Up to date Agami prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi.

Kitchen Appetizers

Edamame $4.00
Spicy Green Beans $5.00
Gyoza $7.00 fried or steamed pork dumplings.
Shumai $7.00 fried or steamed shrimp dumplings.
Soft Shell Crab Bun $10.00
BBQ Kalbi Bun $10.00
Miso Pork Belly Bun $8.00
Asparagus Beef Roll-Ups $10.00 grilled asparagus in rube eye roll.
Pork Belly & Kimchee $9.00
Calamari Appetizer $10.00 fried baby calamari.
Tempura Appetizer $6.00 vegetable
Tempura Appetizer $9.00 shrimp & vegetable
Stuffed Mushroom $10.00 fried button mushroom, snow crab and spicy tuna.
Bacon Wrapped Shrimp $10.00 fried stuffed jalapeno with bacon, shrimp tempura and cream cheese.

Sushi Bar Appetizers

Ahi Tuna Tango $13.00 big eye tuna mixed pico de gallo and guacamole, served with crispy chips and honey wasabi sauce.
Spicy Tuna Rice Crispy $13.00 spicy tuna tartar over crispy sushi rice.
King Avo-Kani $10.00 king crab with avocado and cucumber wrap.
Scalloping Hamachi $15.00 spicy scallop, yellowtail and spicy crabmeat roll.
Sashimi Sampler $12.00 fresh. with wasabi yuzu and pico de gallo.
Soft Shell Crab Spring Roll $12.00 fried soft shell crab, big-eye tuna, avocado and spring mix wrapped with soy sheet.
Pico De Tuna Tartar $15.00 big-eye tuna, chcli pico de gallo and mango.
Tataki Salmon $11.00 grilled fresh salmon and olive garlic sauce.


House Salad $5.00 fresh mesclun greens.
Avocado Salad $7.00 fresh mesclun with avocado, ginger and honey wasabi dressing.
Wakame $6.00 seaweed salad with cucumber and ponzu sauce.
Cucumber & Calamari Salad $8.00 shredded pickle, japanese mint leaves and marinated baby calamari with mesclun and orange ginger dressing.
Spicy Tuna & Salmon Seaweed Salad $12.00 big eye tuna, salmon, spicy seaweed salad house greens and shredded pickle.


Miso Soup $2.00 miso, tofu and green onion.
Spicy Miso Soup $3.00 miso, tofu, jalapeno and green onion.
Lobster Miso Soup $6.00 lobster, miso, tofu, green onion, green mussel and scallop.

Nigiri Sushi/Sashimi

Blue Fin Tuna $11.50 – $6.00
Big Eye Tuna $5.50 – $3.00
Super White Tuna $5.50 – $3.00
Seared Albacore $5.50 – $3.00
Scottish Salmon $3.00 – $5.50
Zuke Salmon $3.50 – $6.50
Fatty Salmon $4.00 – $7.50
Smoked Salmon $3.50 – $6.50
Yellowtail $3.00 – $5.50
Fatty Yellowtail $7.50 – $4.00
Red Snapper $3.50 – $6.50
Fluke $3.50 – $6.50
Striped Sea Bass $3.00 – $5.50
Salt Water Eel $4.00 – $5.50
Fresh Water Eel $4.00 – $7.50
Sweet Egg $2.00 – $3.50
Mackerel $2.50 – $4.50
Octopus $3.00 – $5.50
Ika $2.50 – $4.50 squid.
Fresh Scallop $4.00 – $7.50
Dynamite Scallop $4.00 – $7.50
Sweet Shrimp $4.00 – $7.50
Tiger Shrimp $2.50 – $4.50
King Crab $4.00 – $7.50
Sea Urchin $4.50 – $8.50
Surf Clam $2.50 – $4.50
Spicy Mini Lobster $3.00 – $5.50
Salmon Roe $3.50 – $6.50
Jalapeno Masago $3.00 – $5.50
Citrus Tobiko $3.00 – $5.50
Black Tobiko $3.00 – $5.50
Chile Tobiko $3.00 – $5.50
Wasabi Tobiko $3.00 – $5.50
Big-Eye W/Shiitake & Serrano $4.00 – $7.50
Salmon W/Olive, Garlic & Jalapeno $4.00 – $7.50
Yellowtail W/Tindora & Habanero $4.00 – $7.50

Classic Rolls

California Roll $8.00
Spicy Tuna Roll $7.00
Soft Shell Crab Roll $9.00
Yellowtail & Scallion Roll $8.00
Tuna Roll $5.00
Tuna & Avocado Roll $9.00
Ebi & Avocado Roll $8.00
Fresh Scallop Roll $10.00
Philadelphia Roll $9.00
Spicy Salmon Roll $7.00
Shrimp Tempura Roll $7.00
Fresh Water Eel Roll $8.00
Salmon Roll $5.00
Salmon & Avocado Roll $9.00
Salmon & Shiitake Roll $8.00
Super White Tuna Roll $6.00

