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Up to date ABC Pizza prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal. ABC Pizza is available in 2 states.

Cuisine: Pizza.


Feta cheese and spinach wrapped in a flaky pastry filo dough.
Steak Fries $3.25
Spicy Curly Fries $3.25 (Basket).
Garlic Bread $1.50
Garlic Bread With Cheese $2.75
Spanikopita $4.95 (Spinach pie).
10 Chicken Wings $5.95 (Bbq or spicy).
Chips & Salsa $2.95
Onion Rings $3.95
Cheese Sticks $4.95
Jalapeno Poppers $4.95


All salads are served with bread.
Greek Salad $6.75 Garden fresh lettuce, sliced tomato wedges, feta cheese, greek peppers, black olives, ham and cucumbers. Potato salad $1.90 extra (2 scoops).
Mini Greek Salad $4.95 Garden fresh lettuce, sliced tomato wedges, feta cheese, greek peppers, black olives, ham and, cucumbers. Potato salad $0.95 extra (1 scoop).
Dinner Salad $1.75 This is our smallest version of our salad (no ham).
Tuna Salad $4.25 (2 Scoops). served w/ lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, onions and olives.
Greek Potato Salad $2.95 (2 Scoops). served with sliced tomatoes, lettuce, olives, cucumbers and house dressing.
Extra Salad Dressing $0.45 (4Oz to go cup).
Any Extra Salad Topping $0.95
Extra Scoop Of Potatoes $0.95
Extra Scoop Of Tuna $1.65

Grinders (Subs)

Choice Of: Sausage, Meatball $3.99 – $5.49 Eggplant or pepperoni. all the above are made with our special tomato sauce, and a blend of melted cheeses.
Vegetarian $3.99 – $5.49 The vegetarian’s delight. contains fresh onion, bell pepper strips, fresh tomato, mushrooms, black olives, lettuce, tomato sauce, a blend of melted cheeses, and light seasonings.
Chicken $4.95 – $5.95 Prepared two ways: 1. mayo, fresh tomato, a blend of melted cheeses, lettuce and light seasoning 2. parmesan – tomato sauce, and a blend of melted cheeses.
Choice Of: Ham, Turkey, Or Salami $3.99 – $5.49 These subs all contain, lettuce, fresh tomato, a blend of melted cheeses, and light seasonings. (turkey is prepared with mayonaise).
Tuna $3.99 – $5.49 Prepared with, lettuce, mayonaise, fresh tomato, onion, and a blend of melted cheeses, and light seasonings.
Italian $4.25 – $5.95 A combination of sliced ham, pepperoni, salami, fresh tomato, a blend of melted cheeses, lettuce, mayonaise and light seasonings.
Steak $4.25 – $5.95 A philly style steak with a blend of melted cheeses, lettuce, mayonaise, onions, mushrooms, and light seasonings.


Small 10", large 14".
Cheese $4.75 – $8.75
Each Additional Topping $1.00 – $1.50 A cheese pizza with your choice of toppings. extra cheese, bacon, sausage, meatball, pepperoni, mushroom, bell peppers, onions, ham, pineapple, anchovies, gyro meat, chicken, eggplant, greek peppers,
Vegetarian Pizza $8.50 – $13.95 Bell peppers, black olives, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms.
White Pizza $6.75 – $11.75 Includes garlic butter, spinach, feta, and mozzarella and cheddar cheese.
Pita Pizza Express $3.50
Meditteranean Pizza $14.25 Includes garlic butter, onions, tomatoes, feta, black olives, gyro meat and greek peppers.
House Special Pizza $8.50 – $13.95 Includes sausage, meatball, pepperoni, onion, mushroom, and bell peppers. no substitutions on specials – deletions only.

Pizza And Salad Buffet

Monday – saturday, 11.00am – 3.00pm. Sunday, 12.00pm – 3.00pm.
Pizza And Salad Buffet $4.95 Adults.
Pizza And Salad Buffet $2.50 Kids (under 6).

Pasta Dinners

All pasta and parmesan dinners are topped with delicious oven baked cheeses and served with our fresh garlic bread and dinner salad.
Spaghetti Or Shells Tomato Sauce $6.50
Choice Of: Meatballs $7.95 Meat sauce, mushrooms, pepperoni, sausage or greek style (garlic butter & romano).
Manicotti $7.95 Tomato or meat sauce.
Lasagna $8.95
Side Orders $2.95 Meatballs or sausage.


All dinners are served with salad and bread.
Chicken Parmesan $8.95 Over a bed of pasta. chicken topped with sauce and cheese.
Eggplant Parmesan $8.95 Over a bed of pasta. spaghetti topped with eggplant, sauce and cheese.
Additional Item Or Extra Cheese $1.00
Greek Lemon Chicken $8.50 Served with a choice of potatoes or pasta.
Bar-B-Que Ribs $9.95 – $14.95 Served w/ steak fries or curly fries.
Fettuccine Alfredo $8.95


Cheese Calzone $5.95 Includes ricotta, mozzarella, white cheddar, and tomato sauce.
Each Additional Item $1.00


A delicious greek sandwich cooked on mediterranean style flat pita bread. contains a combination of tender lamb and beef, cucumber sauce, sliced tomato, onions, and flavored to perfection with delicious seasonings.
Gyro Sandwich $4.95 Extra meat add $1.25 extra cucumber sauce add $0.45.
Chicken Pita $4.95
Gyro Platter $7.99 Gyro meat, cucumber sauce, tomatoes & onions served w/ spaghetti and your choice of sauce below: 1. plain sauce, cheese 2. with garlic butter, cheese.

Daily Specials

Large Pizza With Three Toppings $9.95 Wednesday/ thursday. additional topping $1.35.
Two For Tuesday $15.99 Tuesday. 2 large pizzas with 2 toppings.
Spaghetti Or Shells With Meatballs $3.99 Tuesday, wednesday, sunday. add a dinner salad for only $1.55.
Large One Topping Pizza $7.95 Saturday, sunday, & monday. additional toppings $ 1.50.
Dinner Buffet $5.95 Monday & thursday. all you can eat dinner buffet.
Soft Drink $6.95 Add any soft drink.
Fredo Friday $9.95 Fettuccine w/ your choice of shrimp or chicken or a large chicken and spinanch alfredo pizza.


Ask about our dessert special.
Baklava $1.95
Cheesecake $2.95 (Plain).
Cheesecake $3.45 (With toppings).
Pudding $1.95 (Vanilla or chocolate).
Canoli $2.95
Cake $3.99


Coca Cola $1.50 Diet coke, sprite, root beer or lemonade (free refills).
Iced Tea $1.50 (Free refills).
Juice (Apple) $1.50
Coffee $1.25 With free refills, hot tea and cocoa.
Milk $1.25

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