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Up to date Ahh Sushi prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.


Aged Tofu $5.79 Japanese style fried tofu. Comes with 7-8 pieces of of tofu saoked in out Ponzu sauce and topped with a sprinkle of green onion
Baked Mussels (5) $8.95 Mussels baked in spicy mayo and massago
Hamachi Kama $11.95 Baked yellow tail topped with Ahh’s special seasoning
Gyoza (8) $7.25 Japanese chicken potsticker
Edamame $5.95
Egg Roll (1) $1.29 Mixed veggies and ground beef
Shrimp Tempura $8.95 (3) Shrimp, Zucchini, sweet potato, onion, mushroom, broccoli
Vegetable Tempura $6.99 (2) Zucchini, sweet potato, onion, mushroom and broccoli


Sashimi Salad $17.95 Chef’s choice of fish on top of fresh green
Seaweed Salad $6.95
Squid Salad $7.99
House Salad $3.00


Grilled Red Snapper $18.95
Grilled New York Strip $18.95
Hibachi Golden Shrimp $15.95
Teriyaki Chicken $7.25
Hibachi Scallops $18.95
Grilled Salmon $18.95
Teriyaki Chicken & Shrimp $17.95
Shrimp Curry $10.25 with a side of vegetables and steamed rice
Lobster & Shrimp $29.95
Lobster & Scallops $29.95
Chicken Curry $10.25 Comes with White Rice
Seared Tuna $14.95 Tuna seared over an open flame; topped with Ahh’s special seasoning. Comes with a side of Ponzu sauce
Sirachi Bowl $16.50 Half salad and half rice in a bowl. Topped with seaweed and squid salad, also tuna, salmon, white fish, albacore, and whit tuna. (Fish may vary based on chefs choice)
Hamachi Kama $11.95 Comes with White or Fried Rice


Tuna & Salmon Combo $11.95 A full tuna roll & full salmon roll
California & Spicy Tuna Combo $11.95 A full California roll and spicy tuna roll
911 Roll $15.50 Chopped tuna and massago w/spicy sauce on top of a California roll
California Roll $6.50 Cucumber, avocado and crab
Albacore Delight Roll (Spicy) $14.50 Albacore, crab, avocado topped w/sweet ‘spicy sauce
All Out Roll $17.50 Red Snapper, salmon, tuna and avocado
All Salmon Roll $14.25 California roll topped w/salmon and avocado, topped w/ponsu sauce
All In Roll $17.25 Spider Roll topped w/eel and avocado w/eel sauce
Avocado Roll $5.50
Baked Dynamite Roll (Spicy) $14.25 Crab meat and scallop baked, with spicy mayo on top of California roll
Calamari Roll $9.99
Caterpillar Roll $13.50 Eel roll and crab topped w/avocado and eel sauce
California Crisp Roll $14.50
Cucumber Roll $5.50
Cucumber Salad Roll (Spicy) $13.50 Squid salad, seaweed salad and crab w/hot sauce
Crunchy Roll $9.99 Shrimp tempura topped w/eel sauce
Eel Roll $7.95
Golden California Roll $14.50 California roll base, deep fried. With salmon on top and eel sauce
Pink Roll $15.50 Shrimp tempura w/cream cheese on top w/eel sauce
Rainbow Roll $15.50 California roll w/assorted sashimi
Red Devil (Spicy) $16.50 Shrimp tempura roll topped w/cream cheese and crab w/spicy mayo
Red Scallop Roll (Spicy) $17.50 Spicy scallop and crab topped w/spicy tuna and sweet n spicy sauce
Smoking Roll $15.50 Shrimp tempura w/smoked salmon and cream cheese
Red Dragon Combo (Spicy) $16.50 crab, cucumber eel; topped with spicy tuna. Also includes (4) nigiri pieces wich are tuna, salmon, white fish, and ebi shrimp
Salmon Roll $7.95
Scallop Roll $7.95
Santa Fe Roll (Spicy) $14.50 Shrimp tempura, green chile and cream cheese topped w/spicy may and eel sauce
Sexy Tuna Roll $15.50 spicy tuna and crab, avocado w/ginger sauce – deep fried
Sexy Back Roll $17.50 spicy tuna and crab, avocado w/ginger sauce (not deep fried)
Spider Roll $11.95 Soft shell crab on top a California roll w/eel sauce
Shrimp Caterpillar Roll (Spicy) $13.95 Chopped shrimp, spicy crab and cucumber wrapped w/avocado, w/spicy mayo and hot sauce
Spicy Tuna Roll $9.99
Spicy Tuna Hand Roll $7.95
Spicy Yellowtail Roll $8.95
Sushi Taco $6.50
Dragon Roll $15.25 California roll w/eel and avocado
Fish N Roll $17.50 Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, crabmeat and albacore wrapped in a cucumber w/citrus ponzu sauce (no rice)
Green Salmon $14.50 Salmon, seaweed salad and crab wrapped in a cucumber skin
Green Chile Roll $4.50 SPICY. Deep fried chile in a roll
Hot Night Roll (Spicy) $15.95 Shrimp tempura roll, w/spicy tuna and sweet n spicy sauce
Ichi Roll $15.50 Shrimp tempura roll topped w/shrimp and avocado w/sweet mayo
L.A. Philadelphia Roll $13.25 California roll w/cream cheese and salmon
Lobster Roll $21.95
Fried Philadelphia Roll $10.95
Monkey Roll (Spicy) $14.50 Salmon, cream cheese and spicy tuna fried and topped w/eel sauce
New Mexico Roll (Spicy) $9.99 California roll w/green chile and sweet n spicy mayo
New Orleans Roll $15.95 Crawfish and crab
Philly Roll $13.25 Smoked salmon, Cucumber and cream cheese. Topped with soy paper
Tiger Fire (Spicy) $17.95 Shrimp tempura roll, topped w/tuna and salmon w/sweet n spicy sauce
The Golden Pink (Spicy) $16.50 Shrimp tempura roll w/yellowtail salmon and lemon w/sweet n spicy sauce
The Burrito $15.50 Crawfish, crab, cheese and avocado wrapped in egg roll skin then fried golden w/eel sauce
Tuna Roll $8.95
Tuna Tempura Roll $8.95 Deep fried tuna w/cucumber
Tiger Woods Roll $16.50 SPICY. crab, cucumber, shrimp tempura and green chile tempura. Topped with white tuna and Thai Chilis. Sauced with teriyaki, Ponzu, and spicy oil
Yellowtail Roll $6.95
Tarantula Roll $15.25 Spider roll topped w/avocado and eel sauce
Twin Mountain (Spicy) $17.95 Chopped assorted fish on top of a California roll w/spicy sauce
Ahh! Dream Roll (Spicy) $15.50 Shrimp tempura w/green chili topped w/eel and sweet n spicy sauce
Vegetable Tempura Roll $7.95
White Tiger Roll $17.95


