A La Mode Cafe and Catering

Up to date A La Mode Cafe and Catering prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Coffee, Pizza, Salads, Sandwiches.

Specialty Salads

All salads served with a piece of stretch bread.
Chicken Caesar $7.49 Chopped romaine topped with grilled chicken, crumbled bacon, cucumbers, black olives, parmesan cheese, & homemade croutons with caesar dressing
Veggie Delight $7.49 Mixed greens topped with tomato, cucumber, avocado, onion, roasted red peppers, marinated portabella mushrooms, green peppers, black olives & shredded cheddar
The Christine $7.49 Mixed greens topped with grilled chicken, red onion, dried cranberries, crumbly blue cheese & walnuts
Angry Fruit $7.49 Mixed greens topped with split red grapes, sunflower seeds, sliced apple, avocado, walnuts & shredded cheddar cheese with honey yogurt dressing
Cobb $7.49 Mixed greens topped with turkey, bacon, hard boiled egg, cucumber, tomato & avocado
Julienne $7.49 Mixed greens topped with turkey, ham, american cheese, tomato, cucumber & hard boiled egg
Antipasto $7.49 Mixed greens topped with ham, salami, provolone, tomato, cucumber, onion, italian tomatoes & banana peppers
Jabba Jaw Tuna $7.49 Mixed greens topped with a scoop of homemade tuna salad, tomato, cucumber, banana peppers & red onion
Lucy’s Chicken $7.49 Mixed greens topped with a scoop of homemade chicken salad, tomato, cucumber & homemade croutons

Build Your Own Sandwiches

Build Your Own Sandwich $5.99 – $5.99 All toppings included. Sourdough, Marble Rye, Pita, and Wrap sandwiches only come in one size. Should you order one of the above sandwiches make sure you pick that sandwich in the choose a size secti

Specialty Sandwiches

The Grand Central $5.99 Grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, onion & italian tomatoes with ranch dressing on a toasted pita
The O’Ryan $5.99 Grilled chicken, melted provolone, scoop of homemade chili, lettuce and ranch dressing in a wrap
The Babe $5.99 Grilled chicken, spicy corn mix, lettuce, tomato, sour cream in a wrap
The Tribeca $5.99 – $8.49 Hot smoked turkey, melted provolone, italian tomatoes, russian dressing on toasted foccacia bread
The Italian Stallion $5.99 – $8.49 Hot roast beef, melted swiss cheese, garlic butter on toasted french bread
The Prima Donna $5.99 – $8.49 Breaded chicken cutlet, hot ham, melted swiss cheese, mayo & honey mustard on a toasted kaiser roll
Ellis Island Reuben $5.99 – $8.49 Hot corned beef, sauerkraut, melted swiss cheese, russian dressing on toasted rye bread.
The Manhattan $5.99 – $8.49 Hot corned beef and pastrami, coleslaw, melted swiss cheese, russian dressing on toasted rye
The Broadway $5.99 – $8.49 Marinated portabella mushrooms, roasted red peppers, lettuce, tomato & sprouts with basil pesto sauce on toasted foccacia bread
The Italian $5.99 – $8.49 Ham, salami, cappicola, provolone cheese, homemade italian tomatoes, lettuce, tomato & mayo on a sub roll
Mozzarella Caprese $5.99 – $8.49 Fresh mozzarella, tomato, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and oregano on toasted french bread
Chicken Parmesan $5.99 – $8.49 Breaded chicken cutlet, homemade sauce, melted provolone and parmesan on a toasted sub roll
Meatball Parmesan $5.99 – $8.49 Meatballs, homemade sauce, melted provolone and parmesan on a toasted sub roll
Mesquite Grill $5.99 – $8.49 Grilled chicken breast, bacon, melted provolone, lettuce, tomato, garlic butter & mayo on stretch bread
Albakurkey Turkey $5.99 – $8.49 Hot roasted turkey, bacon, avocado, melted cheddar cheese & homemade green chile mayo on stretch bread
Ian’s Hot Italian $5.99 – $8.49 Hot ham, cappicola, salami, roasted red peppers, fresh mozzarella, and basil pesto on stretch bread
Spring Turkey $5.99 – $8.49 Roasted turkey, hummus, avocado, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, onion and sunflower seeds on stretch bread
Orange Pack $5.99 – $8.49 Club sandwich with choice of smoked turkey or breaded chicken, lettuce, tomato, bacon & mayo on a toasted kaiser roll
The Doctor $5.99 – $8.49 Roast Turkey, bacon, creamy blue cheese, provolone, hot sauce, lettuce & tomato on stretch bread
L.T.’s Tuna $5.99 – $8.49 Homemade tuna salad, shredded cheddar cheese, apple slices & walnuts on toasted foccacia bread
Leah’s Sunflower Chicken Salad $5.99 – $8.49 Homemade chicken salad, lettuce, split grapes & sunflower seeds on stretch bread

