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Aditi Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Aditi Bottled Beer Menu and Prices

Blue Moon $3.95 belgium
Kingfisher $3.95 india
Singha $3.95 thailand
Newcastle Brown $3.95 england
Taj Mahal $6.95 india
Amstel Light $3.95 holland
Heineken $3.95 holland

Aditi Bread Menu and Prices

Naan $1.99 leavened white flour bread, freshly baked in our clay oven
Roti $1.99 whole wheat flour bread, freshly baked in our clay oven
Paratha Aloo $2.99 whole-wheat flour bread stuffed with spiced potatoes and peas, freshly beaked in our clay oven
Puri $1.99 deep fried, puffed whole-wheat flour bread
Naan $2.50 garlic
Onion Kulcha $2.99 leavened white flour bread stuffed with chopped onions and spices, freshly baked in our clay oven
Bread Basket $7.99 assortment of paratha aloo, onion kulcha and puri

Aditi Other Beverages Menu and Prices

Mango Lassi $3.79 traditional mango flavored yogurt drink
Bottled Water $1.79 still
Soft Drink $1.99 coca-cola, diet coke, sprite and ginger ale
Coffee & Tea $1.99 caffeinated and decaffeinated
Bottled Water $3.99 sparkling
Fruit Juice $2.29 orange, pineapple cranberry and mango
Cardamom Tea $2.29 regular or iced

Aditi Martinis $6.99 Menu and Prices

Apple – Tini   vodka, apple liqueur and a hint of sour
Cosmo   vodka, grand marnier, splash of cranberry juice and fresh lime
Mango Martini   cruzan mango rum, mango puree orange liqueur and a dash of grenadine
Passion Fruit – Tini   skyy infusions passion fruit and ginger vodka shaken with pineapple juice
Curry Leaf Martini   vodka, muddled curry leaves, splash of domaine de canton and hint of sour and lime
Vodka Martini   vodka and dry vermouth

Aditi Regional Menu and Prices

Lamb Pasanda $14.99 delhi. lamb cubes cooked in a chef’s special mild blend of dried fruits and sweetened coconut
Curried Vegetable Croquettes (V) $12.99 malai kofta: delhi. simmered in a tomato and cream based sauce
Chickpeas & Potato (V) $10.99 chole aloo: punjab. cooked with a chef’s special blend of spices, accented with cumin
Chili Chicken * $13.99 nepal. cooked in a tangy tomato sauce with onions, ginger, green chilies and a hint of soy sauce, a classic indo-chinese preparation
Cochin Shrimp Curry $14.99 kerala. simmered in a spiced coconut sauce, accented with ginger and curry leaves
Cauliflower & Potato (V) $10.99 gobi aloo: punjab. cooked with a classic blend or regional spices and herbs flavored with cumin
Chicken Vepudu * $12.99 andra pradesh. tender chicken chunks cooked with onions, green chilies, ginger, garlic and curry leaves in a spicy dry masala sauce
Black Lentils (V) $9.99 dal makhanwala: panjab. seasoned with regional spices and cooked in a mild tomato sauce, enriched with butter
Goat Pepper Fry * $13.99 karala. sauteed with onions, ginger, garlic, fenugreek, grated coconut and freshly ground pepper
Spiced Okra (V) $11.99 bhindi masala: uttar pradesh. cooked with tomatoes, onions, chilies and a special ground spice mixture, accented with fennel seeds
Yellow Lentils (V) $9.99 dal taduka: delhi. delicately spiced and tempered with ginger, garlic and mustard seeds
Kashmiri Lamb Shank $14.99 kashmir. slow braised with an abundance of spices and herbs
Lamb Rogan Josh $13.99 kashmir. cubes cooked in a mildly spiced onion based sauce
Methi Chicken $12.99 delhi. cubes cooked in a mildly spiced tomato sauce with cumin seeds and dried fenugreek leaves
Baked Eggplant (V) $11.99 baingan bharta: panjab. charbroiled in the tandoor and cooked with onions, tomatoes and spices
Green Peas & Cheese (V) $10.99 paner muttar: panjab. homemade cubes cooked in a light sauce with green peas and spices
Pepper Chicken * $12.99 chettinad kozhi: tamil nadu. cooked with tomatoes, onions, ginger, coconut and freshly ground pepper
Goan Fish Curry * $13.99 goa. tilapia fillets cooked in an exquisite coastal sauce of roasted chili, tamarind, ground cumin and curry leaves

