A Taste of Shanghai

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Cuisine: Chinese, Dim Sum.

Dim Sum

Shanghai Springs Rolls $1.50
Scallion Pancake $1.75
Scallion Pancake $3.50 with shredded beef & pepper
Scallion Pancake $3.50 with sliced beef
Shanghai Pan Fried Pork Buns $3.95
Shanghai Steamed Pork Buns $3.95
Shanghai Pan Fried Pork Dumpling $3.95
Shanghai Small Wonton Soup $3.95
Shanghai Steamed Crab Meat & Pork Buns $4.95
Shanghai Vegetable Pork Wonton Soup $4.95
Winery Sweet Ball Soup $4.95
Shanghai Eight Treasures Rice Cake $2.95 – $7.50

Exquisite Cold Dishes

Shanghai Special Chicken $5.50 – $8.95
Soy Bean In Wine Sauce $4.95
Chicken Finger In Wine Sauce $4.95
Vegetable Chicken $4.95
Marinated Gluten $4.95
Slender Bamboo Shoots In Brown Sauce $4.95
Cucumber In Garlic Sauce $4.95
Salted Pig Feet $4.95
Chicken In Wine Sauce $5.95
Shanghai Style Fried Little Fish $6.95
Shanghai Style Smoked Fish $6.95
Marinated Sliced Beef $6.95
Fried Jumbo Shrimp $6.95
Shanghai Marinated Duck $6.95
Nan Jing Salted Duck $6.95
Cuttle Fish In Brown Sauce $6.95
Duck Tongue $8.95
Jelly Fish $7.95

Fried Noodle, Rice Cake & Fried Rice

Dry Shrimp & Scallion Noodle $3.50
Shanghai Cold Noodle $4.95 summer season
Shanghai Sauteed U-Don $5.95
Shanghai Sauteed Seafood U-Don $6.95
Shanghai Special Noodle Soup $4.50
Shredded Beef & Chili Pepper Noodle Soup* $4.95
Eight Treasures Hot Spicy Noodle Soup* $4.95
Curry Beef Noodle Soup* $4.95
Pork Chop Noodle Soup $4.95
Snow Cabbage & Pork Noodle Soup $4.95
Yellow Eel Noodle Soup
Shanghai Pan Fried Beef Noodle $6.95
Shanghai Pan Fried Vegetable Noodle $6.95
Shanghai Pan Fried Seafood Noodle $8.95
Shanghai Style Rice Cake $6.95
Shanghai Snow Cabbage & Pork Rice Cake $6.95
Shanghai Qi Cai & Pork Rice Cake $6.95
Shanghai Seafood Rice Cake $8.95
Shanghai Fried Egg Rice $4.95
Yang Zhou Fried Rice $5.95
Shanghai Seafood & Vegetable Rice Soup $5.95
Salted Pork & Vegetable Rice $5.95

Over Rice Dishes $5

Shredded Beef* with dry bean curd chilly over rice
Shredded Pork* with dry bean curd & chilly over rice
Eight Treasures Hot And Spicy Over Rice*
Pork Chop Over Rice
Shrimps with green peas over rice
Eggplant* with garlic sauce
Kung Pao Chicken* with peanuts over rice
Diced Chicken In Hoisin Sauce Over Rice
Bean Curd with baby shrimps over rice
Bean Curd Szechuan Style Over Rice*
Mixed Vegetable Over Rice
Vermicelli with minced pork over rice
Egg with tomato over rice
Sliced Fish In Wine Sauce Over Rice
Green Pepper* with potato shreds over rice

