Aint B’s Cafe

Up to date Aint B’s Cafe prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Coffee, Bakery & Pastries.

Cafe – Texas Sandwich

(2) Eggs w/ cheese choice of ham.
Bacon Sausage $4.75
Belgian Waffle $3.50
2 Piece Texas French Toast $2.75
Egg Biscuit $1.75
Tenderloin Biscuit $2.75
Chicken Biscuit $2.25
Sausage Biscuit $2.25
Bacon Biscuit $2.25
Ham Biscuit $2.25
Country Ham Biscuit $2.75
1 Egg $1.25
2 Eggs $1.50
Grits $1.50
Home Fries $2.00
1 Biscuit Gravy $2.25
1 Biscuit sausage gravy $3.25
2 Biscuit Gravy $3.25
2 Biscuit sausage gravy $4.25
2 Large Sausage Patties $1.95 3 Apple wood (thick) smoked.
Bacon $2.25
Oatmeal $2.50
Bagel W/ Cream Cheese $1.95
Biscuit or Toast $1.10 Choice of white, whole wheat or rye.

Cafe – Omelets

All omelets are made with 3 jumbo eggs. Add .75 per extra ingredient.
Plain Omelet $3.50
Western $6.75 Bell, ham, onion, cheese.
Denver $6.75 Bell, onion, bacon, ham, cheese.
Mexican $6.75 Picante mexican white cheese, topped with chili, sprinkled w/chives.
Mayor Marsha $6.75 Onion, bell, mushroom, spinach, yellow squash, zucchini.
Ham and Cheese $6.75
Spanish $6.75 Potatoes, onion, garlic.
Florentine $6.75 Spinach, bacon, feta, swiss, american.
Cowboy Up $6.75 Sausage, onion, bell, mushroom, cheese.
Country $6.75 Potatoes, sausage, mushroom, onions topped w/ gravy.
Cheesey $6.75 White american, cheddar, feta cheese.
Chef’s Special $6.75 Potatoes, picante, onion, peppers, cheese.
Lucky 13 $13.00 5 eggs, potatoes, onion, bell, mushrooms, bacon, sausage, ham, yellow squash, zucchini, feta cheese, white american cheese, cheddar cheese.
Chorizo $6.75 Chorizo, sweet banana peppers, onion, cilantro, cheese, sour cream.
Drinks $1.50

Cafe – Pancakes

Triple Stack $3.75
Almond Amaretto
Butter Pecan
Chocolate Chip
Cinnamon Raisin
Cinnamon Roll
Flax Maple Pecan Crunch
Lebkuchen (German Gingerbread)
Maple Orange.
Peanut Butter
Pumpkin Spice
Raisin Date, Almond Crunch
Red Raspberry
Vanilla Almond Crunch
White Chocolate

Cafe – Bob?s Special

Bob?s Special $5.45 Biscuit cut in half, add 2 sausage gravy and topped w/ 2 eggs.

