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Cuisine: Indian.


Iddly $3.99 steamed rice and lentil patties.
Sambar Iddly $3.99 steamed rice and lentil cakes, dipped with sambar.
Combo $4.99 2 pieces iddly and 1 piece vada.
Medhu Vada $3.99 fried lentil donuts.
Dahi Vada $4.99 lentil donuts dipped in yogurt and served with chutney.
Sambar Vada $4.99 fried lentil donuts, dipped in sambar.
Aloo Bonda $2.99 lentil dumpling with onion and potato.
Vegetable Samosa $2.99 crispy and flakery crust stuffed with potato, carrot, onions, peas and raisins.
Vegetable Cutlet $2.99 mixed vegetables with spices crumbled and deep-fried.
Punugulu $3.99 fermented rice and lentil batter is mixed with onion, chilie, ginger and deep-fried.
Chola Bhatura $4.99 sreved with channa.
Abhiruchi Special Mysore Bonda $3.99 served with coconut and tamarind chutney.
Upma $3.99 cream of sooji ravva with vegetables, nuts and garnish with lemon.
Papri Chat $3.99 served with chenna, sweet chutney, hot chutney and yogurt.
Pakora $3.99 onions mixed with besan and deep-fried.
Mirchi Bhajji $3.99 hot. chili mixed with besan and deep-fried with spices.
Chicken Pakoras $5.99 boneless chicken, garlic, coriander leaves, ground cumin and spiece dipped in besan batter and deep-fried.
Shrimp Pakoras $8.99 marinated in paprika and lemon juice then fried in butter.
Chicken Keema Balls $5.99 served with sweet and green chutneys.
Chicken Roast $6.99
Panner Wrap $3.99

Soups $2.99

Tomato Soup
Chicken Soup
Dal Soup a traditional south indian special soup.
Rasam Soup served with papad.


Plain Dosa $3.99 thin rice crepe.
Masala Dosa $5.99 crepe filled with potatoes and onions.
Pesara Dosa $5.99 whole moong dal rice crepe topped with grum chilies and onions.
Abhuruchi Pesara Upma Dosa $6.99 whole moong dal rice crepe filled with special upma.
Palak Dosa $5.99 thin rice crepe with a layer of spinach topped with onion and chilies.
Special Rava Dosa $5.99 wheat and lentil crepe with onion.
Special Rava Masala Dosa $6.99 wheat lentil crepe with onion grilled with potatoes.
Onion Dosa $5.99 thin rice crepe filled with onions.
Egg Dosa $5.99 flavored on the inside with beaten egg and cooked to perfection.
Cheese Dosa $6.99 hot. pizza dosa thin rice crepe filled with cheese, onions, tomatoes and chilies.
Sada Mysore Dosa $5.99 thin rice crepe with layer of hot chutney.
Mysore Masala Dosa $6.99 hot. thin rice crepe with layer of hot chutney filled with potatoes and onions.
Paper Sada Dosa $6.99 thin rice crepe rolled and crispy.
Paper Masala Dosa $7.99 thin rice crepe filled with potatoes and onions.
Spring Dosa $7.99 thin rice crepe, layer of hot chutney and filled with mixed vegetables.
Uttappam $5.99 rice and lentils pancake.
Onoin And Spicy Uttappam $6.99 served with onion and chili toppings.
Onion And Vegetable Uthappam $6.99 tomato, peas, carrots and onion toppings.

Vegetable Curry

Dal Thadaka $5.99
Tindora Fry $8.99 abhiruchi special fry tondora with cashew nuts.
Palak Paneer $7.99
Aloo Gobi Masala Curry $7.99
Soya Aloo $7.99
Masala Bendi Curry $7.99
Channa Masala Curry $7.99
Avial With Pongal $7.99
Kandai Paneer $7.99
Mattar Panneer $7.99
Aloo Mattar $7.99
Malai Kofta $7.99
Capcicum Masala Curry $7.99
Masala Beans Curry $8.50


