ABC Bakery Cafe

Up to date ABC Bakery Cafe prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Bakery, Chinese, Coffee, Crepes, Bakery & Pastries.


Curry Cuttlefish Balls $6.50
Deep Fried Pork Intestines $6.95
Salted Pepper Fish Balls $5.75
Pan Fried Pot Stickers (6 pieces) $6.50
Pan Fried Green Onion Pancake $6.50
Special Assorted Curry Snack Platter $10.25 Fish ball, cuttlefish ball, calamari, fish fillet
Special Assorted Snack Platter $10.75 Fried chicken wings, deep fried calamari, french fries and curry fish balls
Fried Chicken Wings and French Fries $6.75
Honey Ginger Chicken Wings $6.50
Salted Pepper Chicken Wings $6.50
Fried Chicken Leg and French Fries $7.50
Fried Fish Filet and French Fries $6.50
French Fries $4.25
Garlic French Fries $4.95
Deep Fried Calamari $6.25
Deep Fried Cuttlefish Ball $6.25
Popcorn Chicken $5.75
Curry Fish Balls $5.95
Hong Kong Style Steamed Rice Roll $5.50

Noodle Soup

Wonton Noodle Soup $6.95
Combination Noodle Soup $7.25 Beef ball, cuttlefish ball, scallop and shrimp
Seaweed Cuttlefish Ball Noodle Soup $7.25
Fish Ball and Fish Filet Noodle Soup $7.25
Roast Duck Noodle Soup $7.25
Empress Chicken Noodle Soup $7.95
Beef Brisket Noodle Soup $7.95
Beef Tendon Noodle Soup $7.95
Beef Variety Delicacy Noodle Soup $6.95
Marinated Pork Shank Noodle Soup $6.95
Egg Noodle Soup with Seasonal Vegetables $4.75
Hong Kong Style Assorted Noodle Soup $7.25 Choose three from the following $1.00 for each additional item beef brisket, chicken wing tip, seasonal greens, pork lining, red sausage, marinated pork intestine, fish balls, beef tripe or pork live
Special Duo Combination Noodle Soup $7.95 Choose two from the following: BBQ pork, empress chicken, seasonal greens, roast duck, beef tendon, beef brisket, wonton, shui kau, cuttlefish ball or marinated pork shank

Lo Mein

Wonton Lo Mei $7.95
Shui Kau Lo Mein $7.95
Wonton & Shui Kau Lo Mein $7.95
Beef Brisket Lo Mein $8.25
Beef Tendon Lo Mein $8.25
Beef Variety Delicacy Lo Mein $7.95
Marinated Pork Shank Lo Mein $7.95
Mandarin Style Bean Sauce Lo Mein $7.95
Ginger & Green Onion Lo Mein $7.95
Seasonal Greens with Oyster Sauce Lo Mein $7.25
Empress Chicken Lo Mein $8.25
BBQ Pork Lo Mein $7.25
Roast Duck Lo Mein $8.25
Fatty Beef Lo Mein $8.25
Assorted Lo Mein Combination $8.25 Choose three from the following $1.00 for each additional item beef brisket, marinated pork intestine, chicken wing tip, seasonal greens, pork lining, red sausage
Special Duo Combination Lo Mein $8.50 Choose two from the following: BBQ pork, empress chicken, seasonal greens, roast duck, beef tendon, beef brisket, wonton, shui kau, cuttlefish ball or marinated pork shank

Chow Mein

Lobster Noodle Seasonal
Beef Chow Fun $8.50
House Special Pan-Fried Noodles $9.25
Beef Tongue Chow Fun $8.50
Stir Fried Chow Fun $9.25 With shrimp and scrambled eggs
Curry Beef Brisket Chow Fun $8.50
Black Bean Squid Chow Fun $8.50
Beef with Vegetables Chow Mein $8.50
Preserved Vegetables and Shredded Meat Chow Mein $8.50
Singapore Style Chow Fun $8.50
Singapore Style Rice Noodle $8.50
Amoy Style Rice Noodle $8.50
Bean Sprout Soy Sauce Chow Mein $8.50
Bean Sprout & Shredded Pork Chow Mein $8.50
Shredded Meat with E-Fu Noodle $8.95
Fried E-Fu Noodle with Soy Sauce $8.95
Imitation Crab Meat with E-Fu Noodle $8.95
Mixed Mushrooms with E-Fu Noodle $8.95

