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Up to date Afrika Fusion prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.


Beef Samosas $5.00 Spring roll wrap stuffed with savory ground beef, then deep fried 3 pieces per order.
Chicken Samosas $5.00 Spring roll wrap stuffed with seasoned ground chicken 3 pieces per order.
Vegetarian Samosas $5.00 Spring roll wrap stuffed with various vegetables.
2 Beef Mshikaki’s $5.00 Chunks of Angus steak in grilled skewers.
Beef Kebabs $5.00 Seasoned ground beef coated in eggs and fried 2 kebabs.
2 Farmers Choice Sausages $5.00
Alloco $2.50 Golden fried banana plantains, served with house sauce.
5 Pieces Chicken Wings $5.99
Appetizer Platter $10.99 2 farmers choice sausages, 2 samosas, fries or alloco kachumbari.

Soups and Sides

Goat Soup $4.99 2 chunks of goat meal in soup small.
Fufu $3.50 Pounded yam.
Chapati $2.00 East African at bread.
Coconut Rice $2.50 Basmati rice cooked in coconut milk.
Mukimo $2.50 Green peas, white corn and potatoes mashed together.
Mixed Greens $2.50 Sauteed collard greens and spinach.
Roast Potatoes $2.50 Idaho roast potatoes.
Yucca $2.50 Deep fried yucca yams.
Nairobi Rice $4.50 Fried spicy rice.
Ugali Sima $2.50 Ground white corn meal.
Pilau $2.50 Basmati rice cooked in Zanzibar spices.
Alloco $2.50 Banana plantain and golden fried.
Cabbage $2.50 Sauteed cabbage with shredded carrots.
Fries $2.50
Kachumbari $1.50 Diced onions, tomatoes, cilantro and serrano pepper.
Creamed Spinach $2.99 Chopped spinach cooked in heavy cream cheese.

Taste of The East Entrees

Nyama Choma $14.99 Charcoal grilled lamb.
Kuku Choma $0.99 Charcoal grilled split chicken quarter.
Ng’ombe Beef Stew $11.99 Beef tips sauteed in onions, tomatoes, cilantro and seasoned with African spices and with 2 sides.
Mbuzi Goat Stew $14.99 Goat cubes bone in sauteed in onions, tomatoes, cilantro and seasoned with African spices, with 2 sides.
Lamb Stir Fry $12.99 Lamb tips stir fried with onions, cilantro and tomatoes, with 2 sides.
Beef Suya $12.99 Seasoned, charcoal, grilled beef tips, none-spicy, mild spicy, hot or very spicy with 2 sides.
Chips Quarter $8.00 Fried chicken leg quarter and Kenyan style. Served with french fries.
Steak and Chips $14.99 Ribeye steak served with french fries.
Chips Mayai $8.00 Tanzanian style chips and egg omelette.
Chips Masala $8.00 French fries tossed in Kenyan style masala sauce.
Kuku Wa Mchuzi Chicken Masala $11.00 Chicken chunks cooked in East African masala spice and slowly simmered in coconut milk.
Tilapia Fillet $9.00 Grilled or pan fried, served with rice choice of pilau rice or coconut rice with a side of house sauce and house vegetables.
Whole Tilapia Fish $14.00 Fried or baked tilapia fish with 2 sides. Allow 45 minutes for baked.
Chips and Sausages $8.00 Home made fries prepared kenyan style, served with two farmers choice sausages.
Oxtail $14.00 Beef Oxtail slowly simmered in onions, tomatoes, cilantro and African spices with 2 sides.
Nairobi Karanga $11.00 Beef stew over home made french fries.
Chef Special Oxtail $14.00 Chunks oxtail on nairobi rice and spicy sauce. Very spicy.

Taste of The West Entrees

Fufu Egusi $17.99 Melon seeds, habenero pepper, with onions, crushed crawsh and dry fish, slowly simmered. Served with spinach and fufu. Spicy.
Fufu Ogbono $17.99 Ogbono west African seed, habanero pepper, with onions, crushed crawsh and dry fish, bouillon and spinach. Served with fufu. Spicy.
Fufu And Bitterleaf $17.99 West African Enugu bitter leaf vegetables and habenero pepper. Served with fufu. Spicy.
Fufu Okra $17.00 Spicy.
Vegetable Soup $17.00 Collard greens, spinach, assorted meats slowly cooked West African style with lots of habanero pepper. Spicy.

Vegetarian Dishes

Githeri $7.50 Sauteed white corn mixed with red kidney beans.
Ndengu $7.00 Mong lentils with choice of rice or chapati.

Kids Meals

Kids Sausage $4.99 One sausage, fries and a kids drink.

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