Hot Grilled Paninis

Please allow extra time for grilling
The Sour Boss $7.49 Hot roast beef, melted swiss, red onion & portabella mushrooms on buttered sour dough bread
Chicken Bacon Ranch $7.49 Breaded chicken cutlet, bacon & american cheese with ranch dressing on homemade foccacia bread
Portabella & Mozzarella $7.49 Marinated portabella mushrooms, fresh mozzarella, red onion, balsamic vinegar and field greens on homemade foccacia bread
Turkey Club $7.49 Hot roasted turkey, bacon, melted swiss, mayo & spicy mustard on marble rye
Ham & Cheese $7.49 Hot ham, melted american cheese & tomato on sour dough bread
Smoked Turkey & Artichoke $7.49 Hot smoked turkey, melted swiss, tomato, onion & homemade artichoke spread in a wrap
Tuscan Chicken $7.49 Grilled chicken, red onion, tomato, field greens with mayo, balsamic vinegar and basil pesto sauce on homemade foccacia bread
John Dough $7.49 Hot roast beef with homemade seasoning, melted provolone, onion & green peppers, homemade garlic butter on sour dough bread
Turkey Reuben $7.49 Hot turkey, sauerkraut, melted swiss, russian dressing on marble rye
Buffalo Chicken $7.49 Breaded chicken cutlet, melted provolone, lettuce, hot sauce & blue cheese in a parmesan wrap


Cheese Pizza $3.99
Veggies Pizza $4.99
Meat Pizza $5.99


Boneless Buffalo Wings $5.95 Served with Blue Cheese
Chicken Fingers $5.95 Served with choice of BBQ, Ranch dressing
Chicken Fingers & Fries $5.50 3 Chicken Fingers with side of fries
French Fries $2.95
Curly Fries $3.25
Sweet Potato Fries $3.25 Served with Ranch Dressing
Onion Rings $3.25 Served with Ranch Dressing
Mozzarell Sticks $5.95 Served with Mainara Sauce
Cheese Quesadilla $3.99 Served with Sour Cream & Salsa
Chicken Quesadilla $5.99 Served with Sour Cream & Salsa
Mac & Cheese $2.69 – $3.59
New York Kosher Pickles $0.75 – $1.25


Dirty Chips $1.25
Reese’s PB Cup Cookie $1.99
Hershey’s Kiss Triple Chocolate Cookie $1.99
Deli Brownies $1.99
Fresh Baked Cookies $0.79 – $2.19
Chocolate Truffle Cookie $0.99
S’mores Cookie $1.99
Half Moon $1.25


Bottled Teas $1.69
Bottled Water $1.59
Fountain Drinks $1.39 – $1.89
Coffee $1.19
Tea $1.19
Bottled Juices $1.69
20 oz Bottled Soda $1.49
Starbucks Ice Coffee $2.25
Gatorade $1.75

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