Africans and Jamaicans Kitchen

Up to date Africans and Jamaicans Kitchen prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Lunch Specials

Served Daily From 11am-1:30pm.
Cassava Leaf Lunch Special $8.99
Oxtails Lunch Special $9.99
Pepper Soup Lunch Special $8.99
Brown Stew Chicken Lunch Special $8.99
Jerk Chicken Lunch Special $8.99
Curry Chicken Lunch Special $8.99
Curry Goat Lunch Special $8.99
Jollof Rice Lunch Special $8.99
Wakye Lunch Special $8.99


Palm Butter Soup $11.99 served with banku or fufu.
Vegetable Soup $12.00
Ogbono Soup $12.00 served with fufu.

Main Dishes

Sm / Med / Lg. Served With Cabbage, Plantain, Rice And Beans.
Oxtails Entree $11.99 – $9.99 ox, beef & shrimp entree
Beef Short Ribs Entree $11.99 – $9.99 ox, beef & shrimp entree
Curry Shrimp Entree $11.99 – $13.99 ox, beef & shrimp entree
Brown Stew Chicken Entree $11.99 – $8.99 chicken entree
Jerk Chicken Entree $10.99 – $11.99 chicken entree
Curry Chicken Entree $8.99 – $10.99 chicken entree
Curry Goat Entree $10.99 – $12.99 curry goat

Other Main Dishes

Kenkey Entree $10.00 also known as komi. fermented corn prepared similar to banku but harder. served with fried fish (house made with a spicy black pepper sauce) or okra.
Chef’s Choice Sampler $12.00 served with jollof rice (ghanaian-style rice cooked in spicy tomato sauce and vegetables) wakye (rice and beans cooked in ghanaian spices), spinach and your choice of stew.
Omo Tuo Entree $12.00 mashed rice formed into balls. served with peanut butter soup (also known as nkatekwan) with your choice of meat.
Fufu Entree $12.00 prepared from plantain or yam. served with your choice of soup. favorite dish of most ghanaians.
Red Red Entree $10.00 popularly known as koko. vegetarian. fried plantain and baked beans stew. also served with fried plantains.
Tilapia Entree seasoned and grilled fish served with your choice of wakye, jollof rice, plantain, banku or achekee.
Jollof Rice Entree $11.99 ghanaian-style rice cooked in spicy tomato sauce. ideal for vegetarians.
Banku Entree $11.99 fermented corn made into small balls. served with your choice of soup.
Achekee Entree $12.00 with plantain and your choice of fish, beef or chicken.
Rice Entree $10.00 served with stew of your choice
Wakye Entree $12.00 rice and beans cooked with ghanaian spices. served with stew of your choice.
Cassava Leaf Entree $10.00 served with rice.
Fried Rice Entree $11.99 side of chicken, shrimp or beef.
Couscous Entree $11.99 side of fish or chicken.
Palava Sauce Entree $11.99 served with rice.
Torborgee Entree $11.99 served with rice.
Agussi Entree $11.99 served with fufu.
Potato Greens Entree $12.00 served with rice.


Beef Patty $2.00
Side Of Bofroat $2.00
Side Of Fried Choffie $1.50 turkey tail.
Side Of Fried Fish $8.99
Side Of Ghana Meat Pie $1.50
Side Of Beef Khebab $2.50
Side Of Shrimp Khebab $4.00
Side Of Gizzard Khebab $3.00
Side Of Fried Plantain $3.00

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