Aditi Grandeur Menu and Prices

Maharaju Platter $18.99 dinner only. a regal combination of chicken tikka, sheekh nawabi, bombay salmon, lamb kebab, vegetable curry, choice of chicken or lamb curry, rice, freshly baked tandoori naan, lemon pickle and kesa
Tandoori Platter $17.99 sampler of chicken tikka, sheekh nawabi, lamb kebob and saffroni jinga, served with rice, yellow lentils and freshly baked tandoori naan

Aditi Sweet Note Menu and Prices

Kulfi $4.99 rich indian ice cream, topped with cardamom, choice of pistachio or mango
Mithai (Sweet) Taster $7.99 assortment of gulab jumun, mango kulfi and rasmalai
Kasari Kheer $3.99 rice pudding. slow braised and cooked with milk, topped with nuts, flavored with saffron and enriched with dried fruits
Gulab Jamun $3.99 warm honey soaked milk dumplings served with a hint of cardamom and a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream
Rasmalai $3.99 soft velvet patties of homemade cheese in sweetened milk and rose water syrup, served cold and garnished with raisins

Aditi First Impression Menu and Prices

Salt & Pepper Fish * (V) $6.99 diced tilapia sauteed with crushed black pepper, ginger, garlic, onions, green pepper and soy
Chilli Paneer * (V) $5.99 spiced homemade cheese cubes sauteed with ginger, garlic, and green chillies, accented with bell peppers, tomatoes, and onions
Aditi Meat Platter $7.99 assorted kebabs grilled to perfection
Kerala Coconut Lamb $7.99 peppered lamb cubes sauteed with coconut flakes, onions, spices and finished with curry leaves
Lemon Pepper Calamari $6.99 seasoned and tossed with an aromatic blend of spices and herbs accented with fresh lemon
Vegetable Platter (V) $5.99 an assortment of vegetables fritters, sun-baked and smoked chickpea flour crackers, served with cilantro and tamarind sauce
Samosa Chat (V) $4.99 crushed potato pastry topped with onions, chickpeas, crispy noodles, yogurt, tamarind and a cilantro sauce
Tandoori Chicken Wings $6.99 tender chicken wings marinated in yogurt, ginger, cumin and roasted chili power, charbroiled and served with a cilantro sauce
Tawa Shrimp $7.99 spice rubbed shrimp sauteed with tomatoes, green peppers and onions

Aditi Red Menu and Prices

Cabernet Sauvignon Greystone $6.00 california; jammy berry fruit with black pepper spice, layered amidst a juicy rich mouthfell of cabernet
Mont Redon Cote Du Rhone $10.50 france; luxurious, rich and concentrated with aromas of cherry currant and blueberry a classic well-balanced and harmonious with depth and character
Malbec, Diseno $6.50 argentina; aroma of mulberry, plum, pepper and spice, intermingled with soft oak
Merlot, Cavit $6.00 italy; a lush juicy plum texture combined with cola, cranberry and black tea notes, grip of tannin on the finish

Aditi Specialty Cocktails $6.99 Menu and Prices

Mango Margarita   tequila, orange liqueur, sour, lime and an essence of mango, served up or on the the rocks
Aditi Mai Tai   cruzan mango rum, orange, liqueur, cranberry and pineapple juice, hint of sour and lime
Pom-Jito   bacardi lemon, pomegranate liqueur, fresh muddled mint and lime
Kingstowne Summer   firefly sweet tea vodka, triple sec, orange and cranberry juice
Kerala Mojito   malibu coconut rum, fresh muddled mint and lime
Maharaja’s Toast ; sparkling wine, lime and mango liqueur

Aditi Thali Plate Menu and Prices

Dinner Only. All Indian Meal With Dishes Varying From One Regional Cuisine To Another Choice Served With Rice, Puri, Dal, Raita, Salad, Lemon Pickle And Kasari Kheer
Regular $15.99 served with two vegetable curries, of the day and a choice of chicken of lamb curry
Vegetarian (V) $14.99 served with three vegetable curries of the day

