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Cuisine: Seafood, South American, Peruvian.

Sopas Y Ensaladas

Chupe De Camarones $15.00 A thick and hearty shrimp chowder with potatoes, white cheese, choclo and poached egg.
Parihuela $14.00 Aphrodisiac soup seafood and fish made with exotic peruvians spices.
Aji Carbon Salad $7.00 Spring mix, cherry tomatoes, peruvians asparragus and avocado
House Chicken Cesar Salad $7.00 Iceberg lettuce, croutons, parmesan cheese and chix.


Seafood Pasta $15.00 Fresh seafood mixed with home made sauce.
Fetuccinne Huancaina $15.00 8 oz. of filet mignon cover this time with huancaina sauce.
Fetuccinne Al Pesto Con Filet Mignon $15.00 With pesto sauce cover with 8 oz of beef tender on the grill or choice grill salmon.
Fetuccine En Salsa De Rocoto $15.00 flambed shrimp cover this pasta made with rocoto sauce.

Arroces Y Risottos

Risotto De Rocoto Y Pescado En Maracuya $16.00 Arborio made with spice touch combined with grill fish and maracuya.
Risotto De Alcaparras $18.00 Arborio made with mediterranean influence sided with grill salmon with chimichurri sauce.
Risotto En Reduccion De Maracuya $14.00 Arborio made with rocoto sauce cover with panko shrimp served with a delicate passion fruit reduction.
Risotto Con Mariscos Anticucheros $17.00 Arborio rice with huancaina sauce cover with seafood made on the grill.
Risotto Pesto Lomo Parrillero $17.00 With pesto sauce, beef tender marinated in panca, peruvian corn and white cheese.
Risotto Lomo Saltado $16.00 Arborio rice prepared with flavors of lomo saltado.
Risotto Lomo Saltado $16.00 Arborio rice prepared with flavors of lomo saltado.
Arroz Con Mariscos $15.00 The best seafood combination; shrimp, squid, black mussels and octopus all mixed with rice, red pepper, cilantro & peas.
Arroz Chaufa Surf And Turf $18.00 with seafood, chicken and beef tender.
Arroz Chaufa Mariscos $14.00 Peruvian style fried rice with seafood.

Tacu Tacus

Tacu Tacu Surf Turf $24.00 Two tacu tacu?s seafood on his cream, 8 oz. grill filet mignon with chimichurri sauce.
Tacu Tacu A Lo Macho $15.00 With seafood in macho sauce.
Tacu Tacu Con Lomo $16.00 Rice and canario beanscome together with our delicious lomo saltado.

Peruvian Special

Seco De Carne $12.00 Cilantro based beef stew served with peruvian beans and white rice.
Lomo Saltado $14.00 One of our famous dishes make with tenderloin, soy sauce, red onions, yellow pepper juliene and tomatoe served with fries and white rice.


Causa Sampler $16.00 Five types of peruvian traditional causa with tuna salad, with shrimp, grilled octopus, tuna ceviche style and our classic chicken causa.
Causa Crocante $12.00 The same causa but fried with panko filled with fresh tuna acevichada.
Causa Aji Carbon $10.00 Thin strips of delicate octopus cover with our chimichurri recipe garnished with microgreens.
Causa Camaron $8.00 With shrimp in a exotic sauce with mayo, ketchup, tabasco and avocado garnished this recipe.
Causa Atun $7.00 Causa filled with a combination tuna and onion marinated with lemon juice.
Causa Pollo $7.00 Our famous peruvian causa filled with chicken, avocado served with deep of yellow pepper and mayo.

Cold App

Piqueo Marino $19.00 Tuna salad causa, fried calamari, tiradito, ceviche and choros a la chalaca served with peruvian corn and glazed sweet potato
Salmon Tartare $13.00 Salmon with avocado with passion fruit cream.
Leche De Tigre $8.00 Traditional cup of concentrated ceviche in a drinkable version
Tuna Tartare $13.00 Fresh tuna, avocado & wonton chips
Aguacate Con Camarones En Dip De Huancaina $10.00 Has avocado cover with fresh shrimp in our classic huancaina sauce.
Vuelve A La Vida $10.00 Seafood and fish with leche de tigre.
Choritos A La Chalaca $8.00 Mussels in a traditional chalaca sauce onion, tomatoe and peruvian corn.
Papa Huancaina $7.00 From the andes garden come these boiled potatoes topped with a sauce of peruvian yellow pepper and cheese, garnished with egg and black olives.

