Abuela’s Mexican Bar and Grill

Up to date Abuela’s Mexican Bar and Grill prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Mexican.


All are topped with chihuahua cheese and served with enchilada sauce, lettuce, pico de gallo, sour cream, rice and beans. Cheese sauce may be substituted for $0.50 or tomatillo sauce for no extra charge.
Shredded Chicken $6.25 – $7.75
Marinated Pork $6.99 – $8.50
Shredded Beef $6.99 – $8.50
Ground Beef $6.25 – $7.75
Cheese $5.99 – $7.50
Abuela’s Mexican Pride $7.99 One ground beef with enchilada sauce, one cheese with tomatillo sauce and chicken with cheese sauce.


Tacos come conventional with lettuce, pico de gallo and cheese.
Suadero (Shredded Beef) $1.99
Al Pastor (Marinated Pork) $1.99
Chorizo (Mexican Sausage) $2.25
Carnitas (Fried Pork) $1.99
Pollo (Chicken) $1.75
Carne (Ground Beef) $1.75
Pescato (Fish) $1.75
Taco Snack $5.50 2 Tacos of choice served with rice and beans.
Taco Meal $6.99 3 Tacos of choice served with rice and beans.


Served with flour tortillas, sauteed pepper, onions, pico de gallo, sour cream, shredded cheddar cheese, mexican rice and beans. Guacanole upon request.
Chicken $10.99
Steak $12.99
Shrimp $12.99
Combo $12.99 Choose any 2.


Vegetable include squash, zucchini, broccoli floretts, green & red peppers, onions, pico de gallo and black olives.
Vegetable Smothered Burrito $5.50
Vegetable Fajitas $7.99
Vegetable Quesadilla $5.50

American Favorites

12 oz. Ribeye Steak $14.99 Marinated 12 oz. select ribeye seasoned & grilled to perfection. Served with a small salad & choice of beans & rice or french fries.
Chicken Breast Sandwich $6.99 6 oz. fresh chicken breast set between two buns, a bed of lettuce tomato slices, american cheese, mayonnaise and marinated onions. Served with a side order of french fries as well.
Grande Cheeseburger $7.99 A juicy, 8 oz. 100% beef patty that is hand pressed and cooked to perfection. Smothered with american cheese, tomatoes slices, iceberg lettuce, mayonnaise and onions. Served with a side of french fri


Meals served with refried beans and mexican rice.
Burrito Supreme $5.50 Flour tortilla filled with choice of meat, beans and lettuce. Topped with fresh pico de gallo and sour cream. Black olives available upon request for no charge.
Smothered Burrito $6.99 Burrito supreme, smothered in our favorite red sauce, melted some extra cheese on top and tossed on some guacamole for some more flavor.
Chimichanga $7.99 Flour tortilla stuffed with shredded chicken, lightly fried and smothered in queso cheese sauce. Side of pico del gallo, lettuce and guacamole included.
Chalupa $4.99 – $6.50 Homemade tortilla lightly browned and topped with beef or chicken, refried beans, lettuce, pico de gallo, sour cream cheese and black olives.
Tostadas $5.50 – $6.99 A crunchy, flat shell smothered in refried beans, topped with beef or chicken, lettuce, pico de gallo and sour cream.
Quesadilla $6.99 Grilled flour tortilla stuffed with sauteed peppers and onions, melted cheese and choice of chicken, beef
Quesadilla – Shrimp $8.50
Flautas $6.50 Lightly fried tortillas hand rolled and stuffed with chicken or beef. Served with queso blanco, sour cream and guacamole.
Tamales $6.50 Seasoned chicken, pork or shredded beef, rolled in corn masa and served with abuela’s tomatillo and white cheese.
Chile Relleno $6.99 Lightly fried poblano pepper filled with beef or chicken, melted cheese, raisins and topped with ranchero sauce and cheese.
Diablo Shrimp $8.99 Grilled shrimp with a kick. No hot sauce needed.
Chicken & Mole $6.99 A 6 oz. chicken breast and chicken leg smothered in our homemade mole sauce.

Lunch Specials

Served daily until 2 pm. Specials include mexican rice and refried beans.
Lunch Buffet $7.99 Buffet includes lunch and dessert buffet. along with a drink.
Lunch Special 1 $7.99 O
Lunch Special 1 $6.50 One chicken or beef burrito, along with a beef on chicken taco.
Lunch Special 2 $6.50 One chicken or beef chalupa, along with a beef or chicken taco.
Lunch Combo Platter $6.50 Choose any two of the following: Beef enchilada, chicken enchilada, cheese enchilada, beef taco crispy or soft, casa salad, chicken tostada, beef tostada, beef flautas, chicken flautas, pork tomale,

Extras & Side Orders

Green Sauce $0.50
Jalapenos $0.75
Sour Cream $0.75
Lettuce $0.35
Tomatoes $0.50
Onions $0.35
Shredded Cheese $1.75
Queso Blanco $2.50
Tortillas (3) $1.25
Guacamole $1.50
Mixed Veggies $1.99
Rice $1.75
Beans $1.75
French Fries $1.50

Kid’s Menu

Kids 12 & under only. All come with choice of kids side of rice & beans or french fries.
Grilled Chicken $3.25 6 oz. grilled chicken breast grilled and seasoned to perfection.
Chicken Tender $3.75 Breaded chicken tenders perfect for dipping in ketchup.
Crunchy or Soft Taco $3.25 Choice of ground beef or shredded chicken and soft or crunchy taco.
Chicken Quesadilla $3.99 Two of six inch quesadillas. Can get without chicken upon request.
Enchilada $3.25 One beef or chicken enchilada smothered in enchilada sauce
Burrito $4.25 Traditional burrito, filled with ground beef or chicken, beans and served with a side of pice de gallo and sour cream.


Fried Ice Cream $5.99 Creamy vanilla ice cream, lightly fried in a flour tortilla and dipped in cinnamon and sugar. Topped with a homemade caramel sauce and whipped cream.
Mexican Flan $3.99 Light egg custard with caramelized brulee topping and whip cream.
Churros $2.99 – $4.50 Made from scratch, light fried pastries, coated with cinnamon & sugar.
Sopapillas $2.99 – $4.50 Light pastries dusted with cinnamon and sugar. Served with honey.
Tres Leches $2.50 our homemade, one of a kind cake. Made with 3 different milks


Soft Drinks $1.79 Cococola, diet coke, sprite, mimute maid
Tea $1.79
Coffee $1.19

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