Fish Fry Curry $8.99
Fish Curry South India Special $10.99
Chicken 65 $7.99
Shrimp Curry $11.99
Palak Chicken $7.99
Butter Chicken $7.99
Reshme Kabab $9.99
Kadai Chicken $7.99
Chicken Quorma $7.99
Chicken Vindaloo $7.99
Shrimp 65 $9.99
Bagara Baigan $7.99
Khoulapuri Chicken $8.99
Chicken Tikka $7.99
Lamb Vindaloo $9.99
Aloo Kheema $9.99
Paneer Bhurjee $5.99


Chicken Tikka $8.99 marinated chicken breast pieces, baked in a clay oven.
Chicken Seekh Kabab $7.99 mango, vanilla and pistachio.
Boti Chicken $7.99
Full Tandoori Chicken $11.99
Roasted Chicken $7.99
Frontier Chicken $7.99


1. Vegetable Thali $6.50 one vegetable curry, dal, rice, naan or roti, pickle and yogurt.
2. Vegetable Thali $7.99 choice of 2 curries, dal, papad, rice, naan or 2 roti, pickle, sambar, yogurt and sweet lassi.
3. Abhiruchi Special Thali $9.99 one vegetable curry, one curry, dal, rice, naan or 2 roti, fresh chutney, special rice, mirchi bhaji, sambar and yogurt. include is a soda or sweet lassi.


Aloo Jeera Rice $5.99
Vegetable Biryani $5.99 spicy vegetables sauteed and cooked with rice, yogurt and spices.
Lemon Rice $4.99 rice cooked in touch of lemon juice and nuts.
Tomato Rice $5.99 rice cooked with tomatoes and green chilies.
Tamarind Rice $5.99 rice cooked in tamarind sauce with garnished nuts.
Kichidi With Chicken Keema $7.99
Bisi Bele Bath $5.99 rice cooked with lentils and garden fresh vegetables.
Chicken Fried Rice $5.99 boneless chicken coi 15, cooked in rice and spices.
Chicken Biryani $7.99 chicken marinated in a yogurt sauce, herbal spices and steamed with basmati.
Plain Rice $1.99 plain basmati rice, steamed.
Shrimp Biryani $9.99 spicy basmati rice with delicately cooked shrimp.
Chili Chicken Rice $8.99 boneless grilled chicken with yogurt sauce, karyapak and cooked with basmati rice.
Soya Biryani $5.99 tender pieces of soya and basmati rice cooked with tomatoes, chilies and onions.
Lamb Biryani $9.99 lamb cooked with basmati sauce and spices.
Egg Fried Rice $5.99 egg fried with basmati rice and spices.
Curd Rice $5.99 rice mixed with yogurt and spices.
Vegetable Fried Rice $5.99


Naan $1.00 unleavened flour flat bread baked in the oven.
Butter Naan $1.50
Garlic Naan $1.50 naan bread stuffed with fresh garlic, spiced and baked.
Chapati $0.99 hand rolled whole wheat bread and baked in tandoor.
Halwa Puri $3.99
Keema Paratha $3.99
Omelet Paratha $2.99
Fried Egg With Paratha $2.99
Plain Paratha $1.50
Aloo Paratha $2.99
Methi Paratha $3.99
Panner Paratha $3.99
Onion Paratha $2.99
Poori $4.99
Poori And Channa $5.99 with chicken roll and soda.


Kulfi $1.75
Gulab Jamun $2.99 dry milk and cottage cheese ball, deep-fried and dipped in light syrup and rose water.
Ice Cream $3.99
Rasmalai $2.99 homemade cottage cheese in special condensed milk flavored with rose water and garnished with pistachi nuts.
Carrot Halwa $2.99 grated carrot with condensed milk garnished with cashew nuts.
South Indian Special Payasam $2.99 rice pudding prepared from vermacelli and tapioca in milk.
Double Ka-Meeta $2.99


Soda $1.00
Water $1.00
Mango Shake $2.99
Mango Lassi $2.99
Fresh Juices $3.99 pineapple juice, strawberry juice, orange juice.
Faluda $3.99
Sweet Lassi $2.99
Salt Lassi $2.99
Badam Milk $3.99
Coffee $1.00
Tea $1.00
Masala Tea $1.50
Green Tea $1.25
Lime Green Tea $1.25
Honey Green Tea $1.99

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