Hot App

Jalea Mixta $16.00 Crispy seafood mixed with fish.
Chicharron Calamar $10.00 Crispy calamari with home tartara.
Yuquitas $8.00 Wrap gouda cheese served with huancaina sauce.
Anticuchos $8.00 Grilled skewers made of veal heart marinated with panka, vinager, garlic served with potatoes.

Pollos A La Brasa

Pollo 1/2 $8.00

Pescados Y Mariscos

Pescado Saltado $14.00 Made with fish soy sauce, red onions, yellow pepper juliene and tomatoe served with fries and white rice.
Pescado Y Camarones Acevichados $20.00 Shrimp flamed with peruvian pisco marinated in a ceviche sauceof yellow pepper on bed of mashed potato and grill fish.
Mahi Novoandino $16.00 Fresh fillet of mahi mahi seared with quinoa served over artisan potatoes, asparragus decorated with lomo saltado reduction and huacatay oil.
Tuna Anticuchera $15.00 Delicious skewers of tuna marinated with a panca pepper and cooked on the grill served with fettuccine in yellow pepper sauce.
Tuna Anticuchera $15.00 Delicious skewers of tuna marinated with a panca pepper and cooked on the grill served with fettuccine in yellow pepper sauce.
Mahi Macho $15.00 Grill fish filet covered with seafood mix served with white rice, leeks garnished.
Mahi Sudado $15.00 Fresh fish and seafood enter to the sauna to bring this option; onions, garlic, peruvian panca chili and tomatoes all swin in chicha de jora.
Tuna Steak En Coco Y Aji Limon $15.00 Tuna filet sealed coated on coco sauce, limo pepper on top of a mashed potato bed
Salmon A La Parrilla En Salsa Teriyaki $16.00 Fresh salmon fillet grilled in a delicate teriyaki sauce served with mix of vegetables julienne and white rice.
Salmon En Crema De Albahaca Y Alcaparras $20.00 Grill fish en una crema de albahaca y alcaparras y champignones flameados al brand.
Pulpo A La Parrilla $16.00 Sided with mashed potato and grill asparagous.

Ceviches Y Tiraditos

Tiradito Cilantro $13.00 Fresh slices of fish marinated in lime juice with cilantro sauce.
Tiradito Amarillo $13.00 Fresh slices of fish like sashimi with a delicate yellow sauce accompanied with glazed sweet potatoes.
Tiradito De Tuna En Crema De Coco $13.00 Tuna ceviche style with cream and shredded coconut.
Tiradito De Salmo’n Al Cilantro $13.00 Salmon slices with our special cilantro sauce.
Tiradito Sampler $24.00 Signature, tuna ginger and salmon made with cilantro, maracuya and fish in yellow pepper sauce.
Tiradito Tricolor $16.00 Made with three type of peruvian sauce yellow pepper, rocoto and cilantro sauce.
Ceviche Tres Ajies $16.00 Fish, scallops and shrimp on a chef special sauce.
Ceviche Aji Amarillo $14.00 With a delicated lightly sauce made of our native yellow pepper.
Ceviche Sampler $24.00 Sampler of 4 ceviches of fish with rocoto, yellow pepper and cilantro.
Ceviche Carretillero $14.00 Fish ceviche with crispy calamari.
Tiradito Tuna Ginger $13.00 Slices of fresh tuna topped with our ginger sauce mixed with avocado, tomatoes and red onions.
Tiradito De Salmon $13.00 Slices of tender salmon with a passion fruit reduction garnished with fried wonton.
Ceviche Mixto $14.00 Combine fish and fresh seafood.
Pulpo Al Olivo $12.00 Slices of octopus from portugal with a olive sauce accompanied with slices of avocado.
Ceviche Clasico $12.00 The national dish of peru made with 100% sustainable caught fish marinated in lime juice and limo chili.

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