Aji Yoshi Ya

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Cuisine: Japanese.


Agedashi Tofu $6.95 Deep fried tofu served in broth with dry fish
Gyoza $6.95 Japanese pot sticker
Hiya Yako $5.95 Cold tofu
Edamame $4.95 Lightly salted boiled green soy beans
Oshitashi $5.95 Steamed spinach with house sauce
Kaki Fry $8.95 Breaded oyster
Tempura $10.95 Deep fried prawn & vegetables in a lacy batter
Tempura Vegetables $7.95
Soft Shell Crab $9.95 Deep fried breaded soft shell crab
Tako Karaage $7.95 Deep fried octopus
Chicken Karaage $8.95 Deep fried chicken with house sauce dipping
Chicken Wings $7.95 Deep fried chicken wings with salt
Chicken Teriyaki $8.95 Grilled chicken teriyaki style
Beef Teriyaki $9.95 Grilled sliced beef teriyaki style
Albacore Tataki $11.95 Seared white tuna served with onions, sesame oil and house sauce
Tuna Tataki $11.95 Seared tuna served with onions, sesame oil and house sauce
Salmon Tataki $11.95 Seared salmon served with onions, sesame oil and house sauce
Butterfish Tataki $11.95 Seared walu served with onions, sesame oil and house sauce
Sunomono $7.95 Cucumber salad with octopus, prawn or crab
Hamachi Kama $11.95 Grilled salted yellowtail collar
Salmon Kama $9.95 Grilled salted salmon collar
Dynamite Tuna Salad $9.95 Spicy tuna served with sesame oil, onions and seaweed
Ika Shioyaki $9.95 Grilled whole squid with salt
Fresh Oyster on Shell $12.95

Salad and Soup

Tossed Green $4.95
Chicken Teriyaki Green $8.95
Wakame $5.95 Seaweed salad
Miso Soup $2.50
Steamed Rice $2.50

Noodle Soup

Thick white udon served in broth
Tempura Udon $9.95 Shrimp tempura & noodle in broth
Seafood Udon $12.95 Assorted seafood, egg & vegetables
Niku Udon $9.95 Sliced beef, egg & onion
Nabeyaki Udon $9.95 Assorted vegetables, chicken & egg
Chicken Teriyaki Udon $8.95
Kitsune Udon $7.95 Sweet tofu
Vegetable Udon $7.95
Wakame Udon $6.95 Seaweed
Kake Udon $5.95 Plain

Cold Noodles

Zaru Soba $6.95 Cold buckwheat noodle with dipping sauce
Ten Zaru $10.95 Tempura and cold buckwheat noodle with dipping sauce
Zaru Chasoba $8.95 Cold green tea buckwheat noodle with dipping sauce


Served with miso soup and salad
Oyako Donburi $9.95 Chicken, onion & cooked egg in sauce over rice
Niku Donburi $9.95 Beef, onion & cooked egg in sauce over rice
Katsu Donburi $9.95 Pork cutlet, onion & cooked egg in sauce over rice
Tempura Donburi $9.95 Deep fried prawn and vegetable in sauce over rice
Teriyaki Donburi $9.95 Broiled chicken or beef over rice


Nigiri sushi 2 pcs
Amaebi (Raw Prawn) $9.95
Albacore (White Tuna) $4.25
Ebi (Cooked Prawn) $4.25
Ika (Squid) $4.25
Ikura (Salmon Roe) $4.25
Inari (Sweet Tofu) $3.95
Kani (Crab) $4.25
Tobiko (Flying Fish Roe) $4.25
Maguro (Red Tuna) $4.25
Walu (Butterfish) $4.25
Hamachi (Yellowtail) $4.25
Sake (Fresh Salmon) $4.25
Hotate (Scallop) $4.25
Unagi (Fresh Water Eel) $4.95
Saba (Mackerel) $4.25
Tako (Octopus) $4.25
Tamago (Egg) $3.95
Kaki (Fresh Oyster) $4.95
Uni (Sea Urchin) $9.95
Hokkigai (Surf Clams) $4.25

Sashimi (5 Pcs)

Maguro (Tuna) $10.95
Hamachi (Yellowtail) $10.95
Sake (Salmon) $10.95
Albacore (White Tuna) $10.95
Walu (Butterfish) $10.95
Saba (Mackerel) $10.95

Seaweed Outside (6 Pcs)

Avocado Maki (Avocado) $3.95
Oshinko Maki (Japanese Pickle) $3.95
Tekka Maki (Tuna) $4.95
Sake Maki (Salmon) $4.95
Futo Maki (Vegetable & Egg) $6.95
Kapa Maki (Cucumber) $3.95
Hamachi Maki (Yellowtail) $4.95
Una Maki (Water Eel) $5.95

Rice Outside (6 Pcs)

California Roll $4.95 Imitation crab, avocado
Sabe Kawa Roll $4.95 Salmon skins, avocado
Crunchy Roll $5.95 Shrimp tempura, avocado
Dynamite Roll $5.95 Spicy scallops, mayonnaise, masago, avocado
Spicy Tuna Roll $5.95 Spicy tuna, onions, avocado
Buffalo Roll $5.95 Beef teriyaki, avocado. Unagi sauce
Phili Roll $5.95 Smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado
Rock’s Roll $6.95 Eel, avocado. Unagi sauce
Alaska Roll $5.95 Smoked salmon, avocado
Spider Roll $10.95 Soft shell crab, avocado
Jack Roll $11.95 Df shrimp, avocado, spicy tuna. Spicy mayonnaise sauce
Irene Roll $6.95 Df shrimp imitation crab, avocado. Unagi sauce
BMW Roll $12.95 Df shrimp, cream cheese, avocado, fresh salmon. Unagi sauce. Spicy mayonnaise sauce
Nigihama Roll $5.95 Yellowtail, onions, avocado
Sant Roll $14.95 Spicy tuna, unagi, avocado, fresh salmon. Unagi sauce. Spicy mayonnaise sauce
Crazy Roll $13.95 Eel, avocado, yellowatil. Unagi sauce. Spicy mayonnaise sauce
Dragon Roll $13.95 Df shrimp, cucumber, eel. Unagi sauce
Cherry Blossom Roll $13.95 Fresh salmon, avocado, tuna
Rainbow Roll $13.95 California, five kins of fish
Yoshi Roll $15.95 DF yellowtail, salmon, avocado, tuna, alb
Caterpillar Roll $9.95 Eel, cucumber, avocado. Unagi sauce
Creamy Roll $12.95 Scallop, spicy tuna, avocado. Spicy mayonnaise sauce
King Roll $12.95 Imitation crab, avocado, baked salmon. Unagi sauce. Spicy mayonnaise sauce
Walu Roll $13.95 Imitataion crab, avocado, baked butterfish. Unagi sauce. Spicy mayonnaise sauce

Rice Outside (8 Pcs)

Spider Rainbow Roll $17.95 DF soft shell crab, avocado, seven kinds of fish
Russia Roll $18.95 DF shrimp, unagi, crab, avocado, white tuna, red tuna

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