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After Osha Pan-Fried Noodles $9.95 Menu and Prices

Pad-Thai   rice stick noodles stir-fried with egg, bean sprout, chives, tofu and ground peanut with your choice of chicken or shrimp
Spicy Tobiko-Prawn Spaghetti*   spaghettis stir-fried with tobiko-prawn, tomato, bell pepper, onion, basil and fresh chili
After Osha Noodle*   dried tom-yum flavored with your choice of rice noodle or organic moroheiya noodle served with shredded chicken topped with boiled egg
Pad See You   rice noodles pan fried with chinese broccoli, egg, black soy sauce with chicken

After Osha Appetizer Bar Menu and Prices

Jerky & Sticky Rice $4.95 thai-style beef or pork jerky served with sweet jasmine sticky rice
Thai Samosa $1.50 potato, carrot, curry and onion in a pot sticker wrapper
Thai California Rolls $6.95 japanese cucumber, carrot, organic frisee, cilantro and crab stick with wasabi tango sauce
Fresh Spring Roll $5.95 shrimp, kurobuta pork, chicken or vegetarian wrapped in fresh rice paper with lettuce, mint and homemade peanut dipping sauce
Prawn Ribbon Rolls $6.95 tiger prawns rolled up with carrot ribbons, spring mix, fuji apple served with cilantro aioli
Vegetarian Crispy Roll $1.50 silver noodles, dried mushroom, cabbage and carrot served with sweet & sour plum sauce

After Osha Salad Bar $5.95 Menu and Prices

Mango Salad   sliced mango, red onions, mint, cilantro and cashew nuts in spicy lime dressing served with crispy chicken
Papaya Salad   seasoned green papaya, tomato and crushed peanut served with crispy chicken

After Osha Fried Rice $9.95 Menu and Prices

Chicken Over Fried Rice   grilled marinated or deep fried battered chicken fillet over fried rice served with plum sauce
Pineapple Fried Rice   fried rice with egg, tomato, onion, green onion, cashew, raisins, pineapple, chicken & shrimp
Thai Fried Rice   fried rice with egg, tomatoes, onion and green onion choice of chicken, beef, duck, shrimp or vegetarian

After Osha Entrees $9.95 Menu and Prices

Green Curry Catfish With Jasmine Rice   with baby corn basil and thai eggplant served with jasmine rice
Spicy Ducky*   roasted honey duck stir-fried with thai basil, jalapeA±o and garlic pepper sauce
Volcanic Beef*   wok-fried grilled premium flank steak with basil and black pepper in lava sauce garnished with onion rings
Zucchini Prawns   wok fried prawns with organic zucchini with basil-smoked chilli
Param   steamed mixed vegetables and tofu with peanut sauce
Tofu Combo   sautA©ed tofu, mixed vegetables with garlic sauce
Pumpkin Curry   kabocha pumpkin in red curry sauce, bell pepper and chicken
Green Curry Catfish With Noodles   with baby corn, basil and thai eggplant served with organic moroheiya noodle
Lemongrass Chicken   stir-fried chicken, coconut milk, lemongrass, bell pepper green onion and green chili
Kurobuta Green Bean   stir-fried green bean with chili paste sauce and kurobuta pork belly
Country Chicken   stir-fried lightly battered chicken with cashew, onion, garlic, red bell pepper and plum chili
1-2-3 Noodle Soup   choose one meat, one type of noodle and one soup
Honey Roasted Duck   served with jasmine rice and our secret gravy sauce topped with boiled egg
Ka Prow Kai*   wok-fried minced chicken, thai basil, fresh chili, red bell pepper and brown garlic sauce with thai style crispy fried egg

After Osha Drinks Menu and Prices

Coke $1.95
Thai Iced Tea $2.50
VOSS Bottled Water $2.50
Violet (Purple Flower) $2.50
Thai Lemongrass $2.50
Sprite $1.95
Diet Coke $1.95
Thai Iced Coffee $2.50

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