AG Ferrari Foods

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Served on a bed of local field greens
Italian BLT $10.99
Tuna & Olive $10.99
Caprese $9.99
Tuna & Artichoke $10.99
Prosciutto & Burrata $11.99
Funghi $10.99
Verdure $9.99
Asparagi $9.99
Caesar $6.99
Caesar With Grilled Chicken $8.99
Grilled Chicken, Pear& Walnut Salad $9.99

Soup of the Day

Soup of the Day $2.99

Cold Sandwiches

Served on fresh ciabatta
Italian BLT $10.99 Pancetta, heirloom tomatoes, butter lettuce, fresh basil & aioli
Caprese $9.99 Fresh mozzarella, heirloom tomatoes, sea salt, garlic oil & fresh basil
Roast Pork $10.99 Roasted pork loin, fried capers, marinated fennel, salsa verde & basil aioli
Tuna & Olive $10.99 Tuna, olive tapenade, peperonata, arugula & olive oil
Tuna & Artichoke $10.99 Tuna, marinated artichoke hearts, aioli & basil
Coppa $11.99 Sweet coppa, peperonata, sharp provolone, aioli & basil
Combo Italiano $11.99 Mortadella, sweet coppa, soppressata, giardiniera, sharp provolone & basil aioli
Prosciutto & Burrata $11.99 Prosciutto, burrata, arugula, lemon aioli & balsamic glaze
Mortadella & Robiola $11.99 Mortadella, robiola, pickled shallots, salsa verde, butter lettuce & garlic oil
Grilled Chicken & Pancetta $10.99 Grilled chicken, pancetta, sun-dried tomato spread, basil aioli & smoked mozzarella

Hot Sandwiches

Served on traditional focaccia
Polpette $10.99 Beef and ricotta meatballs, tomato sauce & fresh mozzarella
Funghi $10.99 Roasted & marinated mushrooms, taleggio, basil pesto & arugula
Verdure $9.99 Grilled seasonal vegetables, peperonata, smoked mozzarella, aioli & balsamic glaze
Turkey & Fig $10.99 Roasted turkey breast, fig jam & ricotta
Soppressata $10.99 Soppressata, chevre, olive tapenade & arugula
Asparagi $9.99 Grilled asparagus, sun-dried tomato spread, chevre, shaved red onion, lemon oil & arugula

Make it a Boxed Sandwich Lunch

Make it a Boxed Sandwich Lunch $14.99 Includes sandwich of choice, chips or side salad & a cookie

Cafe Menu

Seasonal selections of fresh prepared foods
Verdure Sampler $9.99 Choose any three sides
Market Meal $14.99 Choose one protein & two sides

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