Agua 301

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Cuisine: Mexican.

Soups & Salads

Sopa De Calabasa $6.00 roasted butternut squash soup, pepitas, mushrooms, goat cheese maple crema
Chicken Tortilla Soup $8.00 shredded chicken, avocado, pico de gallo, chile rajas, guajillo tomato broth
Cesar Salad Al A Parilla $7.00 grilled romaine, maseca croutons, parmesan, anchovies, chipotle cesar dressing
Enselada De Calle $7.00 like you?d find on the streets of mexico city, jicama, green mango, chayote, cucumber, watermelon, red onion, chile piquen


Guacamole Traditional $10.00 avocado, lime, serrano, tomato
Guacamole De Jaiba $12.00 jumbo lump crab and fresh corn
Guacamole De La Dia $11.00 fresh guacamole of the day


Ceviche Pescado Blanco $10.00 fresh white fish of the day, onion, cilantro, lime
Coctel De Camarones $12.00 shrimp, horseradish infused tomato water, pico de gallo, cucumber, radish


Fried Pork Chicharrones $5.00 avocado & tomatilla salsa, chile piquen
Queso Fundido $10.00 melted cheese, roasted chiles, caramelized onions
Queso Fundido $1.00 add housemade chorizo
Empanada De Veduras Del Mercado $7.00 market vegetables, roasted tomato, butternut squash & guajillo chile puree, pickled corn salsa, cotija cheese
Empanada De Jaiba $12.00 jumbo lump crabmeat, fresh corn, truffle oil, cream cheese, pico de gallo
Beef Barbacoa Flautas $9.00 like a philly cheesesteak, shredded braised beef, caramelized onions, roasted poblano rajas, shiitake mushrooms, queso fundido
Wild Mushroom Huarache $9.00 roasted mushrooms, three cheeses, truffled corn salsa, huitalacoche, scallions
Carnitas Sopes $7.00 black bean puree, pickled red onion, avocado, pineapple chutney
Atun Crudo Tostadas $11.00 ahi tuna, avocado, radish, salmon roe, vegetable curtido
Tostadas Ceviche De Nopales $7.00 pickled cactus & vegetables, pureed beans, cotija cheese, avocado, fried shallots
Oistres Parilla La Playa $9.00 like you find at the beach, grilled local oysters, chile butter, housemade chorizo, parmesan breadcrumbs


Carnitas Taco $7.00 shredded pork, orange, pickled red onion, habanero salsa
Pork Belly Al Pastor $7.00 crispy fried pork belly, pineapple habanero salsa, al pastor aioli, salsa de arbol
Beef Barbacoa $7.00 shredded beef, caramelized onions, chile gravy, chopped onion & cilantro, salsa de arbol
Carne Asada Con Kimchi $8.00 grilled marinated skirt steak, housemade kimchi, cotija, citrus aioli
Baja Fish $7.00 crispy battered white fish, chipotle crema, shredded cabbage, pico de gallo
Hongos $8.00 sauteed shiitake mushrooms, squash, onions, chiles, goat cheese, pickled corn relish
Chicken Tinga $7.00 shredded chicken, cotija, onion, guajillo chile sauce


Pan Seared Mahi-Mahi $18.00 butternut squash, bacon, sweet potato hash, cumin scented orange agave butter
Red Snapper Con Almejas $21.00 pan seared red snapper, clams, fingerling potatoes, roasted tomatoes, housemade chorizo, epazote guajillo broth
Adobo Roasted Chicken $16.00 mexican spice brined chicken, sauteed greens, black beans, adobe bbq sauce
Pork Belly Al Pastor $17.00 pineapple habenero chutney, achiote sauce, pozole verde, black beans
Short Rib Mole Chichilo $17.00 the 7th mole, braised short ribs, chichilo mole, creamy nixtal, winter vegetables, lime crema
Bistec Al Parilla $23.00 10oz top sirloin, caramelized onion, tomato salsita, street corn casserole, yucca fries, chimichurri sauce
Crepas Vegetales $15.00 winter squash, sauteed mushrooms & onions, huitalacoche, requeson & cotija cheese

Side Dishes $5

Yucca Fritas chimichurri, garlic lime aioli
Drunken Pinto Beans
Black Beans
Roasted Wild Mushrooms with epazote
Sauteed Greens Del Momente pine nuts, raisins, onions
White Rice
Red Annatto Rice
Street Corn Casserole

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