Admiral Risty

Up to date Admiral Risty prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Seafood.


Dungeness Crab Cake $19.00
Cioppino $29.00 our award winning seafood stew
Cold Poached Salmon $15.00
Shrimp Cocktail $15.00
Oysters Rockefeller $15.00
Clams On The Half Shell $13.00
Baked Clams $15.00
Baked Combination $15.00 oysters & clams
Dungeness Crab Cocktail $18.00
Risty’s Flank Steak Morsels $20.00
Teriyaki Chicken Strips $14.00
Deep Fried Calamari Strips $12.00
Steamed Clams $23.00
Shrimp Or Scallops Or Combination $20.00
House Cured Gravlax $17.00
Artichoke $8.00 steamed
Flank Steak Morsels $20.00
Steamed Mussels $19.00

Soups & Greens

Dungeness Crab Caesar Salad $21.00
Soup Of The Day $8.00
New England Clam Chowder $8.00
Mixed Greens Salad $8.00 spinach or caesar
Spinach Salad $8.00
Caesar Salad $8.00
Shrimp Salad $19.00
Cold Poached Salmon Salad $19.00
Dungeness Crab Salad $21.00
Herbed Crusted Chicken Caesar Salad $18.00
Hot Teriyaki Chicken Salad $18.00
Hot Flank Steak Salad $20.00


Our Flank Steak Is Marinated In Risty’s Famous Sauce Including Honey, Ginger And Garlic. Charbroiled And Thinly Sliced For Tenderness. You May Enjoy These Type Of Wines With Your Steak Dinner. Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Merlot Or Pinot Noir Choice Of
Filet Mignon $41.00
Neptune Beef $43.00
New York Steak $39.00
Pepper New York Steak $39.00
Ristys Flank Steak $31.00

Today’s Fresh Fish Selections

Trout $29.00 boneless rainbow, idaho
Boneless Rainbow Trout $29.00 idaho
Halibut $39.00 n. pacific
Mahi Mahi $33.00 costa rica
Salmon $33.00 atlantic
Sea Bass $39.00 pacific
Swordfish $37.00 pacific


7-8 Oz Lobster Tail – Maine $43.00
Filet & Lobster Tail $65.00
Twin Lobster Tails $66.00
Flank Steak & Lobster Tail $55.00
Broiled Shrimp Brochette $32.00
Seafood Brochette $24.00 – $35.00
Filet & Shrimp Brochette $57.00
Filet & Seafood Brochette $50.00
Flank Steak & Shrimp Brochette $48.00
Flank & Seafood Brochette $41.00
Deep Fried Shrimp $32.00
Deep Fried Scallops $32.00
Deep Fried Shrimp & Scallops $32.00
Deep Fried Combination Shrimp, Scallops & Fresh Fish $32.00
King Crab Merus


Broiled Boneless Breast $25.00
Teriyaki Chicken $26.00
Chicken Picatta $27.00
Chicken Oscar $28.00
Herb Crusted Chicken Breast $26.00
Pepper Chicken $26.00


Rack Of Lamb $43.00 seasoned with garlic & rosemary, brolled and served with herb cabernet sauce


Cioppino Dinner (Pinot Noir Or Chardonnay) A Generous Combination Of Seafood Simmered In Our Own Cioppino Sauce And Served With Linguini. This Award Winning Recipe Has Often Won First Place Honors In The San Pedro Fisherman’s Cioppino Contest. Sauvignon B
Steamed Clams & Linguini $33.00
Shrimp & Linguini $32.00
Scallops & Linguini $32.00
Shrimp & Scallops Combo $32.00
Steamed Mussels And Linguini $30.00
Shrimp, Scallops & Fresh Fish $28.00 prepared one of the following ways and served with linguini. poached in red sauce poached in cream sauce deepfried sauteed with sun-dried tomatoes, fresh basil and garlic.


Vegetarian Pasta $25.00


House Cured Gravlax $17.00
Seared Ahi Tuna $15.00
Cold Poached Salmon $15.00
Oysters On The Half Shell $14.00
Oysters Rockefeller $15.00
Clams On The Half Shell $13.00
Shrimp Cocktail $15.00
Dungeness Crab Cocktail $18.00
Dungeness Crab Cakes $19.00
Risty’s Flank Steak Morsels $20.00
Teriyaki Chicken Strips $14.00
Deep Fried Calamari Strips $12.00
Steamed Clams $23.00

Waffles & French Toast

Belgian Waffle $12.00
Waffle With Fruit & Ice Cream $14.00
Canadian Bacon & Waffles $14.00
French Toast $12.00
Pork Sausage & Waffle $14.00
Pork Sausage & French Toast $14.00
Applewood Smoked Bacon & Waffle $14.00
Applewood Smoked Bacon & French Toast $14.00

Soups & Salads $8

Soup Of The Day
New England Clam Chowder
Mixed Greens
Caesar Salad


Eggs Benedict $17.00
Tomato & Spinach Benedict $16.00
Salmon Gravlax Benedict $19.00
Dungeness Crab Cake Benedict $21.00
Canadian Bacon & Eggs $15.00
Risty’s Flank Steak & Eggs $22.00
Pork Sausage & Eggs $15.00
Applewood Smoked Bacon & Eggs $15.00

