Up to date Adriana prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: South American, Peruvian.


Yuquitas $9.95 soft handmade yucca puree croquettes stuffed with gouda cheese and crisped, then served with our delicious huanaciane sauce, a classic peruvian blend of cheese, yellow pepper, and spices. you should
Our Style Tequenos $9.95 wonton wrappers shaped like crunchy candies stuffed with gouda and served with our smooth avocado sauce
Fried Breaded Mini Chicken Balls $9.95 crispy yet moist bits of chicken breast, served with our home-made honey mustard sauce.
Parmesan Scallops $12.95 fresh scallops flambeed in pisco with a touch of spice then topped with parmesan cheese and baked to perfection. all this comes served on the half shell. from peru to the world.
Choros A La Chalaca $12.95 another instant classic, whole mussels with brunoised onions, tomatoes and cilantro with choclo, large peruvian corn, that is marinated in our freshest lime juice and amazing spices, then served up i
Huancaina Potato $9.95 one of the most popular dishes in peruvian cuisine, thick slices of delicately cooked potato smothered in our already famous huancaina sauce and accompanied by queso blanco, and boiled quail egg. cla
Octopus In Olive Sauce $14.95 very thin strips of ocean fresh octopus drizzled in our peruvian black olive sauce. it’s truly amazing!
Passion Fruit Shrimp $13.95 our frisky chef amazes us again, this time with breaded shrimp served in luscious passion fruit sauce, on a bed of yucca puree, topped with julienne sweet potatoes, the true spice of life.
Camembert Lovers $16.95 we’re crazy for this one! bite size pieces of creamy camembert cheese breaded and flash fried accompanied by our ground breaking chicha morada marmalade and crackers. dare to try it!
Appetizer Adriana $17.95 we combined our most frequently ordered appetizers: yuquitas, tequenos and fried breaded mini chicken balls with their respective sauces. sensational for sharing

The Causas

Smooth Mashed Potatoes With A Touch Of Peruvian Yellow Hot Pepper, Stuffed With Incredibly Fresh Avocado. We Now Offer Four Unforgettable Styles To Choice From.
Shrimp Causa $12.95 our delectable causa topped with shrimp and our version golf sauce
Tuna Causa $10.95 topped with our blend of tuna and drizzled in our peruvian yellow pepper sauce
Octopus Causa $12.95 thin strips of delicate octopus bathed in our divine peruvian black olive sauce.
Seared Ahi Tuna Causa $14.95 our causa topped by sesame encrusted slices of seared ahi tuna


Cebiche $14.95 your choice! our classico cebiche: fresh fish marinated in fresh squeezed lime juice and our special collection of spices and herbs or one smothered in our creamy and craveable yellow pepper sauce. e
Shrimp Cebiche $17.95 if you are craving jumbo shrimp in our cebiche marinade, this is it!
Mushroom Cebiche $11.95 a delectable vegetarian version of our amazing cebiche
Cebiche Mixto $15.95 the newest variety of our famous cebiche! this one dares to mix all your seafood favorites: fresh fish, calamari, shrimp, mussels, and octopus and is then marinated in lime and our special spices. wo
Ahi Tuna Nikkei Cebiche Mixto $15.95 wonderful peruvian-japanese fusion brought this nikkei version of our classic cebiche into being. reminiscent of a tuna tartar, this is adriana’s favorite
Crispy Shrimp Cebiche $17.95 believe me, you will be amazed! hand breaded shrimp served with our cebiche marinade, special spices, onions and camote! these crispy bites will not be forgotten soon!
Tiraditos $15.95 once again the fusion of two impeccable styles combines thin, sashimi-style cuts of fresh fish prepared classically in our lime juice and spice marinade or smothered in our addictive aji amarillo sau


Shrimp Chupe $19.95 this hearty shrimp stew is a staple of peruvian cuisine, only made more special by our chef’s genius. this is a creamy jumble of juicy shrimp, fresh vegetables, cheese, peruvian corn, and a selection
Soup Of The Day $8.95 everyone knows, a chef can always be judged by the success of their soups, and these will not disappoint! ask your server for our chef’s current favorite.


