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Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi, Asian.

Small Plates

Ahn’s Seafood Salad $8.95 An assorted of raw fish chopped and marinated with chef’s special sauce.
Hiyayako $3.50 Organic cold tofu, bonito flakes, scallions and ginger.
Edamame $3.50 Boiled lightly salted soy beans.
Wakame Salad $4.95 Seaweed salad.
Gomae $4.95 Steamed spinach with toasted sesame.
Ohitashi $4.95 Steamed spinach with light soy sauce.
Yakitori $5.00 Two pieces of skewered grilled chicken with scallions.
Agedashi Tofu $5.95 Fried tofu with bonito flakes and scallions in a tempura sauce.
Gyoza $6.95 Homemade vegetable pot stickers.
Chicken Teriyaki $7.95 Grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce.
Beef Teriyaki $9.95 Grilled beef with teriyaki sauce.
Chicken Karaage $6.95 Japanese style fried chicken.
Saba Shioyaki $8.95 Grilled mackerel.
Tempura $9.95 Battered deep fried shrimp and vegetables.
Iidako $8.95 Deep fried baby octopus.
Tonkatsu $8.95 Fried pork cutlet.
Tako Wakame-Su $8.95 Wakame-su with octopus.
Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab $7.95 Served with soy vinaigrette.
Ika Maruyaki $10.50 Grilled whole squid.
Salmon Teriyaki $10.95 Grilled salmon with teriyaki sauce.
Goon Mandu $7.95 Pan-fried meat and dumplings.
Spicy Garlic Chicken Wings $8.95
Hamachi Kama $12.95 Grilled yellowtail cheek.
Fried Curry Chicken Spring Rolls $7.95 Three pieces with minced chicken and cabbage.
Spam Musubi $3.00
Spam Musubi with Egg $4.00
Korean Taco $3.00 Your choice of meat with kimchee coleslaw, fried onion, cilantro and spicy mayo.
Korean Burrito $7.95 Kimchee fried rice, cabbage, cheese, lettuce, your choice of meat and Korean spicy sauce.

BBQ Charcoal

Kal Bi $18.95 Marinated short ribs in house special sauce. Served with rice.
Bulgogi $18.95 Marinated and broiled sliced rib eye. Served with rice.
Daeji Bulgoki $16.95 Barbecued pork in spicy pork. Served with rice.

Rice Plates and Hot Stoneware

Dolsot Bibimbab $12.95 Mixed vegetables with beef, rice and egg.
Seafood Bibimbab $14.95 Mixed vegetables with seafood, rice and egg.
Vegetable Bibimbab $11.95 Mixed vegetables, rice and egg.
Bokumbab $12.95 Fried rice with kimchee, egg and your choice of meat.
Kimchee Bokumbab $9.95 Kimchee fried rice.

Noodles and Rice Cakes

Dok Bok Ki $9.95 Sauteed rice cake with fish cake and spicy sauce.
Ramen Dok Bok Ki $9.95 Sauteed rice cake, ramen and fish cake with spicy sauce.
Jabchae Bokum $12.95 Clear yam noodles with beef and vegetables.

Pan Fried Pancake

Haemul Pajeon $9.95 Korean style large pancake with green onion and seafood.

Veggie Rolls

Sweet Potato Roll $4.95 Sweet potato tempura.
Veggie Caterpillar Roll $8.95 Shiitake mushrooms and cucumber, topped with avocado.
Veggie Swamp Roll $8.95 Cucumber and avocado, topped with seaweed salad.
Veggie Temp Roll $8.95 Potatoes, zucchini, green beans and carrots, wrapped with soybean paper.


Maguro Sashimi $10.95 Five pieces.
Albacore Sashimi $9.95 Five pieces.
Sake Sashimi $9.95 Five pieces.
Tai Sashimi $10.95 Five pieces.
Saba Sashimi $8.95 Five pieces.
Walu Sashimi $10.95 Five pieces.
Hamachi Sashimii $11.95 Five pieces.
Amaebi Sashimi $19.95 Five pieces.
Assorted Sashimi $29.95 – $56.95


Tamago $3.50 Egg. Two pieces.
Inari $3.50 Sweet bean curd wrap. Two pieces.
Saba $4.00 Mackerel. Two pieces.
Ika $4.00 Squid. Two pieces.
Ebi $4.00 Cooked shrimp. Two pieces.
Shirmaguro $4.25 Albacore and white tuna. Two pieces.
Tobiko $4.50 Flying fish roe. Two pieces.
Tako $4.25 Octopus. Two pieces.
Albacore $4.95 White tuna. Two pieces.
Sake $5.00 Salmon. Two pieces.
Unagi $5.00 BBQ eel. Two pieces.
Kihadamaguro $5.50 Yellow fin red tuna. Two pieces.
Hotate $6.00 Scallop. Two pieces.
Hamachi $6.00 Yellowtail. Two pieces.
Amaebi $7.00 Sweet shrimp. Two pieces.
Albacore Toro $7.95 Fatty white tuna. Two pieces.