Ahh Boat $31.50
Himachi Yellowtail Sashimi $14.50
Maguro Tuna Sashimi $14.50
Sake Salmon Sashimi $14.50
Shiro Magoro Albacore Sashimi $14.25
Tako Octopus Sashimi $13.95
Tuna Tataki Sashimi $14.25
25 piece Variety $31.50
12 Piece Variety $21.95
White Tuna Sashimi $15.50


California Combo $12.95 A Full california roll with 4 pieces of Nigiri. (tuna, salmon, white fish & shrimp)
Ebi Shrimp $4.50 2 Piece sweet Ebi Shrimp
Hamachi Yellowtail Nigiri $6.50
Hokkigai Surf Clam Nigiri $6.25
White Tuna Nigiri $6.50
Ika Squid Nigiri $4.95
Ikura Salmon Roe Nigiri $6.25
Kani Crab Nigiri $4.95
Maguro Tuna Nigiri $6.95
Unagi Fresh Water Eel Nigiri $6.50
Sake Salmon Nigiri $5.95
Shiro Magoro Albacore Nigiri $5.95
Tai Red Snapper Nigiri $6.50
Tako Octopus Nigiri $6.50

Teppan Grill

Teppan Grill
Teppan Teriyaki Steak $18.95 Comes with White or Fried Rice
Teppan Teriyaki Steak & Shrimp $21.95 Comes with White or Fried Rice
Teppan Yaki Steak $18.95 Comes with White or Fried Rice
Teppan Hibachi Scallops $18.95 Comes with White or Fried Rice
Teppan Hibachi Golden Shrimp $15.95 Comes with White or Fried Rice
Teppan Lobster $21.95 Comes with White or Fried Rice
Teppan Yaki Chicken $7.25 Comes with White or Fried Rice
Teppan Teriyaki Chicken $7.25 Comes with White or Fried Rice
Teppan Teriyaki Chicken & Shrimp $17.95 Comes with White or Fried Rice
Teppan Shrimp and Lobster $29.95 Comes with White or Fried Rice
Teppan Grilled Red Snapper $18.95 Comes with White or Fried Rice
Teppan Grilled Salmon $18.95 Comes with White or Fried Rice


Miso Soup $2.00
Rice $2.00
Fried Rice $3.95


Misc. Item Please specify in the notes.


Coke (12 oz Can) $0.99
Sprite (12 oz) $0.99
Diet Coke (12 oz) $0.99
Dr Pepper (12 oz) $0.99
Bottle Water $1.49
Dr Pepper (6 Pack) $4.99
Coca Cola (6 Pack) $4.99
Diet Coke (6 Pack) $4.99
Sprite (6 Pack) $4.99
6 Pack of Water $6.99
Gallon of Sweet Tea $6.99
Gallon of Unsweet Tea $6.99
Beverage Service ($.75 Per Person) $0.75
Gallon of Juice $9.99
Bag of Ice $3.99

Place Settings And Utensils

Place Settings And Utensil
Utensil Pack $0.20
Plates $0.10
Serving Spoon $0.99
Serving Tongs $0.99
Disposable Tablecloth $3.99
Chaffing Dish (Rental) $5.00
Sterno $1.00 2 Sterno per Chaffing Dish is recommended
Cups $0.10
Utensils/Plates/Serving Utensil Party Pack $5.00


Misc Item
Misc Discount

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