Agora Mediterranean Kitchen

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Cuisine: Mediterranean.

Soup $4

Red Lentil Soup red lentil, onion, garlic, flavor, mint
Yogurt Soup


Add Crumbled Feta Cheese, Gorgonzola Or Grilled Goat Cheese To Any Salad $2
Shepard Salad $7.00 – $11.00 cucumbers, plum, tomatoes, parsley, onion with red wine vinaigrette
Piyaz $7.00 cannellini beans, arugula, onion, cherry tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs with red wine vinaigrette.
Greek Salad $12.00 – $7.00 lettuce, tomato, onions, cucumber, parsley, feta cheese, stuffed grape leaves, olives, elephant beans with extra-virgin olive oil
Falafel Salad $7.00 served with baby greens & pita bread
Grilled Chicken Tabouleh Salad $13.00 coarse bulgur, pomegranate, scallions, mint, parsley, green peppers & pomegranate vinaigrette
Agora Salad $13.00 iceberg lettuce, baby arugula, mint, mung beans, chick- peas, scallion, cherry tomatoes, roasted bell peppers & toasted walnuts with balsamic vinaigrette

Cold Mezes

Spicy Turkish Vegetable Dip $5.00 a mixture of minced tomatoes, peppers, onions, herbs & spice
Lentil Tartar $5.00 traditional turkish dish served over lettuce
Cacik $5.00 yogurt sauce with cucumbers, garlic & dill
Hummus $6.00 chickpea puree, garlic, sesame paste, cumin and lemon juice
Labne $6.00 filtered yogurt with walnut, garlic & dill
Roasted Whipped Eggplant $6.00 grilled eggplant mashed with peppers, garlic & lemon juice
Fried Eggplant $6.00 with fresh tomato and garlic sauce
Sauteed Fresh Artichoke $9.00 whole artichoke with lima beans and olive oil dressing
Fresh Leeks $7.00 served with rice, carrots and olive oil
Pilaki $7.00 white beans with potatoes & carrots in olive oil
Fresh Green Beans $7.00 cooked with white onions and carrots in olive oil
Homemade Stuffed Grape Leaves $7.00
Mediterranean Cheese Platter $10.00

Hot Mezes

Falafel $9.00 pan-fried pureed chickpea patties with hummus & baby greens
Kasseri Pastry filled with turkish pastrami, cheese & peppers
Crispy Phyllo Rolls $8.00 filled with turkish feta cheese and fresh parsley
Fried Zucchini Croquettes $7.00
Fried Calf’s Liver $8.00 served with red onions and parsley
Fried Calamari $9.00 served with turkish-pinenut tartar sauce
Chef’s Meze Sampler $21.00 a tasting plate of our various mezes

Sandwiches And Wraps

Side Choices: Hand Cut Fries Or A Side Salad. Sandwiches And Wraps Are Only Available For Lunch Or Take-Out Orders
Agora’s Turkish Tacos $10.00 your choice of chicken or lamb ?adana? rolled in lavaj
Turkish Meatball Sandwich $9.00 topped with turkish pickle and piyaz
Doner Sandwich $8.00 served with pickle, lettuce, tomato, onion rolled in lavaj
Falafel Sandwich $7.00 served with hummus and greens

From The Grill

Side Choices: Pilaf, Bulgur Pilaf, Hand-Cut Fries Or Mixed Greens
"Adana" $17.00 agora?s signature fresh lamb; hand ground daily and marinated with herbs and 17 spices
Agora Special $17.00 choice of chicken or meat ?adana? topped with tomato sauce & melted 17 cheese wrapped in lavaj served with yogurt & mint dip
Marinated Lamb Brochette $19.00 tender cubes of marinated lamb grilled
Doner Kebap $15.00 roasted meat served thinly sliced
Iskender Kebap $16.00 doner kebap served over pita topped with yogurt & tomato sauce
Turkish Meatballs $15.00 grilled meatballs with herbs & spices
Mix Grill Platter $32.00 combination of meats served as a generous individual order
Chicken Brochette $16.00 marinated cubes of chicken
Chicken "Adana" $16.00 hand ground chicken with peppers, herbs & spices
Grilled Bronzini $24.00 mediterranean sea bass served as whole fish with green salad
Grilled Salmon $19.00 served with green salad

Side Orders

Hand Cut Fries $4.00
Bulgur Pilav $4.00
Rice $4.00
Mixed Greens $4.00
Extra Bread $2.00


Corona $5.00
Heineken $5.00
Budweiser $4.00
Yuengling $4.00
Efes $4.00
Buckler $5.00 non-alcoholic
Amstel Light $5.00
Heineken Light $5.00
Bud Light $4.00
Corona Light $5.00


Pinot Noir $7.00 villa san giovanni, italy
Malbec Mairena $8.00 argentina
Merlot $8.00 corvina, italy
Chianti Classic $9.00 casalvento, italy
Cabernet $8.00 corvina, italy


Riesling Chateau St Michlle $7.00 washington
Pinot Grigio $7.00 villa marin
Chardonnay $7.00 gran sasso italy
Sauvignon Blanc $8.00 joel gott california
Rose Casalvento $7.00 italy

Champagne & Sparkling

Prosecco Cipriani $9.00 italy

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