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Cuisine: Italian, Pizza, Alcohol, Brunch.

Starters & Small Plates

Cheese Plate By Eastern District $14.00 (v, gf). all cheese made with vegetarian rennet capri, goat, ma, bent river, cow, mn rupert, raw cow, vt, dorset, raw cow, vt, fig jam
Salami Plate $14.00 (gf). creminelli salame milano, ut. creminelli salame calabrese, ut. fra mani salame gentile, ca.
Olive $5.00 (vg, gf). castelvetrano
Piatto Misto $28.00 (gf). cheese, salami & olives
Adelina’s Antipasto $11.00 (v, gf). house mozzarella, marinated eggplant, sicilian sundried tomato, roman artichoke & arugula
Fagioli All’uccelletto $7.00 (vg, gf). cannellini beans, tomato, garlic & sage
Brussels Sprouts $9.00 (v, gf). garlic & grana padano cheese
Arancini $7.00 pesto (v), salame gentile, porcini & cremini (v).
Crostini $7.00 (v). roasted beet & ricotta

Soups & Salads

Arugula Salad $9.00 (vg, gf). roma tomato, avocado, toasted sunflower seeds
Kale Salad $8.00 (v). house made bread crumbs & grana padano cheese
Minestrone Soup $9.00 (vg, gf). carrots, celery, onion, potato, kale & tomato
White Bean Soup $9.00 (vg, gf). sage, roasted garlic


Lobster Ravioli $17.00 vodka sauce
Roasted Beet & Farro Risotto $14.00 (v). roasted beet, farro, gorgonzola & beet greens
Farinata $12.00 (vg, gf). chickpea pancake with tomato & roasted red pepper pesto
Grilled Polenta $12.00 (v, gf). porcini & cremini mushroom, sauce, camembert cheese
Involtini $16.00 local, family farm chicken breast with sae, free range prosciutto & yukon gold potato
Pasta Shue Shue $13.00 (vg). cherry tomato, capers, olives & walnuts
Pasta Shue Shue $2.00 add organic gluten free pasta
Pasta Shue Shue $3.00 add prosciutto
Pumpkin & Ricotta Malfatti $15.00 (v). brown butter & sage

Pizza Fritta Montanara

(10" Round). Vegan Mozzarella Available For Substitution. Pizza Toppings: ($1): Caramelized & OnionPepper, Fontina, Taleggio, Sopressata, Olive, Ricotta $2. Porcini & Cremini Mushroom, Prosciutto $3.
The Original $11.00 (v). sauce, mozzarella, basil
The Green Piece $10.00 (vg). sauce, oven roasted tomato, olive, arugula
The Tough Guy $13.00 sauce, mozzarella, sopressata
The Sweet Pepper $14.00 (v). sauce, mozzarella, ricotta, sauteed onion & pepper
The Stinker $15.00 (v). taleggio, mozzarella, olive arugula
The Truffler $16.00 (v). fontina, ricotta, mushroom & truffle oil
The Blue Fig $16.00 gorgonzola, prosciutto, fig jam, arugula
The Woodland $14.00 (v) sauce, mozzarella, mushroom


Rosemary Waffles $9.00 (vg). with blueberry & maple syrup
Salumi Scrambled Eggs $9.00 potato & arugula
‘Pizza Fritta Al Uovo’ Oven Roasted Tomato $9.00 (v). mozzarella, grana padano & egg
Truffled Egg House Bread $9.00 (v). with fontina, asparagus, potato & arugula
Lemon & Ricotta Pancakes $9.00 (v).
Frittata $9.00 (v, gf). with sweet onion & goat cheese, potato & arugula
‘Pissed Off Eggs’ Garlic $9.00 (v, gf). onion, tomato, basil & grana padano cheese
Grilled Polenta $9.00 (v, gf). with poached egg & gorgonzola cream sauce, potato & arugula
Grilled Polenta $9.00 (vg, gf). with caramelized pepper & onion, potato & arugula

Brunch Prix Fixe

Coffee Or Tea
One Menu Item With Coffee & Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice $15.00
One Menu Item With Coffee & Mimosa Or Balsamic Bloody Maria $18.00

Add Ons

Egg $2.00
Caramelized Peppers & Onions $2.00
Ricotta $2.00
Mozzarella $2.00
Soppressata $2.00
Porcini & Cremini Mushrooms $3.00
Prosciutto $3.00

Juice Bar

The Classic $7.00 apple, carrot, beet & ginger
The Green Carrot $7.00 kale, celery, cucumber & carrot
The Virgin Mojito $7.00 cucumber, pear, mint & lime
The Green Dream $7.00 apple celery, cucumber, kale & parsley
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice $5.00

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