A Piece of Cake and Confections

Up to date A Piece of Cake and Confections prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Pies, Pies and More Pies

Egg Nog Pie $12.00 – $2.50 A light and fluffly. kind of like a mousse. Very delicious and not overpowering in taste.
Pumpkin Pie $12.00 – $2.50 Arich and creamy pumpkin sure to hit your palatte and have you coming back for that second piece
Pumpkin Eggnog Pie $12.00 – $2.50 His is more like your pumpkin pie only with a twist of egg nog
Berry Pies $12.00 – $2.50 Es, we have berry pies just pick a flavor and we will provide blueberry, blackberry, etc

Confections, Bars and Cookies

Baklava $12.00 His light and flakey dessert is only made with only the finest ingredients walnuts, sugar cinnamon and honey locally harvested
Peanut Butter Balls $18.00 This not so sweet candy is filled with the creamiest of peanut butter fillings with a hint of cayenne pepper blanketed in a light coating of semi, sweet chocolate
Truffles $18.00 Hand made truffles great for parties, mocha kahlua espresso, amaretto, hazelnut, cinnamon milk chocolate, raspberry with lemon zest,pinot noir & or cabernet, white chocolate, irish cream, dark chocol
White Chocolate Lemon Streusel Bars $3.00 – $36.00 This dessert packs a light lemony punch with a hint of white chocolate and oats amongst the layers
Spicy Pumpkin Streusel Bar $3.00 – $36.00 If you love pumpkin pie, then you will love this sensational fall treat the scent of this bar is amazing and the taste is to die for want some coffee
Fruit & Nut Bar $2.00 – $24.00 Want a power bar try this fruit and nut packed bar. Walnuts, apricots, plums, craisins all packed into one fantastic treat

Cookies, Cookies & more Cookies – Large

Oatmeal Raisin Craisin $1.75 – $21.00
Chocolate Chip $1.75 – $21.00
Peanut Butter $1.75 – $21.00
Lemon Coconut $1.75 – $21.00
Black and Whites $1.75 – $21.00
Chocolate Cinnamon Espresso with Pecan $1.75 – $21.00
White Chocolate Craisin $1.75 – $21.00

Cookies, Cookies & more Cookies – Small

Oatmeal Raisin Craisin $0.75 – $21.00
Chocolate Chip $0.75 – $21.00
Peanut Butter $0.75 – $21.00
Lemon Coconut $0.75 – $21.00
Chocolate Cinnamon Espresso with Pecan $0.75 – $21.00
Black and Whites $0.75 – $21.00
White Chocolate Craisin $0.75 – $21.00


Available banana, apple, pumpkin, cranberry, lemon just to name a few.
Breads Available $10.00

Birthday Cakes & Cupcakes

Available flavors include: buttercream, lemon, white, chocolate, red velvet, etc. fillings include: lemon mousse, raspberry mousse, blueberry mousse, peanut butter mousse, white or dark chocolate mousse just to name a few. frostings include: buttercream,
Cappucino Sweetheart Cake
Hootenany Cake
Honey Spice Cake

Specialty Cakes

Apple Cake $16.00 – $12.00 This slightly warmed cake creates a scent of fresh apples and spices. Its moist texture is complimented by chunks of apple and walnuts
Blueberry Crunch Cake $16.00 – $12.00 This light and airy yellow cake includes only the fresh blueberries, complimented with a mouthwatering streusel topping. Also available in raspberry
Banana Crunch Cake $16.00 – $12.00 If you like banana’s and you liked the blueberry crunchyou are sure to enjoy this breakfast delight
Chocolate Carrot Cake $16.00 – $12.00 This chocolate decadence is coupled with carrots and walnuts. Topped with a cream cheese frosting
Carrot Cake $16.00 – $12.00 Very moist and tasty dessert topped with a cream cheese frosting
Moist Lemon Cake $16.00 – $12.00 Light and airy lemon cake with a fluffy lemon frosting, topped with shredded coconut.
Pumpkin Spice Cake $16.00 – $12.00 Welcome to fall and with the season is our spicy pumpkin delight. perfect dessert to finish off all your holiday dinners
Fresh Cranberry Nut $16.00 – $12.00 Another Autumn favorite. This sweet yet tart delight is a great addition to any of your Holiday events. This heavenly delight is topped off with a light glaze and orange zest
Egg Nog Cake $16.00 – $12.00 If you like eggnog, this light and very moist cake is perfect for that office event or just to enjoy with a nice cup of tea. You will want to try this fabulous cake this holiday season

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