Add Tender Chicken Breast For Only $5, Add Juicy Shrimp For Only $8, Add Sesame Encrusted Tuna For $15.
Crispy Thai $12.95 beginning with a bed of organic baby greens, then topped with, purple cabbage, carrots, snow peas, mandarin oranges, toasted sesame seeds, and caramelized wonton wrappers served with our delectable t
Hearts Of Palm Salad $12.95 our delicious organic greens, japanese cucumbers, white onion rings, hearts of palm, avocado slices, cherry tomato and served with our tasty vinaigrette dressing with a touch of sweetness. different
Santa Fe Salad $13.95 organic baby greens, sweet corn, cheddar cheese, tomato, black beans, crispy tortilla strips, and a hint of cilantro in a tomato-basil tortilla shell. all served with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing.
Craziness Salad $12.95 an original mix of lettuces, confit tomato, caramelized walnuts, avocado chunks, and slivered parmesan cheese with our tasty vinaigrette dressing and a touch of sweetness. it’s crazy
Artichoke Salad $13.95 palm hearts, peruvian corn, mushrooms, and artichoke hearts served on a bed made of the finest mix of lettuce, with our amazing mustard vinaigrette. delicate and yummy
Cesar’s Salad $10.95 the salad classic, a favorite of millions, with our special touch.
Capri Salad $11.95 dare to try own version of the classic selected mix of lettuce, mozzarella cheese, tomato, fresh basil, and parmesan cheese served with our balsamic vinaigrette and a touch of pesto


Noodles Saltado $18.95 the fusion of peruvian and chinese bring forth this delicious plate. chinese noodles sauteed with chicken, shrimp, whole quail eggs, and mixed vegetables. an enchanting marriage of flavors.
Malfatti $15.95 a row of tender, and very tasty, ricotta and spinach bundles, served smothered in this luscious creamy sauce and topped with a tangy tomato au gratin. simply vegetarian deliciousness
Four Cheese Gnocchi $18.95 our soft potato gnocchi made with care, covered with our delicate four-cheese sauce. the outcome is wonderful. if you don’t believe it, just ask rafael
Funghi Ravioli $17.95 our tasty home-made pasta stuffed with mushrooms, served with a delectable creamy sauce with a touch of wine and topped with crispy prosciutto slices. what else could you ask for
Shrimp Papardelle $20.95 this is a nod of the sparkling genius of our chef. hand-made pappardelle pasta served with our spicy red pepper rocolo sauce and shrimp flambeed in peruvian pisco, a muscat brandy known for rich flav
Squash Tortellini $15.95 tender ravioli stuffed with sweet yellow squash puree, served with sage butter and shaved parmesan cheese. the best from italy to you!
Bolognese Papardelle $16.95 we combined our home-made pasta with a ground-breaking bolognese a la creme sauce, with sauteed mushrooms and slivered parmesan cheese. adriana’s delightful delirium
Spaghetti Pomodoro $13.95 classic spaghetti pasta topped a light sauce of fresh tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, and basil. simple and wonderful

Rice And Risotto

Porcini Mushroom Risotto $23.95 classic, creamy and delicious porcini mushroom risotto. this if for those who enjoy elegant simplicity.
Chaufa Seafood Fried Rice $24.95 following in the technique of chinese and peruvian fusion, or chifa, this flavorful fried rice is sauteed with fresh fish and seafood with a splash of imported soy sauce. the greatest
Lomo Saltado Risotto $24.95 we fused our famous lomo saltado, with all its peruvian-style seared beef tenderloin, onions, and tomatoes, with fresh fish and seafood with a splash of imported soy sauce. the greatest!
Camaron Saltado Risotto $25.95 we fused our famous lomo saltado, with all ots peruvian-style seared beef tenderloin, onions, and tomatoes, with the italian risotto technique. this is a filling combination
Camaron Saltado Risotto $32.95 same as the savory dish described above, but created with our jumbo shrimp
Peruvian-Style Seafood Rice $24.95 by combining rice with calamari, shrimp, mussels and spices, we bring you this excellent dish. fresh from the sea to your table


Aji De Gallina $17.95 after much request, the brilliant combination of shredded chicken with our aji amarillo sauce, parmesan cheese, and pecans served over a bed of rice. this is a true classic of the peruvian culinary c
Honey Chicken $17.95 tender morsels of chicken breast marinated in a blend of spices and bathed with a tasty honey and orange sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds, all accompanied by steamed white rice. simple and satis
Kam Lu Wantan $18.95 yet another spectacular example of the traditional peruvian-chinese fusion known ad chifa. sauteed chicken, shrimp, mixed vegeables and pineapple tossed in a sweet and sour sauce, and served in a cru
Cashew Chicken $17.95 this wok sauteed chicken is one of our favorites. we incorporate cashews, zucchini, red pepper, onion, soy sauce and sesame oil; and top it all with fried noodles on a bed of steamed rice. simply gre
Chicken Adriana $18.95 another of our chef’s flight of fancy! tender chicken breast layered with thin sliced of sweet granny smith apple and smothered in a savory and scrumptious sauce of green pepper, apple, and dried plu


