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Cuisine: African.

Lunch Entrees $7.00

L01. Thiebu Djeun (djoilof Rice) fish stewed in a richly tomato sauce with eggplant, carrots, cassava, & white cabbage. it’s served over exotic rice with or without tomato senegalese daily meal
L02. Chicken Yassa sauteed chicken marinated in lemon & onions, served with white rice
L03. Fish Yassa sauteed fish marinated in lemon & onion. served with rice
L04. Lamb Meat (peanut Butter Stew) lamb marinated & cooked with vegetables in a creamy rich peanut sauce. served with white rice
L05. Suppa Kandija (okra Sauce) mixed lamb fish in a golden palm oil sauce flavored with chopped okra, served with white rice
L06. Thu Yap lamb with fresh vegetables prepared in season curry sauce. served with white rice
L07. Thu Djen fish stewed in a tasty tomato sauce with fresh vegetable & onion. served with white rice


D01. Thiakry $3.00 fine couscous mixed sour cream, pure vanilla extract, topped with fruits
D02. Pastels $2.00 chicken, beef, or fish patties

Dinner Entrees

D01. Debe $10.00 grilled lamb with salad, tomato, eggs & onions
D02. Sishkebab $8.00 grilled beef or chicken chops, served with morocan couscous or salad, tomato, eggs & onions
D03. Grilled Chicken $9.00 grilled chicken served with french fries or salad, tomato, eggs & onions
D04. Fried Fish (poisson Frit) Grilled Fish (poisson Grillee) $9.00 fried fish or grilled fish with salad or sweet fried plantain ;aioko; in mustard sauce
D05. Thiebu Yap Pr Thiebu Guinaar $7.00 lamb or chicken with rice & stewed vegetables with or without tomato white sauce
D06. Dakhine $7.00 lamb stewed in tasty & rich peanut sauce with onions and beans
D07. Mechoui $10.00 grilled lamb leg grilled leg of lamb
D08. Touffe $8.00 chicken with onions served w/ side order
D09. Oxtail Touffe $8.00 sauteed, seasoned beef with onions, served with white rice or couscous
D10. Tiere $8.00 rich tomato sauce w/ meat & vegetables served w/ senegalese couscous
D10. Attieke Poisson $10.00
D11. Attieke Poulet $10.00
D12. Attieke Debe $10.00
D13. Steak $10.00 grilled beef served with a side order
D14. Petit Pois $8.00 beans cooked with meat or chicken in a rich onions sauce
D15. Shawarma Sandwich $3.00
D16. Soup $7.00 cowfoot with vegetables


B01. Bissap Juice $2.00
B02. Ginger (homemade) $2.00
B03. Soda $1.00
B04. Spring Water $1.00

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