Philadelphia Roll $6.95 Smoked sake and cream cheese.
Dragon Roll $12.95 Shrimp tempura and cucumber, topped with unagi and avocado.
Caterpillar Roll $10.95 Unagi and cucumber, topped with avocado.
Rainbow Roll $12.95 Shrimp tempura and cucumber, topped with assorted fish.
Salmon Skin Roll $6.95 Crunchy sake skin with mixed vegetables.
Spider Roll $9.95 Deep fried soft shell crab, mixed vegetables and scallions.
Spicy Scallop Roll $7.95 Marinated scallop in spicy sauce.
California Roll $4.95 Crab and avocado.
Spicy Tuna Roll $5.95 Marinated tuna in spicy sauce.
Tekka Roll $5.95 Red tuna.
Negihama Roll $5.95 Yellowtail and scallions.
49er Roll $11.95 Shiso, avocado and tobiko, topped with sake and lemon.
Rock’n Roll $6.95 Unagi and avocado.

Specialty Rolls

Sushi Pizza Roll $10.95 Baked crab and avocado topped with fresh sake and cheese.
Ninja Roll $11.95 Deep fried shrimp, jalapeno, cucumber and peanut butter topped with flying fish roe.
Hawaii Roll $11.95 Fresh tuna with mango and crushed macadamia nuts.
Spice Girl Roll $13.95 Deep fried albacore tuna, jalapenos, shiso leaf and wasabi topped with seared eel, spicy mayo and teriyaki sauce.
Tuna Tango Roll $13.95 Ahi tuna, cucumber and fresh mango wrapped with soy paper, flash-fried and served with spicy garlic sauce.
My Way Roll $14.95 Fresh salmon, maguro, albacore tuna and snow crab with avocado and sprouts wrapped with thinly sliced cucumber.
Summer Roll $13.95 Mango, avocado and Fuji apple topped with tuna and macadamia nuts.
San Francisco Roll $14.95 Chopped spicy albacore tuna with cucumber, topped with fresh hamachi, jalapenos and spicy ponzu sauce.
Fire Crackers Roll $13.95 Deep fried shrimp tempura, avocado, spicy aioli with seared albacore tuna, spicy garlic sauce and scallions.
Oishi Roll $11.95 Spicy tuna, asparagus, cilantro, limed onion, sesame seeds and mango chili.
Just Tuna Roll $12.95 Spicy tuna and cucumber roll covered with albacore.
Dynamite Roll $7.95 Deep fried assorted fish roll.
Four Seasons Roll $9.95 Eel and avocado roll with imitation crab, topped with tuna and avocado.
Plum Flower Roll $9.95 Eel and avocado roll, topped with spicy imitation crab.
Lion King Roll $9.95 Imitation crab and avocado roll, topped with salmon and a special sauce.
Lover’s Roll $9.95 Spicy tuna roll, topped with albacore and tobiko.
Spicy Walu Roll $8.95 Walu (butter fish), avocado, radish sprout and spicy mayo sauce.
Jamison Roll $8.95 Tuna and mango inside, tobiko outside.
Grey Goose Roll $7.95 Spicy scallops, mango and cucumber inside, tobiko outside.
Heineken Roll $9.95 Eel and cucumber inside, tobiko outside.
Crunchy Roll $9.95 Shrimp tempura, eel, avocado and cucumber inside, tobiko outside.
Teddy Bear Roll $9.95 Cream cheese and cucumber inside, eel outside.
Barbie Roll $8.95 Crab and avocado inside, salmon and lemon outside.
Hello Kitty Roll $8.95 Mango, cucumber and tobiko inside, albacore outside.
Hennessy Roll $8.95 Cucumber, real crab meat, unagi and tobiko wrapped with sliced cucumber, topped with house sauce.
VIP Roll $7.95 Tuna, hamachi, salmon, avocado and vegetables.
Giants Roll $9.95 Unagi and gobo topped with smoked sake.
Crown Royal Roll $6.95 Hamachi, scallions, avocado and tobiko.


Ahn’s Sushi Combo $15.95 Seven pieces of nigiri, four pieces of sashimi and spicy tuna roll. Served with soup and salad.
Chirashi Combo $15.95 Assorted fresh raw fish over sushi rice. Served with soup and salad.
Tekka Don Combo $15.95 Sliced fresh raw tuna over rice. Served with soup and salad.

Udon and Ramen

Tori Noodle $9.95 Your choice of noodle in broth with chicken.
Vegetable Noodle $9.95 Your choice of noodle in broth with assorted vegetables.
Mix Tempura Noodle $10.95 Your choice of noodle in broth with mixed tempura.
Beef Noodle $9.95 Your choice of noodle in broth with beef.
Nabeyaki Noodle $12.95 Your choice of noodle in broth with shrimp tempura, grilled chicken, squid and eggs.

Bento Dinner Box (Served 5 PM – Midnight)

2 Item Bento Dinner Box $12.95 Served with soup and salad.
3 Item Bento Dinner Box $14.95 Served with soup and salad.


Rice $2.00
Salad $2.00
Miso Soup $2.00
Kimchee $2.00

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