Lomo-Cucho $25.95 this is a recreation of a classic peruvian dish with our touch of style. tenderloin marinated in classic anticucho sauce of vinegar and a blend of spices, then covered in a creamy blend of panca pepp
Tenderloin With Gorgonzola And Chicha $26.95 tenderloin on a bed of yuqa puree and topped with two smooth sauces. one of gorgonzola cheese and the other a marmalade of our chicha morada, a beverage made from purple corn that is sweetened and bl
Three Peppercorn Tenderloin $25.95 these juicy beef medallions are served with a deliciously creamy sauce derived from pink, green, and black pepper corn creating a spicy kick you won’t believe! this is all served on top of a bed of y
Red Wine Skirt $22.95 savory beef skirt served with soft burgundy wine sauce, on our original yellow hot pepper risotto. hurray for the fusion!
Beef Stroganoff $23.95 for those who appreciate classics! our version features thick chucks of tenderloin with peppers in the creamiest of cream sauce on a bed of white rice!
Lomo Saltado $23.95 this is the ""flag dish"" of peruvian cuisine. juicy pieces of tender beef, flambeed in pisco, then sauteed with red onions, tomatoes, yellow chili peppers and a delicious shot of
Pollo Saltado $18.95 tender chicken flambeed in pisco served with tomatoes and red onions
Pescado Saltado $20.95 fresh fish flambeed in pisco dished up with onions and roma tomatoes
Camaron Saltado $28.95 large shrimp flambeed in pesco complemented by tomatoes and red onions

Fish And Seafood

Fresh Fish With Seafood A Lo Macho Sauce $23.95 fillet of fish, breaded, and smothered in a lightly spicy seafood sauce of panca pepper and wine and served with a side of rice. the absolute best of the sea.
Seafood With Tacu-Tacu $19.95 our already famous tacu-tacu, an afro-peruvian inspired seasoned rice mixed with imported canary beans, covered in our cognac flambeed seafood sauce. no need to ask for more!
Tuna Anticuchos $23.95 delicious skewers of seared ahi tuna covered in a sauce of honey, orange, sesame seed on top of a bed of aji amarillo risotto, peruvian corn, and sweet peas. what flavor
Florentina $22.95 delicious fresh fish fillet served on yellow chili pepper risotto with a light creamy spinach sauce you will be amazed
Tuna $24.95 with yellow pepper chutney. grilled tuna steak topped with deliciously spicy peruvian pepper and raisin chutney, served with our smooth yucca puree. peruvian cuisine for vips’s
Shrimp Fish $25.95 fresh breaded fish fillet topped with large pisco flambeed shrimp in a cream sauce and served with potato puree and yucca chips. the best sea expression!
Teriyaki Salmon $23.95 playing again with flavors, we created this perfect grilled salmon fillet in our delicious teriyaki sauce and served on a bed of whole wheat soba noodles try it. this is regret-free.


Gnocchi In Alfredo Sauce $7.99
Spaghetti $8.99 with bolognese sauce
Chicken Balls $6.99 with french fries

After Dinner Cocktails $10

Algarrobina rich algarrobina syrup blended smooth with milk, sugar, pisco, and a dash of egg white, a true peruvian treat!
Pisco Alexander for those who crave chocolate! pisco blended with godiva dark chocolate liquor and fresh cream and topped with more chocolate! divine


Espresso $2.75
Cortadito $2.75
American $3.00
Cappuccino $4.00
Latte $4.00
Mocha $4.00


