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Cuisine: American, Bakery, Bakery & Pastries.

Light Start

Silky & Smooth $6.00 raw honey, imported devonshire cream and your choice of bread.
Bread Friends $5.00 selection of bread, organic hand made marmalade and organic butter.
Nola White & Gran $7.00 organic homemade granola and berries served with milk, cashew milk, almond milk, or vanilla greek yogurt.
Velvet & Berries $5.50 collection of berries and fruits to mingle with yogurt.
Sweet & Tossed $5.00 assortment of fruits and berries served chopped and tossed.

Good Morning

8am-Close. Breakfast Options Served With Your Choice Of Organic Baby Greens, Rosemary Potatoes Or Fruits. All Our Dishes Are Prepared With Organic Salted Butter.
The Traditional $9.00 two organic eggs, two pieces niman ranch bacon and two slices of bread.
Le Chocolat $9.50 paine rustic dipped in organic eggs with side of nutella, bananas, and strawberries.
Simply Southern $10.00 organic homemade mini waffles topped with organic chicken breast and bacon.
Sunny Sandwich $9.00 two organic sunny eggs, melted gruyere, niman ranch bacon topped with organic greens.
Round And Rich $9.00 organic super food (goji berry, acai berry and chocolate chip) infused homemade pancakes served with berries (also available in traditional style).
Pierre Angu Laire $8.50 scallion scrambled organic eggs, diced tomatoes with two pieces of bread.
The Wet Omelette $10.00 mixed tomatoes, organic eggs, and jalapenos served with fresh basil and persian cucumbers and feta.
Country Style Omelette $10.00 organic eggs, mushroom, organic spinach, shallots and feta.
Poached And Pink $11.00 wild smoked salmon w/avocado, one poached organic egg, arugula and topped with brandy aioli.
The English Salmon $11.00 two english muffins, scrambled organic eggs, brandy aioli, wild smoked salmon, creme fresh and chives.
The Wrap $9.00 scrambled organic eggs, fiscalini, onions, red peppers, scallions in flour tortilla topped with homemade salsa (med spice).

Good Afternoon

11am-Close. Open Face: Sandwich’s Served On Your Choice Of Bread With Mixed Green Salad Or Kettle Potato Chips. Dressing: Lemon And Oil Or Vinaigrette.
Rosemary $11.00 free range rosemary chicken breast, with herb marinade, gruyere, pesto, caramelized onions, scallions and tomato.
Mr. Finnely $12.00 wild smoked salmon, herbed cheese spread, avocado, scallions, chopped dill and lemon infused organic sprouts.
Club Novemberest $10.00 thin sliced smoked turkey, cheddar whole grain mustard, bacon, scallions, tomato and avocado.
Rare & Savory $12.00 100% grass fed beef, horse radish aioli, shallots, scallions and pickled cabbage.

Pressed Sandwiches

11am-Close. Panini Served With Your Choice Of An Organic Mixed Green Salad, Kettle Potato Chips, Pickled Vegetables Or Rosemary Potatoes.
Easy Peazzi $9.00 gruyere, cheddar, and blue cheese.
Peppy Prosciutto $9.00 cured prosciutto, pancetta, capicola, gruyere and serrano peppers.
Sizzle Me This $9.00 sauteed seasoned vegetable and mozzarella
Philly Silly $11.00 100% grass fed beef, mozzarella, fiscalini and green peppers.


11am-Close. All Salads Come Seasoned With A Touch Of Sea Salt And Freshly Ground Black Pepper. Dressing To Choose From: Lemon And Oil, Pomegranate Vinegar, Rustic Citrus Vinaigrette.
Organic Baby Greens, Pear And Blue Cheese $9.00 tarragon, shallots and roasted pine nuts.
Organic Red Quinoa And Taboule $10.00 parsley, organic sweet potato, beans and chives.
Organic Raddichio, Butter Lettuce, Arugula $9.00 beets, pomegranate, walnuts and blue cheese.
Organic Baby Greens, Heirloom Tomatoes $13.00 choice slices of 100% grass fed steak, blue cheese and chives.
Organic Baby Greens, Grilled Free Range Rosemary Chicken Breast $11.00 cranberries and fuji apples.
Organic Rainbow Kale Caesar Salad $11.00 rosemary chicken breast, avocado, cranberry.
Organic Rainbow Kale Caesar Salad $3.00 add 100% grass fed beef


Please Ask Your Server

Cheese Selection

Gruyere cow’s milk, hard yellow cheese, sweet but slightly salted.
Parmesan cow’s milk, hard granular cheese, sharply flavored.
Fiscalini Cheddar cows milk, firm butter, grassy and savory flavors.
Brie cows milk, soft and creamy (domestic).
Feta goat – goat’s milk, semi soft, salted, cubed and sliced into 1/2 slices.
Blue cow, sheep or goat’s milk, sharp and salty.
Fresh Mozzarella cow milk, semi soft with mild creamy flavor.


Two Organic Eggs And Style $3.50
Organic Egg Whites $3.00
Two Slices Of Niman Ranch Bacon Or Turkey Bacon $3.25
Two Apple Wood Chicken Links $3.00
Two Slices Of Organic Toast $2.00
One Homemade Organic Pancake $2.00
Two Baby Home Made Organic Waffles $3.50
Farmers Market Fruit $2.50
Organic Yogurt $3.00
Organic Homemade Granola $3.00
Organic Rosemary Potatoes $4.00
Organic Mixed Green Salad $4.50


Cute And Hearty $6.00 one organic egg, slice of turkey bacon and potatoes.
Ready Go! $5.00 one organic pancake, small glass of fresh pressed orange juice.


Classic $5.00 homemade peanut butter and organic jam
Baby Club $6.00 turkey, mayo, turkey bacon and avocado.

Hot Beverages

The Art Of Tea $3.00
Le Colombe Coffee $2.25
French Press $5.00
Cappuccino $4.00
Cafe Latte $4.00
Belgium Hot Chocolate $4.50

Chilled Juices

Fresh Pressed Orange Juice $4.00
Pomegranate Juice $4.00
Mango And Orange $4.00
Apple Juice $3.50
Mango Juice $3.00

Chilled Beverages

Chilled Latte $4.00
Chilled Mocha $4.00
Chilled Tea $3.00
Fresh Lemonade $3.00 mint lemonade
Sparkling And Still Water $4.00


Quinoa Lemon-Blueberry
Banana Nut
Gluten-Free Apple Spice
Beet And Fennel


Espresso Fudge
Gluten-Free Peanut-Butter
Chocolate Chip


Devil’s Food with dark chocolate ganache
Mediterranean Spice Cake maple cream cheese.
Brown Butter Vanilla orange-blossom honey buttercream.
Hummingbird spicy milk chocolate ganache.
Red Velvet raspberries/cream cheese.
Goat Cheese & Mascarpone Cheesecake seasonal fruit compote.


Seasonal Fruit
Chocolate Caramel
Apple Rose
Lemon Meringue

Other Treats

Baked Granola

La Colombe Coffee Roasters

Cafe Latte
French Press
Pacific Blend Drip

Black Tea

USDA Organic.
English Breakfast
Earl Grey Creme
Passion Fruit Jasmine

Green Tea

USDA Organic.
Fleur De Vie
Dragon Crisp

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