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Cuisine: Coffee.

Vegetarian Dishes

Azifa – Whole Lentil Salad $5.95 Whole lentils cooked and mashed, seasoned with lime juice and mustard. Served with injera or pita bread
Yemisir – Wat $8.50 Split lentil sauce made with flavorful berbere-based seasoning with salad
Shiro Wat $7.50 Served only wednesdays and fridays. Seasoned chickpea flour blend cooked into thick sauce with salad
Ater Kik Alicha $6.50 Yellow split peas cooked in mildly flavored sauce, seasoned with garlic, ginger and turmeric with salad
Gomen $6.50 Finely chopped collard green seasoned with garlic and ginger
Tekel Gomen $6.50 Green cabbage seasoned with fresh garlic, ginger and turmeric
Fasolia $6.50 String beans and carrots cooked in a mild caramelized onion sauce

Combination Dishes

Vegetarian Combination $10.95 – $15.95 Your choice of four vegetarian dishes
Meat Combination $12.95 – $17.95 One meat and your choice of four vegetarian dishes
Quanta Firfir Combination $1.95 – $22.95 Quanta firfir and your choice of four vegetarian dishes
Abiata Special Combination $16.95 – $23.95 Kitffo with a side of ayib (fresh spiced ethiopian cheese) , goman (spiced collard greens). Your choice of four vegetarian dishes.
Abiata Light Side Combination $13.95 – $17.95 Yesuf fitfit (Sunflower seed), timatim fitfit, buticha roll and your choice of two vegetarian dishes

Meat Dishes

Yesiga Wat $9.95 Choice lean beef simmered in Ethiopian chili blend sauce, clarified butter and exotic Ethiopian spices with one side dishes
Siga Tibs $10.95 Beef strips sauteed with onions and jalapeno, house seasoning, drizzled with awaze
Kitfo $12.95 Lean beef finely chopped, seasoned with mitimta and nitir kibe (clarified butter). Served raw, rare or medium, a side of ayib (fresh spiced ethiopian cheese) and goman (spiced collard greens).
Gored Gored $12.95 Cubes of lean beef, seasoned with mitimta and nitir kibe (clarified butter) served raw
Tibs Firfir $11.95 Lean beef simmered in Ethiopian chili blend sauce and other spices mixed with Injera.
Quanta Firfir $12.95 Lean beef simmered in ethiopian chili blend sauce and other spices mixed with Injera.
Doro Dulet $11.95 Chicken breast finely chopped, seasoned with jalapeno, garlic, onion, mitimta and house seasoning
Abiata Spicy Chicken $10.95 Chicken breast cubes sauteed with onions, jalapeno, rosemary and house seasoning served with rice.


Enqulal Ferfer $4.95 Freshly scrambled eggs with jalapeno, onion and garlic drizzled with awaze and served with Injera (gluten-free crepe) or pita bread
Omelets – Veggies $3.95 With choice of. Tomato, bell peppers, onion, Italian parsley
Omelets – Cheese $3.95 With choice of. Swiss and american cheese
Kinche $4.95 Still-cut oats or cracked wheat, seasoned with nitir kibe (clarified butter) and optional hot ethiopian cayenne pepper (mitimita)
Foul $4.50 Fava bean seasoned with olive oil, garlic, onion and tomato, served with pita bread

On The Light Side

Yetelba – Fit Fit $5.50 Slightly roasted and freshly ground flax seed, mixed with finely chopped onion, jalapeno,and berbere (Ethiopian chili blend) and injera pieces.
Yesuf – Fit Fit $5.50 Sunflower milk, jalapeno pepper and onion mixed with injera pieces
Timatim FitFit $5.50 Finely chopped tomatoes, jalapeno pepper and onion, flavored with lemon-based house seasoning mixed with injera pieces
Ayib Tikil – Ethiopian Cheese Roll $6.50 Our home made ethiopian cheese seasoned with mitmita (Ethiopian cayenne blend) and extra virgin olive oil, rolled in injera and cut into bite size
Berbere Katenya $4.50 Injera toast spread with berbere – ethiopian red pepper blend- and seasoned extra virgin olive oil, rolled and sprinkled with low fat ethiopian farmers cheese
Buticha Roll $6.50 Chickpea flour paste seasoned with onion, jalapeno, olive oil, and lemon juice, rolled in injera with lettuce and tomatoes

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