Pie’s Galore

Almond Macaroon Cherry Pie
Almond Topped Pear Pie
Amaretto Peach Pie
Amaretto Topped Fresh Pineapple
Ambrosia Rice Pie
Apple Chess Pie
Apple Cider Pie
Apple Cinnamon Pecan Pie
Apple Crumb Pie
Apple Custard Pie
Apple Mosaic Pie
Apple Orange Pie
Apple Pecan Crumble Pie
Apple Pecan Pie
Apple Pecan Cheese Pie
Apple Pie
Apple Pie W/ Cheese Crumble Topping
Apple Pie W/ Rum Sauce
Apple Praline Pie
Apple Raspberry Pie
Apple Streusel Cream Pie
Apple Streusel Pie
Apple Walnut Upside Down Pie
Apple Berry Crumble Pie
Apple Butterscotch Pie
Apple Cheddar Streusel Pie
Apple Cranberry Pie
Apple Cream Pie
Apple Rhubarb Pie
Apples & Cream Streusel Cobbler
Applesauce Custard and Cake Pie
Apple Scotch Mac Pie
Apricot Pie
Baby Ruth Pie
Banana Black Bottom Pie
Banana Blueberry Pudding Pie
Banana Cream Pie
Banana Split Frozen Cream Pie
Banana Split Strawberry Pie
Berries Pie
Berry Black Bottom Pie
Bishop Pie
Black Bottom Mocha Ice Cream Pie
Black Forest Pie
Blackberry Pie
Blackberry Tapioca Pie
Blueberries ‘N Cream Pie
Blueberry Cookie Pie
Blueberry Cream Pies
Blueberry Pie
Blueberry, Cherry, Apple Pie
Brandied Pumpkin Pie
Brown Sugar Pie
Brownie Fudge Nut Pie
Brownie Ice Cream Pie W/ Caramel Sauce
Butterfinger Candy Bar Pie
Buttermilk Pecan Pie
Buttermilk Pie
Buttermilk Pumpkin Pie
Butterscotch Ice Cream Pie
Butterscotch Pecan Pie
Candied Apple Pie
Candied Kumquat Key Lime Pie
Candied Walnut-topped Pumpkin Pie
Candy Bar Pie
Cantaloupe Pie
Caramel Apple Cheese Pie
Caramel Apple Pie
Caramel Apple Pie With Crumb Crust
Caramel Pecan Pie
Caramel Pie
Caramel Cream Pumpkin Pie
Caribbean Fudge Pie
Cheddar Pear Pie
Cheese Crumble Apple Pie Cheesecake pie.
Cheesy Sweet Potato Pie
Cherry Berry Pie
Cherry Cream Cheese Pie
Cherry Crunch Pie
Cherry Icebox Pies
Cherry Pie
Cherry Lemon Cream Cheese Pie
Cherry Orange Cream Cheese Pie
Cherry Topped Cream Cheese Pie
Chess Pie
Chilled Strawberry Pie
Chocolate Banana Cream Pie
Chocolate Caramel Pecan Pie
Chocolate Chiffon Pie
Chocolate Chip Pie
Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie
Chocolate Chunk Pecan Pie
Chocolate Coconut Macadamia Pie
Chocolate Coconut Pecan Pie
Chocolate Covered Cherry Pie
Chocolate Cranberry Nut Pie
Chocolate Cream Cheese Pie
Chocolate Crunch Ice Cream Pie
Chocolate Custard Pie
Chocolate Meringue Pie
Chocolate Mousse Malt Ball Pie
Chocolate Mousse Pie
Chocolate Mudslide Pie
Chocolate Nut Pie
Chocolate Peanut Butter Mud Pie
Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie
Chocolate Pecan Bourbon Pie
Chocolate Pecan Pie
Chocolate Pie
Chocolate Pudding And Cherry Pie
Chocolate Satin Pie
Chocolate Silk Cheese Pie
Chocolate Sweet Pie
Chocolate Truffle Pie
Chocolate Turtle Brownie Pie
Chocolate Tuxedo Pie W/ Pecan Crust
Chocolate Velvet Pie
Chocolate Walnut Rum Pie
Chocolate Banana Pecan Cream Pie
Cinnamon Pecan Pie
Citrus Chiffon Pie
Coconut Banana Cream Pie
Coconut Buttermilk Pie
Coconut Cream Pie
Coconut Crusted Sweet Potato Pie
Coconut Custard Pie
Coconut Popcorn Crunch Pie
Coconut Pudding Pie
Coconut Velvet Pie
Coffee Cream Pie
Coffee Liqueur Apple Pie
Cookie Fruit Cobbler Pie
Cookie Pie
Cranberry Apple Pie
Cranberry Apple Pie With Cheddar Crust
Cranberry Cherry Pie
Cranberry Ice Cream Pie
Cranberry Nut Pie
Cranberry Pie
Cranberry Streusel Pie
Cranberry Walnut Pie
Cranberry Orange Cream Cheese Pie
Cream Cheese Brownie Pie
Cream Cheese Peanut Butter Pie
Cream Cheese Pie
Cream Cheese Pie Topped With Peaches And Blackberries
Cream Topped Orange Pumpkin Pie
Creamy Apple Pecan Pie
Creamy Chocolate Layered Pie
Creamy Frozen Lime Pie
Creamy Lemon Pie
Creamy Lemon Raspberry Pie
Custard Apple Pie
Daiquiri Lime Pie
Dark Chocolate Pecan Pie
Deep Dish Apple Raisin Pie
Deep Dish Blackberry Pie
Deep Dish Peach Pie
Deep Dish Peach Custard Pie
Double Layer Pumpkin Pie
Double Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream Pie
Dreamy Chocolate Banana Cream Pie
Dried Apricot Pie
Duet Of Chocolate And Berry Tart
Dutch Shoo Fly Pie
European Sour Cream Apple Pie
French Apple Cobbler
French Apple Pie
French Coconut Pie
French Silk Pie
Frosted Orange Pie
Frozen Baby Ruth Pie
Frozen Cranberry Pie
Frozen Hawaiian Pie
Frozen Margarita Pie
Frozen Mud Pie
Frozen Yogurt Strawberry Pie
Fruit Cocktail Eggnog Pie
Fruit Pie
