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Cuisine: Peruvian.


Arroz con Leche Creamy rice pudding with raisins, delicately spiced with a touch of cinnamon
Mazamorra Peruvian pudding made from purple corn and fruit, served warm and spiced with cinnamon and cloves
Leche Asada Peruvian creme brulee, rich and smooth with a touch of vanilla
Crepes Delicates crepes filled with dulce de leche sauce, garnished with fresh fruit and cinnamon
Picarones Deep fried pumpkin dough served with fig syrup


Inca Kola The most popular soda in Peru. Sweet bubble gum flavor
Chicha Morada Sweet drink made from purple corn and apples, spiced with cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg
Emoliente A popular health tea in Peru. Made with flax seed, fresh aloe, alfalfa and lime juice
Soft Drinks Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite
Bottled Water Aquafina, Pellegrino
Others Iced coffee, tea, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cappuccino, latte, espresso


Ceviche Fresh diced fish and sliced red onions, cold-marinated in lime juice with Aji Limo
Tamale Fried corn tamal, stuffed with chicken
Juanes Rice tamal stuffed with fresh seasoned chicken, cooked in banana leaf
Papa Rellena Fried mashed potato balls stuffed with spiced ground beef, served with Aji rocoto cream
Papa a la Huancaina Red bliss potatoes, with Aji Amarillo and black olive sauce with slices of hard boiled egg
Causa Aji Amarillo-spiced mashed potato, stuffed with chopped shrimp, served chilled
Alitas al Aji Crispy chicken wings seasoned with Aji Amarillo


Mixed Greens Mixed baby salad greens, cherry tomatoes, red onions and hearts of palm
Chifa Salad Romaine, spring mix, cucumber, carrots and sesame seeds with carrot-ginger vinaigrette
Aji Salad Arugula, crumbled hard boiled egg, bacon and asparagus with Aji Amarillo
Cholo Salad Hominy, Peruvian corn and olluco over a bed of mixed greens topped with sweet potatoes


Aji Burger Chargrilled ground beef topped with fresh potato sticks and home-made mayo
Chicharron y Camote Pork loin strips topped with hand cut sweet potatoes and fresh sliced onions
Butifarra Tender house-made ham served with fresh leaf lettuce and sliced onions
Pollo Desilachado Pulled chicken breast in home-made mayo with potato sticks
Lomito Palta y Perejil Skirt steak, caramelized onions, fresh avocado and parsley served with home-made potato chips


Enrolladito de Pejerrey Silverside fish, marinated in lime juice with Aji Amarillo stuffed with veggies
Salchipapa Mixture of hand-cut French fries, sliced grilled hot dog and over easy egg
Anticucho Peruvian style kebabs of beef heart, marinated in wine, vinegar and spices
Jaleita Deep fried calamari, shrimp, fish and mussels, with fried yucca topped with red onions
Squid with Tacu Tacu Grilled squid with chimichurri stuffed with mixed rice and beans, bean puree and red onion salsa


Beef Ground beef sauteed with onions, raisins, and spices
Spicy Chicken Chicken breast seasoned with tomato, onions and cilantro
Spinach Chopped spinach with tofu and nutmeg
Shrimp Whole shrimp with creole sauce


Pisco Sour Lime juice, simple syrup, pisco and egg whites blended to perfection
Chicha Colada Our version of pina colada replacing pineapple with chicha
Chicha Libre Pisco and chicha, a drop of cointreau with a twist of lime
Cholotini Pisco chilled in a martini glass with a splash of vermouth and pomegranate
Carajo Grape juice, pisco and vermouth with a twist of lime
Emoliente Sour Lime juice, simple syrup, pisco, emoliente and egg whites blended to perfection
Chilcano de Pisco Ginger ale and pisco with a cherry
Others Assorted margaritas, mojitos, martinis, and frozen drinks

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