chicken noodle soup with a Texas toast grilled cheese sandwich.
The Soup and Salad $6.00 Bowl of tomato or chicken noodle soup with a salad.

Off Campus Specials

Off Campus Specials
Wingettes and French Fries Special $5.75 – $13.79
Sandwich and French Fries Special $6.99
Edamame $5.00 steamed soybeans with sea salt
3 Chicken Strips and French Fries Special $6.99
Oshitashi $4.00 steamed spinach with cold sauce
3 Whole Wings and French Fries Special $6.99
Gyoza $5.00 pork dumpling, steamed or fried
Bacon Cheese Burger and French Fries Special $6.99
Siu Mai $5.00 shrimp dumpling, steamed of fried
Hamburger and French Fries Special $5.75
Sushi $8.00 5 pieces chef’s choice
Turkey Burger and French Fries Special $5.75
Sashimi $10.00 9 pieces chef’s choice
BLT and French Fries Special $5.75
Tuna Tataki $11.00 thinly sliced seared tuna in ponzu sauce
Grilled Cheese and French Fries Special $5.75
Spicy Conch Or Octopus $9.00 thinly sliced in a spicy sauce
Cheese Fries Special $3.49
Spicy Tuna On Cucumber Boat $10.00
Nachos with Cheese Special $3.49
Spicy Fish $9.00 seared fish with chef’s spicy sauce
Chili Cheese Fries Special $4.59
Baby Octopus $6.00
Aged Tofu / Fried Tofu $5.00
Sunomono $9.00 seafood & cucumber in tangy vinegar sauce
Yokohama Sashimi $11.00 seared tuna steak with sesame seeds
Hurricane Sashimi $14.00 salmon, white fish and tuna wrapped with seaweed and light tempura
Heavenly Sashimi $13.00 tuna wrapped with seaweed and light tempura
Kobe Beef Tataki $20.00 thinly sliced in ponzu sauce
Toro Tataki thinly sliced in ponzu sauce

The Veggies

The Veggies
Collards $2.19
Corn on the Cob $2.19
Miso Soup $2.00
Macaroni and Cheese $2.19
Miso With Dumplings $5.00
Mashed Potatoes $2.19
Special Miso $4.00 with crab and spinach
Steamed Cabbage $2.19
Spicy Kimchee Soup* $5.00 blend of crab, shrimp, tofu and napa
French Fries $2.19
House Salad $2.00 with ginger dressing
Fried Okra $2.19
Seaweed Salad $5.00
Boiled Okra $2.19
Coleslaw $2.19
Potato Salad $2.19
Broccoli $2.19

The Desserts

The Desserts
Red Velvet Cake $3.00
Peach Cobbler $3.00
Quail Egg $1.00
Pound Cake $3.00
Baby Octopus, Flounder, Snapper, Crab, Tamago, Shrimp, Inari, Marlin, Wahoo, Dolphin, White Tuna, Salmon $2.50
Pecan Pie $3.00
Conch, Tuna, Yellow Tail, Squid $3.00
Ikura $3.50
Sea Urchin $4.00 uni
Sweet Shrimp $4.00

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