Fudge Brownie Pie
Fudge Chocolate Peppermint Pie
Fudge Mocha Nut Pie
Fudge Pie
Fudge Topped Peanut Butter Pie
Gingersnap Pumpkin Chiffon Pie
Gooey Shoofly Pie
Grammas Pie
Cherry Almond Pie
Apple Crumb Pie
Hillbilly Pie
Honey Pie
Honey Pumpkin Pie
Honey Sweetened Pumpkin Pie
Hot Buttered Rum Apple Pie
Ice Cream & Candy Bar Pie
Ice Cream Parlor Pie
Ice Cream Pie
Janice’s Sweet Bean Pie
Jefferson Davis Pie
Kahlua Pecan Pie with Chocolate Chips
Kentucky Chocolate Pie
Key Lime Chiffon Pie
Key Lime Pie
Kool Aid Pie
Lemon Berry Pie
Lemon Cake Pie
Lemon Cloud Pie
Lemon Icebox Pie
Lemon Meringue Pie
Lemon Ribbon Alaska Pie
Lemon Supreme Pie
Lemon Yogurt Pie
Lime Daiquiri Pie
Lime Ice Box Pie
Lime Meringue Pie
Lime Pie
Magnolia Pie
Maple Cream Pie
Maple Syrup Pie
Margarita Lime Pie
Mascarpone Cream Pie With Cranberry Glaze
Melon Velvet Pie
Meyer Lemon Meringue Pie
Millionaire Pie
Mincemeat Apple Pie
Mincemeat Pie
Mincemeat Pumpkin Pie
Mini Morsel Ice Cream Pie
Mississippi Mud Pie 1
Mocha Cappuccino Pie
Mocha Fudge Buttercrunch Ice Cream Pie
Mocha Pecan Mud Pie
Mock Apple Pie
Mock Apple Pie With Crackers
Mock Apple Zucchini Pie
Mock Pecan Pie
Molasses Pie
Nectarine Lattice Pie
Nutty Chocolate Pecan Pie
Nutty Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie
Orange Chiffon Pie
Orange Cooler Pie
Orange Custard Pie
Orange Pecan Pie
Orange Coconut Cream Pie
Orange Pumpkin Chiffon Pie
Pea nutty Ice Cream Pie
Peach Glaze Pie
Peach Pie
Peaches And Cream Pie
Peachy Cream Cheese Pie
Peanut Butter & Chocolate Cream Pie
Peanut Butter & Fudge Ice Cream Pie
Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheesecake Pie
Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Pie
Peanut Butter Cream Pie
Peanut Butter Ice Box Pie
Peanut Butter Ice Cream Pie
Peanut Butter Pie
Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownie Pie
Peanut Butterfinger Cream Pie
Pear Crumble Pie
Pear Pie
Pecan And Chocolate Pie
Pecan Graham Cracker Pie
Pecan Pie
Peppermint Cloud Rice Pie
Blueberry Lemon Pie
Persimmon Pie
Pina Colada Coconut Pie
Pineapple Chess Pie
Pineapple Meringue Pie
Pineapple Pie
Praline Pumpkin Pie
Pretty In Pink Pie
Pumpkin Almond Pie
Pumpkin Apple Pie
Pumpkin Cheese Swirled Pie
Pumpkin Chiffon Pie
Pumpkin Chocolate Crunch Pie
Pumpkin Cream Pie
Pumpkin Dutch Apple Pie
Pumpkin Ice Cream Pie
Pumpkin Meringue Pie
Pumpkin Mousse Ice Cream Pie
Pumpkin Pecan Pie
Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Pie Cake
Pumpkin Pie W/ Pistachio Praline Sauce
Pumpkin Praline Pie
Pumpkin Silk Pie
Pumpkin Souffle Cheese Pie
Pumpkin Tart With Hazelnut Crust
Pumpkin Walnut Date Pie
Pumpkin Walnut Pie
Raspberry Cheese Pie
Raspberry Cream Pie
Raspberry Glaze Pie
Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake Pie
Raspberry Orange Cream Cheese Pie
Real Cool Lime Pie
Red, White And Blueberry Cheesecake Pie
Rhubarb And Peach Pie
Rhubarb Cream Pie
Rhubarb Pie
Rice Pudding Pie
Rich Mud Pie
Ricotta Nut Pie
Rocky Mountain Mud Pie
Run For The Roses Pie
Shaker Lemon Pie
Shoofly Pie
S’more Pie
Snicker Pie
Sour Cream Orange Pumpkin Pie
Sour Cream Raisin Pie
Sour Milk Pie
Southern Lemon Icebox Pies
Spiced Pear Pie
Spiced Plum Pie
Spirited Eggnog Pie
Strawberry Angel Pie
Strawberry Apricot Pie
Strawberry Banana Cream Pie
Strawberry Cheesecake Pie
Strawberry Chiffon Pie
Strawberry Cookie Pie
Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie
Strawberry Cream Pie
Strawberry Icebox Pie
Strawberry Lemondrift Pie
Strawberry Lime Pie
Strawberry Margarita Pie
Strawberry Mudslide Pie
Strawberry Patch Pie
Strawberry Pie
Strawberry Pineapple Icebox Pie
Strawberry Rhubarb Custard Pie
Strawberry Rhubarb Maple Pie
Strawberry Rhubarb Pie
Strawberry Romanoff
Strawberry Yogurt Pie
Strawberry Lemon Pie
Streusel Cream Peach Pie
Streusel Topped Pumpkin Pie
Sweet Cherry Cream Pie
Sweet Potato Buttermilk Pie
Sweet Potato Cobbler
Sweet Potato Lemon Cream Pie
Sweet Potato Pecan Crumble Pie
Sweet Potato Pecan Pie
Sweet Potato Pie
Swiss Bavarian Pie
Tiramisu Trifle Pie
Toffee Dream Pie
Turtle Pecan Pie
Vanilla Custard Pie
Vinegar Pie
Walnut Crunch Pumpkin Pie
Walnut Fudge Pie
Walnut Pie
Walnut Rum Pie
Whiskey Pie
White Chocolate Pecan Mousse Pie
Yam Pecan Pie
Yarborough Pie
Yogurt Cranberry Pie
Zucchini Apple Pie