Fish Noodle Soup

Choice of: Rice, lai fen, flat rice noodle, rice noodle, udon or egg noodle
House Supreme Fish Soup $8.95 With lai fen r ice stick
Scallops & Fish Filets Fish Soup $8.95
Three kinds of Mushrooms & Fish Puff Soup $7.25
Pan Fried Pork Chop Fish Soup $7.50
Mixed Vegetables and Mushrooms Fish Soup $7.25
Seafood Fish Soup $7.95
Fish Balls Fish Soup $7.25
Cuttlefish and Fish Balls Fish Soup $7.95
Beef & Enoki Mushroom Fish Soup $7.95

Western & Chinese Style Rice Plate

ABC Bone Marrow Fried Rice $10.99
Seafood Fried Rice $9.25
Cutlet Pork Chop over Rice $8.25
Steak over Rice $9.25 With onion or black pepper sauce
Chicken Steak over Rice $8.25 With onion or black pepper sauce
Pork Chop over Rice $8.25 With onion or black pepper sauce
Pineapple Shredded Chicken Fried Rice $8.25
Braised Chicken & Mushroom $8.25 With cream over rice
Braised Chicken Drumstick & Eggs over Rice $8.25
Curry Chicken Fried Rice $8.95
Curry Seafood Fried Rice $9.25
Braised Ox Tail over Rice $10.95
Braised Tomato, Egg & Beef Fried Rice $8.25
Indonesian Style Fried Rice $8.25
Ham & Egg over Rice $8.25
Minced Beef and Egg over Rice $8.25
Lettuce & Shredded Chicken Fried Rice $8.25
Shredded Chicken over Rice with Corn Sauce $8.25
House Special Fried Rice $8.25
Hoi Nam Chicken Rice $9.25
Salted Fish & Diced Chicken Fried Rice $11.95
Yang Chow Fried Rice $8.95
Chicken & Mushroom $8.95 With oyster sauce over rice
Stir Fried Shrimp & Scrambled Eggs over Rice $8.95
Satay Beef over Rice $8.95
Beef Fried Rice $8.95
Chinese Style Sticky Rice $9.25
Shrimp & Beef Fried Rice with Shrimp Paste $8.95
Bitter Melon & Beef over Rice $8.95 With black bean sauce
Tomato Beef over Rice $8.95
Vegetable and Beef Tongue over Rice $8.95
Vegetable and Beef over Rice $8.95
Dried Scallop Egg White Fried Rice $12.95

Barbeque Items

Hoi Nam Chicken (Regular) $7.95
Hoi Nam Chicken (Half) $12.00
Hoi Nam Chicken (Full) $23.00
Roast Duck (Regular) $7.95
Roast Duck (Half) $12.00
Roast Duck (Full) $23.00
BBQ Pork $7.25
Marinated Pork Intestine $7.95
Lunch Special BBQ Combo (Single Choice) $8.50
Lunch Special BBQ Comb (Duo Choices) $9.50


Special Combination Congee $6.95
Sliced Beef Congee $6.95
Lai Wan Style Congee $6.95
Preserved Egg Congee and Lean Pork Congee $6.95
Meatball Congee $6.95
Seafood Congee $6.95
Mushroom & Shrimp Congee $6.95
Fresh Sliced Fish Congee $8.25
Pork Kidney & Liver Congee $6.95
House Special Cuttlefish Ball Congee $6.95
Sliced Fish & Salted Pork Congee $7.25
Minced Beef Congee $6.95
Chicken Congee $8.25
Dried Scallop Congee $3.95
Chinese Fried Donut $2.50
Congee Duo Combination $7.25 Choose two from the following $1.00 for each additional item cuttlefish ball, meat ball, beef ball, sliced fish
ABC Specialty Congee $23.00 Serves four to six


Curry Chicken over Rice $8.50
Curry Prawns over Rice $8.50
Curry Seafood over Rice $8.50
Curry Pork Chop over Rice $8.50
Curry Beef over Rice $8.50
Curry Beef Brisket over Rice $8.50
Curry Ox Tongue over Rice $8.50
Curry Fish over Rice $8.50
Curry Mixed Vegetables over Rice $8.50