Entree Salads

Herb Crusted Chicken Caesar $18.00
Hot Teriyaki Chicken Salad $18.00
Dungeness Crab Caesar Salad $21.00
Shrimp Salad $19.00
Hot Flank Steak Salad $20.00
Cold Poached Salmon Salad $19.00


Seafood Omelet $16.00
Spanish Omelet $14.00 vegetarian
Ham, Spinach & Cheddar Cheese Omelet $16.00
Pork Sausage & Cheddar Cheese Omelet $16.00

Fresh Fish

Broiled Or Amandine Mahi Mahi $22.00
Broiled Or Poached Salmon $22.00
Broiled Or Amandine Halibut $25.00
Broiled Seafood Brochette $22.00


Seafood Crepes $16.00
Broiled Breast Of Chicken $18.00
Herb Crusted Breast Of Chicken $18.00
Deep Fried Shrimp $20.00
Flank Steak Sandwich $16.00
Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich $14.00
1/3lb. Angus Cheeseburger $14.00


Fresh Ground Coffee & Brewed Decaffeinated Coffee $3.00
Select Teas & Milk $3.00
Espresso & Decaffeinated Espresso $3.50
Cappuccino & Caffe Latte $4.00

Kids Brunch

French Toast
Fruits Waffle & Eggs
Pork Sausage & Egg
Canadian Bacon & Egg
Cheddar Cheese Omelet
Grilled Cheese Sandwich

By The Glass

Piper Somona Brut $8.00
Split Of Cristalino Brut $9.00 spain
California Sparkling Wine $6.00
Mimosa $9.00
Bloody Mary $9.00
Screwdriver $9.00
Orange Juice $3.50


Cheese Cake $9.00 plain or choice of blueberry, raspberry or strawberry sauce
Fresh Strawberries $9.00 seasonal
Chocolate Mousse $9.00
Chocolate Mousse Crepes $9.00 with raspberry sauce
Creme Brulee $9.00
Fruit Cobbler $9.00 with peach & blackberries
Fresh Strawberry Shortcake $9.00
Caramel Orange Pecan Bread Pudding $9.00
Vanilla Ice Cream $4.50 plain or with blueberry sauce
Raspberry Sherbet $4.50
Almost Flourless Chocolate Cake $9.00 with raspberry sauce
German Chocolate Cake $9.00
Pineapple Upside Down Cake $9.00
Rainbow Sherbet $4.50

Desserts Wines By The Glass

Porto Sandeman LBV 2000 $8.00
Madeira $7.00 10 year malmsey, broadbent
Sherry Harvey’s Bristol Cream $6.50
Porto Dow’s $8.00 10 year tawny
Porto Fonseca $7.00 bin 27

Kids Menu $10

Kid’s Flank Steak
Chicken Tenders
Grilled Cheese
Deep Fried Shrimp
Deep Fried Fresh Fish
Linguini & Marinara Sauce
Macaroni & Cheese

Bottle Beers

Budweiser $4.25
Heineken $4.75
Coors Light $4.25
Guinness Pub Draft $5.00
Corona $5.25

Domestic & Imported Beers

Miller Genuine Draft $3.25 draft
Schooner $4.25
Bass Ale $4.25 draft
Schooner $5.00
Widmers Hefeweizen $4.75
Sierra Nevada Pale Alae $4.75


Ultimate Martini ketel one vodka, shaken and served straight up
Cosmopolitan smirnoff citron, triple sec, splash of cranberry juice
Citron Lemon Drop ketel one citron, triple sec and lemon juice served up with a lemon sugar rim.
Appletini dekuyper pucker and seagram,s vodka with a splash of triple sec
Jack Old Fashion hand muddled cherry and orange slice enchanced with jack danielss
Gold Scratch Maggie top shelf margarita, jose cuervo 1800, cointreau, splash of grand marnier on the rocks or blended
The Admiral’s Original Martini bombay sapphire, dry vermouth garnished with olive or lemon twist.
Tangueray Sterling great britian


Absolut sweden
Tangueray Sterling great britian
Absolut Mandarin sweden
Stolichnaya Gold Russia
Stolichnaya russia
Smirnoff Citrus Twist usa
Smirnoff usa
Sky usa
Ketel One holland
Grey Goose Orange france
Grey Goose france
Chopin poland
Blue Ice usa
Belvedere poland
Absolut Vanilla sweden
Absolut Kurant sweden
Absolut Citron sweden
Ketel One Citron

Single Malt Scotchs

Balvenie 12 Year Old
Glenfiddich 12 Year Old
The Glenlivet 12 Year Old
Longmorn 15 Year Old
Macallan 18 Year Old
Glenkeith 10 Year Old

Wines By The Glass

1. Chardonnay J.Lohr 2013 $7.50
2. Merlot Red Rock 2012 $7.50
3. Sauvignon Blanc Brander 2013 $8.50
4. Pinot Grigio Benvolio 2013 $7.00
5. Pinot Noir Poppy 2012 $8.00
6. Line 39 Pinot Noir 2012 $8.00
7. Cabernet Sauvignon Hess Select 2010
8. Champagne Brut Piper Sonoma
12. Cabernet Sauvignon Gunsight Rock 2012 $8.50

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