Aditi Curry – Traditional Menu and Prices

A Dish Of Vegetables, Meat Or Seafood Served In Unique Sauces That Have Been Perfectly Seasoned With Fresh Herbs And Ragional Spices, Served With Rice
Korma ; creamy mild sauce made from a mixture of spices, almonds and cashews
Vindaloo * ; tangy hot sauce made with chilies, garam masala, garlic and vinegar mixed with potatoes
Saag $13.99 lamb
Kadai (V) $11.99 paneer
Masala ; mild tomato cream sauce with onions, bell peppers and regional spices
Saag $12.99 chicken
Masala $12.99 chicken tikka
Korma $13.99 lamb
Makhani (V) $11.99 paneer
Kadai $13.99 lamb
Korma (V) $10.99 mixed vegetable
Vindaloo * $13.99 lamb
Masala $14.99 shrimp
Makhani ; mild sauce made from tomatoes and regional spices, enriched with butter
Kadai $12.99 chicken
Saag ; mild sauce made from spinach, mustard leaves and a unique spice blend
Makhani $13.99 shrimp
Makhani $12.99 butter chicken
Saag (V) $10.99 chana
Kadai (V) $10.99 vegetables
Korma $12.99 chicken
Kadai $14.99 shrimp
Vindaloo * $13.99 shrimp
Masala (V) $11.99 paneer tikka
Saag (V) $11.99 paneer
Kadai ; seared in wok with tomatoes, onions, bell pepper and regional spices
Vindaloo * $12.99 chicken

Aditi Tandoori & Grill Menu and Prices

Marinated Classics Cooked In A Traditional Clay Oven Or Grilled To Perfection, Choice Served With Rice And Yellow Lentils
Bombay Salmon $14.99 fillet marinated in garlic, spices and lemon juice, grilled to perfection
Lamb Kebab $15.99 succulent lamb cubes marinated in a chef’s special masala and grilled
Lemon & Herb Chicken $13.99 chicken breast marinated in freshly squeezed lemon juice, garlic and olive oil, seasonal and grilled with rosemary and turmeric
Chicken Tikka $13.99 boneless pieces of tender chicken subtly flavored with our house spices and herbs, roasted on skewers in a clay oven
Sheekh Nawabi $12.99 combination of minced of beef and chicken, wrapped with exotic spices and slow roasted on skewers in a clay oven
Saffroni Jinga $14.99 jumbo tiger prawns marinated in yogurt, garlic, spices and lemon juice, roasted on skewers in clay oven
Chicken Tandoori $13.99 half spring chicken marinated in yogurt garlic, spices and lemon juice, roasted on skewers in a clay oven

Aditi Biriani Menu and Prices

Fried Basmati Rice Dishes Cooked With Your Choice And Combination Of Fragrant Spices, Served With Raita, Lemon Pickle & Fire-Roasted Pappad
Chicken $12.99
Shrimp $14.99
Lamb $13.99
Goat $13.99
Mixed Vegetable (V) $11.99

Aditi Sparkling Menu and Prices

* Spicy, (V) Vegetarian.
Freixenet Cava $7.50 spain

Aditi White Menu and Prices

Sauvignon Blanc, Monkey Bay $6.50 new zealand; effusive aromas of citrus peel and ripe tropical fruit
Sauvignon Blanc, Sula $7.50 india; a brilliant straw colored white with a fruity fragrance adn smooth crisp refreshing taste
Riesling, Seaglass $6.50 california; character of peach apricot, ripe pear and melon with subtle mineral notes
Pinot Grigio, Danzante $6.50 italy; well-balanced dry, fresh and fruity with an elegant aroma
Chardonnay, Cypress Vineyards $6.00 central coast; flavors of green apple, crisp lemon and orange zest, firm acidity and a long finish

Aditi Soup & Salad Menu and Prices

Aditi Garden Salad (V) $4.99 refreshing combination of salad greens, tomatoes, onions and cucumber, served with our house vinaigrette
Malai Murgh Salad $6.99 diced strips of marinated charbroiled chicken with salad green, tomatoes, onions and cucumber, tossed in a chef’s signature dressing
Yellow Lentil Soup (V) $3.99 mullitgatawny. colonial favorite, pepper water, enhanced with lentils and a savory spice blend
Tomato Soup (V) $3.99 cream of tomato with herbs and spices
Ginger & Garlic Chicken Soup $4.99 murg shorba. chicken consomme, subtly flavored with herbs and spices

Aditi Side Menu and Prices

Cucumber Raita $1.29 refreshing combination of yogurt, cumin and cucumber
Lemon Pickle $1.29 tangy blend of preserved lemons and far-eastern spices
Fire-Roasted Pappad $1.29 sun baked and dried lentil flour crackers, served with a cilantro sauce
Fresh Onions & Chilies $1.29 sliced onions rings sprinkled with chat masala and topped with green chilies
Rice Bowl $1.29 basmati rice
Hot & Sweet Sampler $3.49 assortment of raita, lemon pickle and mango chutney
Mango Chutney $1.29 sweet and sour mango relish

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