African Spice

Up to date African Spice prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Hot Beverages

Cappuccino $0.99 – $1.49
Espresso $1.49 – $1.99
Somali Coffee $0.99 – $1.49 Traditional somali coffee with ginger.
Tea $0.99 – $1.49
Chai $1.49 – $2.49
Caramel $1.75 – $2.50
Vanilla Latte $1.75 – $2.50
Mocha Frappe $2.49 – $3.49 Hot mocha frappe topped with chocolate syrup.

Cold Beverages

Shake $1.99 – $2.99
Drink $0.99 – $1.99
Vanilla Frappe $1.49 – $2.49
Caramel Frappe $1.49 – $2.49
Mocha Frappe $2.49 – $3.49
Soda $0.99
Glass Soda Bottle $2.19
Water $0.99


Sambusa $1.25 A fried pastry with savory fillings of African spices and your choice of chicken, beef or vegetarian.
Mandazi $0.99 Sweet fried bread (somali doughnut).
Nafaqa $0.99 A nutritious mashed potato stuffed with choice of egg or ground beef.
Bajiya $0.99 Crispy delicious black eyed beans fritters. With green traditional hot sauce.
Mashmash $0.99 Simple sweet fried snack.
Maashara $0.99 A traditionally prepared Somali rice cake.
Chips $0.99
Fries $2.99 – $3.99 Sweet fried potato fries.


Rice $9.99 Basmati rice cooked to perfection with African spices and sides of beef or chicken suqaar or goat or lamb meat.
Pasta $9.99 Barilla pasta traditionally topped with suugo suqaar and additional side of fries.
Chapati $9.99 A soft tender east African layered flat bread served with bean stew, mixed with African spices and coconut.
Talapia Fish $6.99 Deliciously grilled tilapia made simple with peppers and onions.
Chicken Stew $9.99 Cubed chicken marinated with vegetables cooked to perfection with chapati or angero.
Fish Curry $7.99 Tilapia marinated with vegetables cooked to perfection with traditional soft bread.
Salmon $6.99 Fried salmon.

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