Afghan Grill Kabob House

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Cuisine: Afghan.

Lunch Specials – Vegetarians

Served with basmati rice
Spinach $8.95 Fresh chopped spinach cooked with fresh herbs and spices.
Eggplant $8.95 Eggplant cooked with tomatoes, onions and garlic.
Pumpkin $8.95 Pumpkin cooked in tomato sauce, topped with seasoned yogurt.
Okra $8.95 Fresh okra cooked with garlic and tomatoes.
Pumpkin $8.95 Pumpkin cooked in tomato sauce, topped with seasoned yogurt.

Lunch Specials – Kabobs

Served with basmati rice and green salad
Chicken Breast Kabob $9.95 Boneless chunks of chicken marinated in fresh spices and seasoning.
Jujeh Kabob $9.95 Cornish hen marinated with saffron, mildly seasoned and spiced.
Tikka Kabob (Shish Kabob) $10.95 Tender cubes of lamb of beef marinated in fresh grated spices and seasonings.
Kabob Kobideh $9.95 Ground beef mixed with herbs and fresh grated spices.
Chicken Kabob $9.95 Ground chicken breast marinated and spiced broiled over charcoal.
Steak Kabob $12.95 Tender loin marinated and delicately seasoned.
Fish Kabob $16.95 Filet of salmon marinated with saffron, lemon and garlic.
Shrimp Kabob $16.95 Jumbo shrimp delicately seasoned and spiced.
Kabob Sultani $14.95 Combination of kabob barg and kabob kobideh.
Chaplee Kabob $9.95 Spicy ground lamb patties made with vegetables & spices.
Lamb Chops $18.95 Delicated marinated lamb chops with garlic and lemon juice. Charcoal broiled.

Lunch Specials – Entrees

Served with basmati rice & green salad
Khoresht Badenjon $9.95 Eggplant stew mildly spiced, cooked with lamb, tomatoes and onions.
Khoresht Gheimeh $9.95 Beef stew with split peas, cooked in gravy
Ghormeh Sabzi $9.95 Mixed vegetables lamb stew, parsley scallions and kidney beans.
Gormeh Morgh $9.95 Chicken stew cooked with fresh tomatoes, onions and spices.
Lawand $9.95 Chunks of chicken breast cooked with onion, garlic and creamy sauce.
Kofta Challow $9.95 Mildly spiced meat balls with tomato sauce.
Lamb Shank $13.95 Tender seasoned shanks cooked in our special recipe served over basmati rice.
Qabili $13.95 Seasoned rice topped with sauteed shredded carrots and raisins served with lamb shank or chicken kabob.
Zereshk Pallow $13.95 Chicken kabob served with basmati rice, topped with berries.

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