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Cuisine: American.


Soup Of The Day $7.00
Ham And Lentil Soup $97.00
Crispy Brussels Sprouts $7.00 curry mayonnaise
Hollerfolk Gardens Radishes $7.00 anchovy aioli, sea salt.
Steamed Mussels $16.00 organic cider, madras curry, creme fraiche.
Smoked Salmon Rillette $12.00 brown bread, watercress salad
Scotch Egg $6.00 soft poached egg, house made sausage, spicy english mustard.


Soup And Salad $12.00 brightwood farm’s organic greens, sherry vinaigrette, soup of the day.
Salmon Salad $17.00 arugula, pickled red onions, caperberries, dill lemon dressing.
Spring Lake Farm’s Baby Arugula $9.00 shaved fennel, lemon dressing.
Hanger Steak $22.00 8 oz. hanger steak, arugula, grana padano, saba.
Brightwood Farm’s Organic Greens $22.00 shaved radishes, aged sherry vinaigrette.
Organic Chicken From The Rotisserie $15.00 bibb, walnuts, pickled onions, creamy yoghurt dressing.
Beetroot Salad $9.00 naval orange, pickled fennel, ricotta salata, spiced walnuts, honey dressing.
Chopped Salad $16.00 bibb lettuce, rotisserie chicken, bacon, hardboiled egg, avocado, tomatoes, stilton.


Allan Benton’s 14month Country Ham $12.00 sheep’s milk ricotta, frantoia olive oil.
Potted Pork $10.00 onion marmalade, toast.
Brawn $12.00 pighead roulade, piccalilli.
Country Style Pate $12.00 pickled mustard seeds.
Charcuterie Board $25.00 brawn, potted pork, pate, country ham, piccalilli, onion marmalade, mustard.


With your choice of chips or salad.
Virginia Grass Fed Beef Burger $13.00 caramelized onions, farmstead cheddar, brioche bun.
House Made Corned Beef $12.00 house made pickles, horseradish creme, brioche bun.
House Made Pastrami $12.00 house made pickles, english mustard, wheat toast.
Lentil Burger $12.00 red lentils, arugula, harissa, pickled red onion.
Fish Burger $12.00 pan seared, marinated tomato, pickled fennel, saffron aioli, brioche bun.
Pan-Crisped Ham & Cheese Sandwich $10.00 benton’s country ham, one year aged cheddar.
Soup And Sandwich $12.00 house made ham and cheese, soup of the day.
BLT Sandwich $11.00 house made bacon, confit pork belly, marinated tomato, bibb lettuce, hp aioli.
Soup And Sandwich $13.00 ham and cheese, soup of the day.


Sauteed Shrimp $17.00 cannellini beans, shaved celery, preserved meyer lemon.
Fish And Chips With Mushy Peas $15.00 english egg sauce.
Steelhead Trout $19.00 english peas a la francaise, house made bacon.
House Made Bangers And Mash $16.00 whole grain mustard mash, onion gravy.
Steak And Chips $23.00 8 oz. hanger steak, watercress salad, compound butter.
Vegetable Pie $14.00 seasonal vegetables, aged cheddar, mash.
Chicken Pie $14.00 peas and carrots, pastry crust.
Shepherd’s Pie $16.00 guinness braised lamb, scallion mash.


Big Chips $5.00
Potato Puree $6.00
Brussels Sprouts $6.00 house made bacon.
Braised Kale $6.00 white wine, bread crumbs.
Welsh Rarebit $6.00

Raw Bar

Selection Of East Coast Oysters $16.00 – $30.00 pickle juice, shallots, fresh lemon half dozen, dozen.
Pint Of Gulf Coast Prawns $15.00 marie rose sauce.

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