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Guacamole $6.95 Made to order with ripe Mexican avocados, pico de gallo and charred tomatillo-xoconostle salsa; warm stone-ground corn chips
Agave Salsas $3.50 A sampler of our house salsas: fresh tomatillo, pico de gallo, Pasilla-tequila; warm stone-ground corn chips
Ensalada Tapatia $6.50 Baby Spinach, cherry tomatoes, seared queso fresco, spiced cashews, grill roasted corn; pomegranate-agave nectar vinaigrette.
Ceviche de Salmon $9.25 Pineapple and citrus marinated Atlantic salmon, grilled pineapple, avocado and pico de gallo; served in a half baby papaya.
Ceviche Rojo $9.00 White wine-poached shrimp and bay scallops, pico de gallo, avocado and cucumber in a spicy-sweet fire-roasted tomato broth.
Flautas de Jaiba $7.25 Three crispy crab meat and potato taquitos over a bed of Michoacan slaw, lime-cilantro cream sauce.
Tlacoyos de Nopales $7.25 Blue corn cakes filled with fava beans, topped with grill-smoked cactus leaf salad and charred tomato salsa
Empanadas $6.75 Requeson, spinach and wild mushroom empanadas, Fire-roasted tomatillo salsa, red fresno pepper coulis
Sopes de Cecina $6.75 Two hand-made cupped tortillas filled with seared salt-cured beef, creamy bean sauce, salsa verde, onejo cheese.


Carne Asada $19.95 Grilled, Cilantro-garlic crusted USDA prime ribeye steak, charred tomatillo chilaquiles, warm cactus leaf and arugula salad.
Tampiquena $21.95 Grilled, Negra Modelo marinated skirt steak, creamy poblano pepper sauce, Panela cheese enmolada, refried beans, roasted sweet plantains.
Salmon Veracruzano $17.25 Grilled Atlantic salmon filet, Veracruz style tomato sauce, ranchero summer squash, white rice.
Mariscada al Mojo de Ajo $19.50 Seared, garlic crusted jumbo shrimp and diver scallops, cinnamon-kissed pasilla chile-mushroom sauce, white rice.
Chile Relleno $12.95 Fire-roasted poblano pepper stuffed with asadero cheese, grilled corn and pinto beans, then enrobed in an airy pastry; ranchera sauce, Mexican rice.
Pato en Manchamanteles $21.25 Oven roasted, Pomegranate-cured Moulard duck breast, mango manchamanteles sauce; red potato and buttenut squash mash, encebollado apples.
Enmoladas de pollo $12.95 Almond mole enchiladas filled with guajillo-simmered chicken, mexican rice.
Brochetas al Pastor $16.95 Grilled pork tenderloin, pineapple and sweet red onion brochettes with an ancho chile rub; chile de arbol sauce, frijoles charros, Mexican rice.
Comal Mary Tierra (served two) $29.95 Sauteed beef tenderloin tips and jumbo shrimp, refried beans, grilled spring onions, Mexican rice, tortillas and your choice of salsa.
Pollo Yucatan $18.50 Grilled half amish chicken rubbed with achiote and sour orange, habanerolime cured red onions; Yucateco beans, Mexican rice.


Charred Tomatillo Chilaquiles $3.00
Mexican Rice $3.00
White Rice $3.00
Refried Beans $3.00
Charro beans $3.00
Yucatan Beans $3.00
Ranchero Summer Squash $3.00
Roasted Sweet Plantains $3.00
Red Potato-Butternut Mash $3.00

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