Vege Rolls

Vegetarian Roll $13.00 soy sheet, mesclun and assorted japanese vegetables.
Avocado & Cucumber Roll $7.00
A.C.A.C. Roll $8.00 avocado, cucumber, asparagus and carrot.
Sweet Potato & Cream Cheese Roll $8.00
Shiitake & Yellow Pickle Radish Roll $7.00
Mini Vege Roll $8.00

Agami Signature Rolls $17

Garlic Delight Signature Rolls garlic tempura crunch roll with baked spicy scallop, fresh water eel, sweet egg and savory spicy crab meat.
Agami Volcano Roll soft shell crab with our deilcious spicy tuna and snow crab, flash fried for crunchiness and served with spicy mango pico de gallo, green tea mayo and unagi sauce.
Chicago Bulls Roll a tribute to our own chicago bulls, with spicy blue crab and baked scallops, topped with grilled tiger shrimp in spicy garlic sauce, guacamole, pico de gallo, golden aioli and unagi sauce.
Tuna Gone Wild Roll big-eye tuna, super white tuna, albacore tuna over spicy tuna, topped with sliced jalapeno, ponzu and honey wasabi sauce.
Men In Black Roll black rice roll with tempura crumb, shrimp tempura, grilled freshwater eel, asparagus tempura and sweet egg, served with wasabi mayo and unagi sauce.
Under The Fire Roll super white tuna, yellowtail, spicy mini lobster, italian pepper, wasabi tobiko and ginger, topped with marainted sliced tomato, furikake and scallions.
Blue Point Roll jumbo grilled scallops over shrimp tempura and spicy blue crab, topped with lightly fried leeks and unagi sauce.
Ocean Drive Roll yellowtail, big-eye tuna, cilantro, green peppers, splash of chili oil and soy sheet.
Green Dragon Maki tiger shrimp, snow crab, freshwater eel, avocado asparagus, green tea mayo, unagi sauce and wasabi tobiko.
Sweety Hamacahi Roll delicious combination of spicy crab meat, spicy scallop, spicy shrimp and sweet egg with cilantro. topped with buttery yellowtail, served with mango salsa and a light yuzu soy sauce.

Specialty Rolls

Boston Roll $11.00 fresh salmon, avocado, cucumber and asparagus.
Tuna Island Roll $12.00 tuna, mango, asparagus, jalapeno and scallion.
California Crunch Roll $12.00 lightly fried california roll.
King Kong Roll $12.00 lightly fried spicy tuna, shrimp tempura and avocado.
Tuna Sunset Roll $14.00 big-eye tuna and fresh salmon over spicy tuna and spicy salmon.
Crunch Roll $13.00 shrimp tempura, crunch, cucumber and avocado.
Dirty Old Man Roll $15.00 mozzarella, fried salmon, cream cheese, avocado and cucumber.
Red Dragon Roll $15.00 spicy tuna,. soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber and crunch.
Red Alert Roll $14.00 spicy tuna, soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber and crunch.
Original Dragon Roll $15.00 shrimp tempura, freshwater eel, avocado and cucumber.
Salt Sun Flower Roll $15.00 super white tuna, sunflower seeds, avocado and freshwater eel.
Tiger Turtle Roll $15.00 tiger shrimp, freshwater eel, crunch and avocado.
Mini Godzilla Roll $13.00 spicy salmon and spicy octopus.
Windy Chicago Roll $15.00 seared spicy salmon, fried spicy tuna, avocado and cucumber.
Jalapeno Spicy Tuna Roll $13.00 spicy tuna, jalapeno, cucumber and crunch.

Sushi Bar Entrees

Nigiri Combo $17.00 fresh sliced of fish on hand pressed sushi rice.
Sushi Deluxe $26.00 6 pieces of nigiri with choice of any specialty roll.
Fresh-Cut Sashimi $21.00 – $30.00 chef`s choice of sliced fish fillet.
Wild Tuna Trio $19.00 assorted 2 pieces of big-eye, super white and seared albacore sashimi, with 3 pieces of nigiri.
Vegetarian Sushi $16.00 5 pieces of vegetable nigiri and 6 pieces of vege roll.
Agami Donburi $23.00
Sushi Supreme $39.00 6 pieces of nigiri sushi, 9 pieces of sashimi and choice of any signature roll.
Chirashi $25.00 chef`s special presentation of premier fish fillet on a bed of sushi rice.

Agami Signature Ramen

Lobster Sea Miso Ramen $15.00 housemade seafood, miso broth, lobster claw, half-shell scallops, green mussels and shrimp, topped with assorted vegetables and a soft boiled egg.
Tonkotsu Garlic Ramen $14.00 housemade pork and beef broth, twice-cooked pork belly, king oyster mushrooms, topped with assorted vegetables and a soft boiled egg.
Spicy Kimchee Ramen $14.00 spicy chicken broth, twice-cooked pork belly and kimchee, topped with assorted vegetables and a soft boiled egg.