Diabetic Bake Shop

Diabetic Sugar free. (All baked goods baked to order). Perfect sugar free birthday cakes for diabetics.
Chocolate Cake Filled w/chocolate mousse topped with a sugar free ganache, decorated with chocolate chunks.
Brownies Chewy brownies w/ pecans, chocolate chip chunks.
Brownie Cake Filled w/ chocolate pastry cream, iced w/ chocolate icing.
Yellow Cake Filled w/ fresh strawberries (or a fresh fruit of your choice) iced w/ vanilla icing.
Spice Cake Filled w/ vanilla pastry cream, topped w/ spiced icing.
Coconut Cake Vanilla cake w/ fresh coconut unsweetened and vanilla icing.

Diabetic Bake – Cakes

Cakes also available in cupcake form w/ icings!
Fudge Mousse And Caramel Nut Trifle
Banana Pudding
Banana Cream Pie
Chocolate Cream Pie
Chocolate Truffles
Banana Creme Cake
Lemon Creame Cake
Carrot Cake
Cherry Cream Cake
Gingerbread Cake
Pound Cake (Many Flavors)
Strawberry Cake
Red Velvet Cake
Angel Food Cake

Diabetic Bake – Muffins

No sugar added, minimum order 6.
Apple Sauce
Lemon Poppy

Diabetic Bake – Cookies Sugar Free

Minimum order 12.
Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Chocolate Chip