Shanghai Hot Dishes Country Style

Sauteed Chicken Giblets $4.95
Shredded Beef* $6.95 with dry bean curd and chilly
Shredded Pork* $6.95 with dry bean curd and chilly
Shredded Pork $6.95 with dry bean curd & yellow leek
Sauteed Shrimp $6.95 with green peas
Shrimp Omelet $6.95
Sauteed Shrimp & Kidney $6.95
Sauteed Water Spinach $5.95
Sauteed String Bean $5.95
Sauteed Shanghai Baby Green $5.95
Sauteed Mixed Vegetables $6.95
Green Pepper* $5.95 with potato
Broad Bean $5.95 with scallion sauce
Spicy Gallic* $5.95 with eggplant
Sauteed Eggplant $5.95
Sauteed Egg $6.95 with tomato
Sour Pickled Cabbage $6.95 with sheet jelly
Sauteed Vegetable $7.95 with fried gluten
Minced Pork $7.95 with vermicelli
Sauteed Mushroom $8.95 with dried gluten
Spiced Bean Curd* $8.95 with meat sauce. mapo tofu
Sauteed Egg $9.95 with yellow leek
Yangzhou Dry Shredded Bean Curd $12.95
Saute Green Stern $12.95


Fried Bean Curd Vermicelli Noodle Soup $3.95
Curry Beef Vermicelli Noodle Soup* $4.95
Hot & Sour Soup* $5.95
Westlake Minced Beef Soup $5.95
Salted Pork $5.95 with tomato soup
Salted Pork & Winter Melon Soup $5.95
Fish Head & Cellophane Sheets In Casserole $7.95
Sauteed Ham $6.95 with winter melon soup
Curry Fish Head & Cellophane Sheets In Casserole* $7.95
Qi Cai $6.95 with bean curd chowder
Fish $7.95 with sour cabbage soup
Crab $7.95 with bean curd soup
Qi Cai & Fish Soup $7.95
Sour Cabbage $7.95 with fish head
Yellow Fish $7.95 with sour cabbage soup
Meatball $9.95 with cabbage casserole
Pork, Flitch & Bamboo Shoot Stew In Earthen Casserole $12.95


Pork Chop Shanghai Style $6.95
Salted & Pepper Pork Chop $6.95
Pork Chop $6.95 with scallion
Sauteed Fried Bean Curd $8.95 with pork
Pork Tender $8.95 with bean curd sheet
Small Bamboo $8.95 with pork
Double Sauteed Pork* $10.95
Shredded Pork* $10.95 with spicy gallic sauce
Meat Ball In Brown Sauce $10.95
Pork Shoulder In Brown Sauce $10.95
Sauteed Kidney $9.95
Sauteed Fried Bean Curd $8.95 with chicken
Spicy Chicken* $8.95 with peanuts
Diced Chicken* $8.95 with peanuts in spicy sauce
Chicken In Hot Oil Sauce* $8.95 with peanuts
Crispy Duck $10.95
Pepper* $10.95 with shredded beef
Sauteed Beef $10.95 with oyster sauce
Beef $10.95 with yellow leek
Poached Slice Beef In Hot Chili Oil* $12.95


Steamed (Pan Fried) Gray Sole Fish $7.95
Sliced Fish In Wine Sauce $7.95
Fish Breast In Brown Sauce $7.95
Fish Tail In Brown Sauce $7.95
Crunch Carp Fish Szechuan Style* $8.95
Crunch Carp Fish $8.95 with scallion
Yellow Fish $8.95 with sweet sour sauce
Shrimp $9.95 with bean curd
Blue Crab $10.95 with scallion sauce
Deep Fried Blue Crab* $10.95 with hot pepper
Blue Crab $12.95 with rice cake
Deep Fried Slice Fish* $12.95 with hot pepper
Crystal Jumbo Shrimp $12.95
Boiled Fish Fillet* $12.95 with spicy sauce
Whole Fish In Sweet & Sour Sauce $12.95
Special Spicy Blue Crab* $12.95
Yellow Fish with pine seeds
Sauteed Eel with yellow leek
Braised Yellow Eel
Lobster Any Style
Crab Any Style

Soda & Drinks

* Hot & Spicy
Soda $1.00
Mineral Bottled Water $1.00
Domestic Beer $2.50
Foreign Beer $3.00

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