Agave Anejo Mexican Grill

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Cuisine: Mexican.


Soda $2.00
Sobe Water $2.00
Coffee $2.00
Iced Tea $2.00 Unsweetened.
Republic of Tea $5.00


Ceviche de Scallops y Tilapia $8.95 – $11.95
Guacamole $7.95
Quesadilla Vegetarianas $8.95 Vegetable quesadilla with wheat tortilla.


Ensalada de Ceviche $8.95 Layered diced avocado, diced grilled pineapple and ceviche topped with arugula.
Spinach Arugula Salad $7.95 Spinach, arugula, red onion, bacon, candied walnuts and apple with chipotle-agave dressing.
Agave Salad $7.95 Mixed greens, roasted corn, avocado, red onions and tortilla strips with guajillo-agave dressing.
Taco Salad $11.95 Homemade tortilla bowl filled with mixed greens, tomatoes, onion, cilantro, radishes and ground beef with a cilantro dressing.

La Tierra

La Tierra
Taco Dinner $12.95 3 tacos, rice and black beans.
Vegetarian Tacos $11.95 Boston lettuce cups filled with corn, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, black beans and red and green peppers with a side of jasmine rice.
Taco de Costillas $12.95 Braised short rib tacos topped with pickled onions and sliced avocados with a side of jasmine rice.
Fajitas Agave $15.95 – $18.95 Served over a bed of onion and green and red peppers with a side of poblano rice, black beans and handmade tortillas.
Carne Asada a la Tequila $21.95 10 oz. tequila marinated grilled skirt steak, roasted chipotle potatoes and zucchini in a chipotle cream sauce.
Enchiladas $12.95 – $14.95 4 enchiladas with Chihuahua cheese, red mole sauce with a side of rice.
Costillas en Mole $17.95 Braised short ribs in a mole sauce served on a bed of rice and grilled vegetables.
Burrito $11.95 – $14.95 Onions, lettuce, cheese, jasmine rice and black beans with a side of sweet potato fries.
Flautas $11.95 4 rolled and fried tortillas stuffed with chicken, side of rice and black beans.

Del Mar

Del Mar
Tres Tacos de Pescado $12.95 – $14.95 Topped with sliced cabbage and chipotle aoli with a side of corn with diced poblanos.
Filete de Salmon $23.95 Grilled salmon topped in a tequila agave salsa with sauteed zucchini and jasmine rice.
Pina Rellena $25.95 Half a pineapple stuffed with shrimp, baby scallops, diced pineapple and mussels, topped with melted cheese.
Chile Relleno $18.95 Stuffed poblano pepper with shrimp, baby scallops, crab and mussels topped with melted cheese in a chipotle cream sauce on a bed of jasmine rice.
Brocheta de Camaron $23.95 6 large shrimp skewered with mixed vegetables with a side of roasted chipotle potatoes.
Tilapia Filet $14.95 Tilapia filet topped with a chipotle mushroom cream sauce with a side of jasmine rice and sauteed zucchini.

Grilled Whole Chicken

Grilled Whole Chicken
Grilled Whole Chicken $6.95 – $12.95 Includes side of black beans and jasmine rice.


Carne Asada Taco $2.75 Steak. Tortillas are handmade.
Pollo Taco $2.75 Chicken. Tortillas are handmade.
Carne Molido Taco $2.75 Ground beef. Tortillas are handmade.
Costillas Taco $2.75 Short ribs. Tortillas are handmade.
Fish Taco $3.75 Tortillas are handmade.


Jasmine Rice $3.00
Poblano Rice $3.00
Roasted Chipotle Potatoes $4.50
Grilled Vegetables $3.50
Black Beans $3.00

Kid’s Menu

Kid’s Menu
Kid’s Cheese Quesadilla $2.75
Kid’s Steak $3.75
Kid’s Tacos $2.75


Flan $6.00
Choco Flan $6.00
Arroz con Leche Bunuelo $7.50 Rice pudding served in a crispy cinnamon sugar tortilla bowl.

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