Aegean Mediterranean

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Tzaziki $5.95 Cacik. Cold yogurt mixed with cucumbers, garlic, herbs and spices.
Pilaki $6.95 Red beans, potatoes, carrots and bell peppers in tomato base sauce.
Hummus $6.95 Mashed chickpeas blended with fresh garlic, tahini, and herbs.
Baba Ganduj $6.95 Roasted eggplant puree, Turkish tahini, garlic and lemon.
Eggplant Salad $7.95 Patlican salatasi. Smoked eggplant with grilled peppers, grilled tomatoes, olive oil, lemon juice and seasonings.
Spicy Vegetables $6.95
Grape Leaves $6.95 Grape leaves stuffed with specially seasoned rice with assorted nuts, topped with olive oil.
Haydari $6.95 Thick homemade yogurt with walnut garlic and dill.
Tabbuleh $6.95 Parsley, mint, bulgur, tomato, scallion, lemon and olive oil.
Mixed Appetizer $19.95


Lentil Soup $5.95
Tomato Soup $5.95


Garden Salad $9.95
Fresh Mozzarella Salad $10.95 Fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers and tomatoes in pesto sauce on mixed green salad.
Chicken Salad $13.95

Main Dishes

Main Dishe
Chicken Shish $16.95 Marinated chicken breast with herbs and spices.
Skewered Ground Chicken $16.95 Ground chicken with red peppers, parsley and garlic.
Lamb Shish $18.95 Cubes of marinated tenderloin of lamb.
Skewered Ground Lamb $18.95 Ground lamb with red peppers and spices.
Mixed Grill $27.95 An assortment of adana kebab, shish kebab, doner kebab and chicken kebab.
Chicken Doner $16.95 Strips of marinated chicken roasted on a skewer.
Lamb Doner $17.95 Strips of marinated lamb roasted on a skewer.
Lamb Chops $24.95 Marinated baby lamb chops and grilled to perfection.
Rib Eye Steak $24.95 Ribeye steak grilled to perfection served with Turkish-style rice and vegetables.
Homemade Manti $18.95 A light dough stuffed with seasoned lamb and onions. Steamed to perfection, served with seasonings and garlic yogurt.
Salmon Fillet $19.95 Salmon fillet, char-grilled served with mixed greens and carrots, lemon and oil dressing.
Salmon Shish Kebab $17.95 Cubes of salmon wrapped in grape leaves and char grilled. Served with mixed green salad.
Sea Bass Fillet $18.95 Chargrilled Mediterranean sea bass, served with mixed greens and carrots.
Shrimp Kebab $21.99 Shrimp kebab served with mixed greens and carrots, lemon and oil dressing.
Iskender Kebab $19.95 Doner kebab served over fried pride bread topped with a fresh tomato sauce.
Meatball $18.95
Falafel Wrap $10.00
Meatball Wrap $10.00
Lamb Shish Wrap $10.00
Chicken Shish Wrap $10.00
Lamb Shawarma Wrap $10.00


Sujuk $9.95 Traditional spicy Turkish sujuk sauteed with tomato and parsley.
Mucver $8.95 Zucchini pancakes. Mixture of zucchini, feta cheese, dill, flour, egg, seasoned with spices, deep fried and served with garlic yogurt sauce.
Falafel $8.95 Ground chickpeas.
Sigar Borek $7.95 Sigara boregi. Pan fried fillo dough sauteed with feta cheese and parsley.
Pastirmali Hummus and Pastrami $11.95 Sauteed pastrami and hummus.
Hellim $10.95 Kashaval cheese.
Mixed Olives $4.95 Mixture of green and black olives.
Feta Cheese $5.95 Sliced Greek feta.
Fries $6.95
Rice with Vermicelli $5.95
Wheat Rice $5.95
Yogurt $4.95
Pickles $4.95


Baklava $6.95 Peeled Turkish pistachios and light syrup.
Helva $5.95
Tiramisu $5.95

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