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Up to date Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal. Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant is available in 4 states.

Cuisine: Ethiopian.


Sambusa $2.49 – $2.29 pastry shell filled with your choice of lentils or beef cooked with green peppers, onions and special herbs. beef sambusa, lentils sambusa.
Dabo Colo $2.49 wheat nuts made from wheat flour, sugar and salt with or without red pepper(berbere).
Katagna $3.19 freshly made slightly fried injera, buttered and spiced with red pepper(berbere).

Vegetarian Dishes

Vegetarian Combination $14.99 – $11.99 our vegetarian platter served with collard greens, split lentils, cracked yellow peas, cabbage and salad. smaller portion.
Miser Wat $11.99 – $9.99 cracked lentils cooked in a spicy red pepper sauce (berbere) served with salad and your choice of cabbage or colllard green. smaller portion.
Kik Alicha $10.49 cracked yellow peas cooked in turmeric sauce served with salad and your choice of cabbage or collard greens.
Shiro Wat $10.99 regular shiro prepared with beans, onion, pepper and olive oil. it is 100% protein.

Beef Dishes – Entrees

All our entrees are served with injera and your choice of house salad, collard greens, or lentils.
Kitfo $13.89 lean tender chopped prime beef seasoned with spiced butter and mitmita (powdered small chilli) peppers. served well done, rare or raw per customer request.
Kifto Special $16.99 lean tender chopped prime beef seasoned with spiced butter and mitmita, also served with collard greens and our specially prepared aybe (cheese).
Kay Wat Ferfer $12.99 injera strips mixed with kay wat cooked slowly to absorb the sauce.
Meat Combination $17.69 – $26.99 select three out of four meat specialities: kay wat (beef), yebeg wat (lamb), doro wat (chicken), and yebeg alicha (lamb). serving for one..serving for two. no double doro wat.
Kay Wat $12.19 – $9.19 prime beef cubes simmered in special berbere (red pepper) sauce and seasoned with exotic spices. smaller portion.
Lega Tibs $14.59 tender beef cubes sauteed with rosemary, onion and green peppers with a hint of our special seasoned butter.
Abyssinia Special Beef Tibs $16.99 strips of beef sauteed with seasoned with butter, fresh onion, tomatoes and rosemary.
Yawaze Tibs-Beef $13.59 strips of beef sauteed in seasoned butter, hot peppers, onions and our special yawaze paste.
Gored Gored $13.49 chunks of raw, fresh beef mixed with seasoned butter and mitmita (powdered small chili peppers).

Lumb Dishes

Yebeg Alicha $15.29 – $12.79 tender pieces of lamb braised very slowly in our special turmeric sauce with a touch of ginger, garlic and green pepper. smaller portion.
Yebeg Wat $16.29 – $12.79 pieces of lamb slowly simmered in spicy red pepper (????) sauce, garlic, onion and butter. smaller portion.
Abyssinia Special Yebeg Tibs $16.59 chunks of lamb sauteed in seasoned butter & garnished with onion, hot pepper tomatoes and rosemary.
Yawaze Tibs-Lamb $16.69 lamb pieces sauteed in seasoned butter, yawaze sauce, hot pepper and onion.

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