Kitchen Entrees

Chicken Teriyaki $17.00 grilled chicken served with sauteed seasonal vegetables.
Salmon Teriyaki $20.00 grilled salmon and sauteed vegetables.
Shrimp Entree $21.00 grilled jumbo white shrimp, sauteed vegetable and spicy garlic sauce.
Chilean Sea Bass $26.00 grilled sea bass, seaweed salad, spicy garlic soy and sauteed vegetables.
Garlic Rub Rib-Sye Steak $23.00 homemade garlic rub marinade, spicy terikyai and sauteed vegetables.


71 Piece Maki Platter $85.00 california roll, spicy tuna roll, california crunch roll, jalapeno spicy tuna roll, philadelphia roll, salmon and avocado roll, windy chicago roll, original dragon roll and ocean drive roll.
100 Pieces Maki Platter $135.00 california roll, spicy tuna roll, california crunch roll, jalapeno spicy tuna roll, philadelphia roll, salmon and avocado roll, windy chicago roll, soft shell crab roll, men in black roll, chicago bu
Maki Special Platter $150.00 your choice of 10 signature rolls.
71 Piece Maki & Sushi Or Sashimi Platter $140.00 71 pieces maki and 16 pieces sushi or sashimi. served with edamame and gyoza.
100 Piece Maki & Sushi Or Sashimi Platter $190.00 100 pieces maki and 24 pieces of sushi or sashimi. served with spicy tuna rice crispy.
Maki Special & Sushi Or Sashimi Platter $250.00 40 pieces of sushi or sashimi, 2 order of edamame, spicy tuna rice crispy and fried calamari.


Canned Soda $1.50 drink choice: coke, diet coke, sprite.
Bottled Ice Tea $4.50 choice: black sage tea, pomegranate green tea, ginger peach decaf.
Ramune $4.00 japanese sprite.
Organic Tea $1.50 choice: gunpowder green tea, toasted rice green tea, jasmie green tea, berry black tea, black vanilla decaf tea.
Perrier $4.00
Coke $2.50 diet coke / sprite / lemonade
Cherry Coke $3.00 kiddie cocktail / milk
Juice $3.00 apple / orange / pineapple / cranberry
Sparkling Water $4.00 voss / perrier
Japanese Kiddie Soft Drink $4.00 ramune

Hot Tea

Numi Collection $7.50 certified organic flowering tea
Certified Organic Tea $2.50 gunpowder green / toasted rice green, jasmine green / berry black / basil mint
Certified Organic & Caffeine Free $2.50 indian night black vanilla

Iced Tea

;Republic Of Tea; Certified Organic $4.50 (unsweetened) blackberry sage / pomegranate, green tea / (decaf) ginger peach

Special Martini’s $12

The Midnight Hour $13.00 gin, st. germain, sauvignon blanc
Straight Up Bliss absolut citron, riesling, pineapple juice
The Pear absolut pear and asian pear juice
The Agami vodka, gin, hint of lime, aloe juice
The Ginger ginger infused vodka with lemonade
Rude Cosmo tequila twist with red cranberry
Asian Pearl Cosmo effen black cherry, white cranberry juice
Lychee Fizz vodka, lychee liqueur & juice, champagne
The Fuji vodka, sour apple mix, asian apple juice
Sake-Tini gin or vodka, house sake, and cucumber
The Pomari vodka, pomegranate liqueur, white cranberry juice
The Sonoma vodka, asian grape juice, champagne
Fliritini vodka, pineapple juice, champagne
St. Germain Cocktail st. germain, champagne, soda
Violet Fog effen black cherry, white cranberry, creme de violette
Plum Blossom half parts house sake and sweet plum wine


Rogue Morimoto Soba Ale $12.00
Kirin Light
Heineken $5.00

Pinot Noir

Kim Crawford $11.00 new zealand
Cadet D’oc $9.00 south of france. highly aromatic bouquet of red fruit and violet over a rounded, thoroughly integrated structure.


Concannon Livermore $9.00 california. medium bodied with flavors of blueberry pie.


Terrazas $9.00 argentina. fruit intensity and roundness.
Diseno $8.00 argentina

Carbenet Sauvignon

Hidden Crush Madera $11.00 california. aromas of cherry & black currant with layers cedar, spice, coconut vanilla. medium bodied.
337 Lodi $10.00 california
Cellar No.8 $9.00 california


Ravenswood $10.00 california. black fruit, smokiness and hint of mint.


Wild Horse $10.00 california. alluring aromas of citrus and honeysuckle blossom are followed by flavors of apricot and nectarine.


Simi $11.00 sonoma county
Hidden Crush Madera $11.00 california
Shannon $10.00 california

Pinot Grigio

Ruffino $9.00
Ca?Donini $7.00
Cantina Zaccagnini $9.00


Blufeld Mosel $9.00 germany
Be Radiant $8.00 california

Sauvignon Blanc

Kim Crawford $11.00 new zealand
Ferrari Carano, Fume Blanc $10.00 california
Oyster Bay $9.00 new zealand

Champagne & Sparkling

Ruffino Prosecco $9.00 italy
Nino Franco Prosecco Rustico $9.00 venito, italy
Dom Pierre $8.00 california

Plum Wine

Takara (750ml) $7.00 rich, sweet, and aromatic plum wine

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