Bake Shop – Cake

Price below is base icing and borders, artwork is an extra charge.
Cakes $15.00 – $85.00 6? (6-8), 8? (12-16) , 9? (15-20) , 10? (20-25) , 12? (22-28) , 16? (50-60).
Rectangle – Sheet 9 x 13 $35.00 Size (feeds) cost, (20-30).
Rectangle – Sheet 11 x 15 $42.00 (35-40).
Rectangle – Sheet 12 x 18 $52.00 (45-55).
Rectangle – Full Sheet $100.00 (75-100).
Regular Flavors (Basic) white, lemon, yellow, chocolate, strawberry, etc. tell us what flavor you want.
Icings Chocolate butter cream, white butter cream, cream cheese, strawberry, lemon glaze, at no additional charge.
Fruit Fillings $8.00 plus each.
Specialty Flavors – Round $8.00 – $12.00 Apple, apricot, banana cream, bavarian cream, blueberry, cherry, chocolate bavarian, coconut, date, guava, lemon, peach, prune, red raspberry, strawberry, whole cherry. etc. plus.
Additional Artwork $7 to $10 & up.

Diabetic Bake – Pie?s Sugar Free

Minimum order 1 whole pie.

Bake Shop – Party Favorites!

Cupcakes Call for quote.
Strawberries Dipped in chocolate, white chocolate or sugar-free chocolate. hand decorated for weddings, holidays, seasonal, birthday parties or for whatever your needs, starting at 1.75 each and up.
Pretzels Dipped in chocolate, white chocolate or sugar-free chocolate, long straight or curly pretzels, rolled in crushed candy, nuts, jimmies, coconut etc, starting at $0.75 each .
Cookie Cups Chocolate chip, gingerbread, white chocolate macadamia nut, filled w/ ganache, cream cheese icing, lots of different icing flavors and fillings or chocolates. sugar-free also available. small startin
Mini Bundt Cakes Many flavors and glazes. individually portioned for each guest. starting at $3.00 per cake.
Rugelach Raisin walnut, cinnamon nut, chocolate chip.


Fruit milkshakes are made with real fruit & cream.
Vanilla $3.00
Chocolate $3.50
Cafe Latte $3.75
Banana $4.00
Pineapple $4.00
Peanut Butter $3.75
Strawberry $4.00
Blueberry $4.00
Coconut $4.00
Chocolate Cookie $3.75
Peach $4.00
Coffee $3.50
Honey $3.50
Chunky Monkey Milkshake $4.75 Made with vanilla ice cream, chocolate chips, banana and instant coffee. this milkshake may cause you to spontaneously get up and do the chunky monkey dance.
Purple Cow Milkshake $4.75 Made with grape juice, banana and milk. Purple cows are cool. this milkshake is a real treat for kids and kids at heart.
Cherry Vanilla Milkshake $4.75 Made with vanilla ice cream, maraschino cherries, milk and chocolate syrup.
Shamrock Milkshake $4.75 Made with vanilla ice cream, low fat milk, mint extract and green food coloring.
Caramel Latte Milkshake $4.75 Made with coffee ice cream, milk and caramel syrup.
Whoppers Malt Milkshake $4.75 Made with vanilla ice cream, chocolate malt syrup and whipped topping. this milkshake has that old fashioned malt taste.
Pumpkin Pie Milkshake $4.75 Made with vanilla ice cream, real pumpkin and a hint of cinnamon.
Apple Pie Milkshake $4.75 Made with vanilla ice cream, sweetened condensed milk, applesauce, apple juice, with a dash of apple pie spice.
Chocolate Cheesecake Milkshake $4.75 Made with vanilla ice cream, cream cheese & chocolate syrup.
Chocolate Mint Milkshake $4.75 Made with vanilla ice cream, peppermint extract, chocolate syrup.
Eggnog Milkshake $4.75 Made with vanilla ice cream, rum extract, milk, sugar, hint of nutmeg.

Specialty Bakery

Slovenian Potica $29.95 Say it like the slovenians does: po-teet-sa. this rich bread is hand stretched to a paper thin constancy. then a mixture of pecans, honey and creamery butter. It?s layered into a coffee-cake shape wh
Fruitcake $15.99 One of the old style fruitcakes. this 100 year old recipe that was made by my mother is dense moist and chopped full of candied fruit and nuts. but ms. b will then soak it in a fine brandy for 3 mont
Peanut Butter Fudge $99.00 This soft peanut butter fudge will take you back to horse drawn carriages, clapboard buildings and penny candies. made with the best ingredients, butter, brown sugar, farm fresh milk, peanut butter,

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