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Abba's Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Abba’s Salads Menu and Prices

‘make It A Meal ‘ Salad $11.99 as above, w/grilled chicken or beef
Special Israeli Combo $10.99 hummos, baba, ganoush, eggplant, falafel, israeli salad
Chef Salad $11.99 house salad with deli meats, chick peas, hard boiled egg. croutons
Neptune Salad $10.99 white tuna chunks on salad, chick peas, hard boiled egg, pita croutons
House Salad $5.49 seasonal greens, tomato, cukes, onion, croutons

Abba’s Chinese Menu-Chow Mein Menu and Prices

served with noodles
Vegetable $10.99
Beef $11.99
Chicken $11.99

Abba’s Middle Eastern Specialties Menu and Prices

Extra Falafel Ball $0.69
Jerusalem Mixed Grilled Chicken $15.95 turkey, beef, grilled onions israeli salad and your choice of potato
Shwarma $7.99 tender seasoned roasted meat, served in a pita pocket with assorted salads
Kabobs $15.95 three succulent skewers, choice of beef, chicken or mixed, israeli salad, your choice of potato
Kabobs $11.99 two succulent, skewers, choice of beef, chicken or mixed, israeli salad, your choice of potato
Kifta $10.99 two skewers of seasoned ground beef balls, israeli salad & potato
Hummos Platter $9.99 topped with shwarma
Falafel $4.95 served in a pita pocket with variety of salads
Falafel Platter $4.95 falafel balls,
Shwarma Platter $9.99 tender meat, as above, with assorted salads, pita

Abba’s Chinese Menu-Appetizers Menu and Prices

Fried Won Ton $3.99
Egg Rolls $1.99
Pu-Pu Platter $14.99
Chinese Dumpling $6.59

Abba’s Chinese Menu-Chop Suey Menu and Prices

served with rice
Chicken $11.99
Beef $11.99
Vegetable $10.99

Abba’s You Can Add To Any Sandwich Menu and Prices

Onion Rings $3.29
French Fries $2.25
Sweet Potato $2.49

Abba’s Sandwiches – From The Deli Menu and Prices

Turkey Pastrami $6.99
Tongue $8.99
Bologna $5.99
Roumanian Pastrami $6.99
Turkey Breast $6.99
Roast Beef $6.99
Chicken Salad $5.99
Salami $6.99
Corned Beef $6.99
Chopped Liver $6.99
Xtra Lean Corned Beef $7.49
Tuna Salad $6.99
Lox Sandwich $8.35

Abba’s Chinese Menu-Egg Foo Yung Menu and Prices

Beef $12.99
Vegetable $11.99
Chicken $12.99

Abba’s Chinese Menu-Lo Mein Menu and Prices

Beef $11.99
Chicken $11.99
Vegetable $10.99

Abba’s Beverages Menu and Prices

Choice Of Juices $1.49 tomato, orange, grapefruit, apple
Assorted Soft Drinks $1.49
Coffee Or Tea $1.39
Chocolate Phosphate $1.49

Abba’s Sandwiches – From The Grill Menu and Prices

Abba’s Ruben $9.49 grilled corned beef, with sauerkraut and special dressing
Abba Burger $5.49 freshly ground beef seasoned and grilled to order, with our own special sauce
Bbq Beef Sandwich $8.99 served with cole slaw and fries
Abba’s Chicken Sandwich $8.99 grilled chicken breast w/ honey mustard sauce.
Special Of The Day $8.29 ask for today’s selection
Turkey Burger $7.19 freshly ground lean turkey seasoned grilled to order
Jumbo Hot Dog $5.49 qtr lb all beef
The Challah Grilled $8.99 hot off the bone turkey in honey mustard and hand sliced challah bread, grilled to order
Abba Burger Deluxe $6.59 freshly ground beef seasoned, grilled to order with our own special sauce and crispy grilled pastrami

Abba’s Soups Menu and Prices

Chili $4.99
Lentil $6.49
Lentil $3.95
Chicken Noodle $3.95
Soup Of The Day $3.95
Chili $8.99
Chicken Noodle $6.49
Matzo Ball $7.79
Soup Of The Day $6.49
Matzo Ball $4.95

Abba’s Appetizers Menu and Prices

Potato Pancakes (3) $5.49 with apple sauce, parve sour cream
Chopped Liver $6.59 all dressed up
Chicken Wings (12) $10.99 hot or bbq, served w/ cole slaw, fries
Chicken Wings (6) $7.69 hot or bbq, served with cole slaw, fries
Hummos $4.49 chick peas blended with garlic and tahina
Sliced Kishka $4.49 served w/gravy
Nova Lox $8.79 w/ parve sour cream, onions, tomato
Baba Ganoush $4.49 slow roasted eggplant, tehina and garlic
Chicken Salad Appetizer $5.99

Abba’s Side Dishes Menu and Prices

Taboulleh $3.29
Country Onion Rings $3.49
Eggplant $3.29
French Fries $2.49
Israeli Salad $3.29
Potato Salad $2.29
Baked Potato $2.79
Cole Slaw $2.29
Sweet Potato Fries $2.79

Abba’s Sandwich Supremes Menu and Prices

very special with cole slaw and thousand island dressing
New Yorker $8.99 corned beef
Clevelander $8.99 turkey
Combo $8.99 choice of two deli meats on a double decker
Philly $8.99 roumanian pastrami
Turkey & Pastrami Club $8.99

Abba’s Children’s Menu Menu and Prices

your choice, all children’s meals include french fries and a drink (for children only – please no substitutions)
;Deli The Kid; Sandwich $4.99 3 oz of cold cuts
Mini-Burger $4.99
Chicken Fingers $4.99 with honey bbq sauce
Hot Dog $4.99

Abba’s Chinese Menu-Soups Menu and Prices

Chinese Vegetable $3.99
Chinese Vegetable $6.99
Won Ton $6.99
Hot & Sour $3.99
Won Ton $3.99
Hot & Sour $6.99

Abba’s Chinese Menu-Rice Menu and Prices

Fried Rice With Meal $1.00
Fried Rice Ala Carte $2.00
Fried Rice W/ Chicken $11.99
Fr. Rice W/ Vegetables $10.99
Steamed Rice Ala Carte $1.00
Fried Rice W/ Beef $11.99

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