Suspiro A La Limena $7.95 the most internationally famous of peruvian confections! sweet manjar blanco, or duce de leche, topped with fluffy meringues with a touch of port. you will sigh with content
Arroz Con Leche $7.95 similar to rice pudding, this dish is so classic it requires no explanation. simple and sweet comfort on a spoon. enjoy
Creme Caramel $7.95 our version of the peruvian crema volteada. this rich custard dessert with a layer of soft caramel on top will not disappoint
Tres Leches $7.95 a soft and fluffy vanilla cake soaked in the tastiest cream sauce, then finishes off with a touch of cinnamon, very proudly from peru to you!!
Apple Pie A La Mode $7.95 this will melt you down! individual ramekins of apple goodness served hot with a creamy scoop of vanilla ice cream
Profiteroles $7.95 a must in our menu! two warm pastries stuffed with vanilla ice cream and topped with fudge, butterscotch, and praline making this dessert a delicious and crunchy experience.
Crepe Suchard $7.95 yummy crepe filled with vanilla ice cream, topped with fudge and praline. a french feast
Cherimoya Stumble $7.95 we mixed our delicious peruvian cherimoya fruit, or custard apple, with our homemade milky caramel, dulce de leche. all this is finished off with crunchy bits of meringue and fudge sauce. you will en
Lucuma Mousse $7.95 the most tempting air whipped lucuma, an amazing peruvian fruit with a sweet pumpkin kike flavor, served between thin layers of chocolate cake and beautifully topped with fudge and vanilla sauces. da
Phyllo Basket With Coffee Or Raspberry Semifreddo $7.95 try this rich, eye opening coffee frozen mousse drizzled in fudge and vanilla sauces. or our deliciously tart raspberry frozen mousse, topped with raspberry and vanilla sauces. both are served in a c
Brownies $7.95 brownies served warm with vanilla ice cream, fudge and butterscotch sauce. irresistible
Creme Brule $7.95 try our sublimely cook vanilla cream with a warm, crunchy caramel top. the world’s favorite dessert
Alfajor $7.95 layers of a delicious and soft sugar cookie filled with plentiful dulce de leche, sprinkled with powdered sugar, just like in my country
Strawberry Meringue $7.95 layers of delicious meringue covered with chantuky cream, dulce de leche, and strawberries. all this delight is topped with fudge. simply delicious

From Our Bar

Pisco Sour & Maracuya Sour $10.00 the immortal peruvian classic grandesierpe pisco, fresh squeezed lime juice, sugar, and egg white shaken to a froth and topped with aromatic bitters, or the most popular cocktail in lima today: passi
Lucuma, Cherimoya, Or Cherry Sour $10.00 straight out of lima’s nightlife! our imported creams of lucama or cherimoya creams blended with pisco, egg and sugar or be tempted by our newest creation, the cherry sour
Chicha Y Ron $10.00 purple corn and pineapple punch with peruvian cartavio rum, simple yet satisfying
Passion Punch $11.00 a tall cool mix of passion in a glass, pisco, passion fruit, and strawberries blended beautifully
Coconut Ginger Mojito $11.00 try our fabulous concoction of malibu coconut rum, with a splash of domaine de canton ginger liqueur, muddled with fresh mint, lime and sugar. you’ll thank us
Mojadita $11.00 an exotic new experience. lemongrass and montesierpe pisco muddled with plum wine, honey, and ginger. there is nothing like it
Jaguar Juice $10.00 very cunning! fresh raspberries and mint muddled with marker’s mark bourbon, then blended with honey and cranberry juice.
Lychee Sakitini $8.00 gekkeikan sake and soho lychee nectar. fragrant and refreshing.
Green Goddess Martini $10.00 our bartenders got creative again. coconut cream, midori melon liquor, and absolut vodka blended for a smooth treat you won’t regret
Maracuya And Tangerine Martini $10.00 for a touch of sweet and sour, try this blend of passion fruit and tangerine mixed with absolut vodka
Leche De Tigre & Tequila Cocktail $9.00 not for the faint of heart! a quick shot of jose cuervo gold with the juice of our cebiche
Red Or White Sangria $20.00 – $8.00 spanish style wine punch available by the pitcher or the glass
Champagne Cocktails $10.00 passion fruit, chicha morada, lychee, classic peach, mimosa our nod to the indulgently fruity italian champagne cocktails
Latin Brews $5.00 cusquena, negra , modelo, corona, corona light
European & Domestic Brews $5.00 peroni, heineken, heineken light, miller light, o’douls
Chicha Morada $4.00 traditional peruvian beverage made from purple corn that is sweetened and spiced with cinnamon and pineapple
Limonada $4.00 classic limonada, mora limonada, mint limonada all made from freshly squeezed lime juice
Iced Teas $2.75 high mountain black available sweetened or unsweetened: sorry, no refills available
Sodas $2.50 inca kola, diet inca kola, coke, diet coke, sprite, sprite zero, fanta
Voss Bottled Water $5.00 sparkling, flat

Flowering Teas $5.50

Dragon Lily white
Golden Jasmine black
Shooting Star green

Loose Leaf $3

Morning Rise Breakfast black
Temple Of Heaven green
Aged Earl Grey black

Caffeine-Free Herbal Teasans $3

Sweet Meadows
Chamomile Lemon
Field Of Gold
Lemon Grass
Moroccan Mint
Simply Mint
Fresh Mint

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