Gingko Nut and Snow Pea Vine Seasonal
Salted Egg and Spinach in Light Broth $8.95
Seasonal Greens $7.95
Chinese Broccoli (Gai Lan) with Oyster Sauce $8.25
Sauteed Fish and Chinese Broccoli (Gai Lan) $9.95
Chinese Broccoli (Gai Lan) Marinated in Rice Wine $9.25
Stir Fried Lotus Root $8.95
Spicy Fried Long Green Beans $7.95
Malaysian Style Spicy Vegetables $9.95
Minced Garlic Sauteed with Greens $8.95
Braised Fresh Tofu $7.95
Szechuan Tofu $8.95

Japanese Style Dishes

Japanese Style Cha Siu Tonkotsu Ramen $9.25
Curry Pork Cutlet Udon $8.25
Satay Beef Fillet Ramen $8.25
Sizzling Teppen Style Seafood Udon or Spaghetti $9.25
Sizzling Teppen $9.25 Style black pepper beef udon or spaghetti
Fish Cutlet Soup Udon $7.95
Japanese Crab Meat Udon with Eggs $7.25
Seafood Soup Udon $7.95
Pork Cutlet Soup Udon $7.95

Sandwich or Toast

Club Sandwich $6.95
Ham & Egg Sandwich $4.95
Ham Sandwich $4.95
Egg Sandwich $4.95
Luncheon Meat & Egg Sandwich $5.95
Pork Chop Sandwich $5.95
Ham & Cheese Sandwich $5.95
Fresh Butter Toast $4.50
Condensed Milk Toast $4.95
Condensed Milk & Peanut Butter Toast $4.95
Hong Kong Style French Toast $5.25

Macaroni or Ramen

Club Macaroni Soup or Ramen $5.95
Beef Macaroni Soup or Ramen $5.50
Shredded Chicken Macaroni Soup or Ramen $5.50
Ham Macaroni Soup or Ramen $5.50
Sausage Macaroni Soup or Ramen $5.50
Luncheon Meat Macaroni Soup or Ramen $5.50
Eggs Macaroni Soup or Ramen $5.50
Beef Satay Ramen $5.95
Preserved Shredded Pork Ramen $5.95
Seafood Fried Ramen $7.95
Seafood Fried Ramen $7.50

Baked Rice or Pasta

Baked Rice Duo Combo Rice or Pasta $9.95
Baked Seafood over Rice or Pasta $8.25
Baked or Braised Fish with Cheese over Rice $8.25
Baked or Braised Pork Chop over Rice or Pasta $8.25
Baked or Braised Ox Tongue Pasta $8.25
Portuguese Style Baked Chicken over $8.25
Baked Steak over Rice or Pasta $9.25
Baked Chicken Steak over Rice or Pasta $8.25
Baked Meat Sauce & Cheese Pasta $8.25
Baked Beef over Rice topped with Egg $8.25
Baked Prawns Pasta $8.25
Beef Braised Pasta $7.95
Beef Ox Tail Pasta $7.95
Ham & Shredded Chicken Braised Pasta $8.25 With corn sauce
Beef Tongue Pasta with Corn Sauce $7.95
Black Pepper Steak Pasta $9.25
Fried Pork Chop Pasta $7.95
Onion Pork Chop Pasta $7.95
Fish Braised Pasta $7.95
Fresh Tomato Beef Pasta $7.95

Chef?s Special

House Special Beef Stew in Soup $10.95
Honey Walnut or Salted Pepper Shrimp $10.95
Salted Pepper Squid $9.95
Salted Pepper Pork Chop $9.95
Stir Fried Vegetables and Beef Tongue $9.95
Shrimp with Lobster Sauce $9.95
Stir Fried Preserved Vegetable & Pork Tripe $9.95
Mixed Mushrooms and Tofu $9.95 With vegetable
Sweet & Sour Pork $9.95
Mandarin Style Pork Ribs $9.95
Chinese Style Beef Fillet $9.95
Mongolian Beef $9.95
Sauteed Broccoli and Beef $9.95
Bitter Melon Sauteed with Beef $9.95

Side Orders

House Special Cuttlefish Ball $7.50
Shrimp Wonton $7.50
Shui Kau Soup $7.50
Beef Brisket $8.25
Beef Tendon $8.25
Beef Variety Delicacy $8.25
Marinated Pork Shank $8.25
Curry Beef Brisket $8.25
Blanched Pork Liver & Kidney $8.25
Blanched Pork Tripe $8.25
Curry Pork Lining & Cuttlefish Ball $8.25

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