Up to date Akasaka prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal. Akasaka is available in 5 states.

Daily Menu – Udon / Soba

Thick white rice noodle soup / cold noodle.
Nabeyaki Udon $8.95 (vegetable, chicken, shrimp tempura & egg with noodle soup)
Tempura Udon $7.95 (shrimp and vegetables tempura with noodle soup)
Tanuki Udon $6.50 (tempura crumb with noodle soup)
Tsukini Udon $6.50 (egg with noodle soup)
Kitsune Udon $6.50 (fried tofu with noodle soup)
Yaki Udon $8.50 (pan fried udon noodle with vegetables and chicken)
Cha Soba $7.50 (cold green tea noodle with sauce)
Zaru Soba $6.50 (cold brown buckwheat noodle with sauce)
Tempura Soba $8.50 (zaru soba with tempura)

Daily Menu – Donburi

Served over a bowl of rice.
Katsu Don $7.50 (chicken cutlet with sauteed onions and egg)
Tempura Don $6.95 (tempura with sauteed onions and egg)
Oyako Don $6.50 (chicken with sauteed onions and egg)
Unagi Don $10.95 (fresh water eel with special sauce)

Daily Menu – Special Teriyaki Bowls

Stir fried vegetables with teriyaki sauce over rice.
Chicken Bowl $7.50
Beef Bowl $8.50
Shrimp Bowl $9.50
Veggie Bowl $6.95

Daily Menu – Nabemono

Yosenabe $11.95 (seafood stew).
Kani Zoshi $10.95 ( crab porridge)
Shabu Shabu $28.75 paper thin sliced u.s. choice beef (strip loins) with freash season?s vegetables, noodles with akasaka special sauces.
Sukiyaki $28.75 paper thin sliced u.s. choice beef (strip loins) with tofu, mushrooms and freash season?s vegetables with akasaka special sauces.

Daily Menu – Ala Carte

Gyoza $3.50 ( fried beef dumpling / 5 pcs)
Shumai $3.50 (fried shrimp dumpling / 6 pcs)
Edamame $5.25 (steamed soy beans)
Hiyayako $3.75 (cod tofu )
Croquette $4.50 (potato or corn)
Clam Miso Soup $2.95
Lobster Miso Soup $7.95
Scallop Butteryaki $8.95 (panfried scallop with special sauce)
Tofu Steak $7.95 (panfried tofu with sauce)
Baked Green Mussel $4.95
Ikura Oroshi $6.25 (grated radish with salmon roe)

Daily Menu – Tempupra & Fried Foods

Tempura $7.95 (3pieces shrimp and vegetables)
Shrimp Tempura $9.50 ( 5 pieces shrimp)
Vegetable Tempura $6.95
Fish Tempura $9.50
Ika (Calamari) Tempura $9.25
Fried Scallops $8.95
Fried Sisamo $8.95 (deep fried roe capelin)
Soft Shell Crab $8.95 (deep fried crab)

Daily Menu – Sashimi

Assorted raw fish. More sashimi platter available.
Sashimi Combination $22.00 – $13.00
Beef Sashimi $12.95
Tuna Tataki $12.95 (seared tuna)

Daily Menu – Sunomono

Cucumber salad served with vinegar dressing.
Kani $8.25 (crab)
Tako $7.25 (octopus)
Mirugai $10.50 (giant clam)
Mix $9.95

Daily Menu – Salad

King Crab Salad $8.95
Salmon Skin Salad $7.50
Tuna Tataki Salad $14.95
Avacado Salad $7.95
Vegetable Salad $4.95

Daily Menu – Kid’s Meal

For 12 & under.
Kid’s Meal $5.50 chicken or beef teriyaki, salad, miso soup, gyoza, shrimp tempura, rice and dessert.

Daily Menu – Side Order

House Salad $1.50
Miso Soup $1.00
Rice $1.00
Takuwan $1.00

Akasaka Sushi Menu

More sushi or sashimi platters available. (Sushi 2 Pcs).
Abalone awabi
Crab $4.25 kani
Egg $3.00 tamago
Fresh Water Eel $4.00 unagi
Sea Eel $4.00 anago
Giant Clam mirugai
Mackerel $3.00 saba
Octopus $4.00 tako
Salmon $3.75 sake
Scallop $4.00 kaibashira
Sea Urchin uni
Shrimp $3.50 ebi
Sweet Shrimp ama ebi
Squid $3.50 ika
Salmon Roe $3.75 ikura
Surf Clam $3.50 hokkigai
Red Snapper $3.50 shiromi
Tuna $4.25 maguro
Flying Fish Roe $4.00 tobiko
Yellowtail hamachi
Halibut $4.95 hirame
Fatty Tuna toro

Akasaka Sushi Menu – Rolled (Maki) Sushi

More sushi or sashimi platters available. (Sushi 6 Pcs).
Tekka (Tuna) Roll $3.75
Kappa (Cucumber) Roll $3.00
California Roll $5.25
Futo Maki $9.50
Hot Spicy Tuna $5.00
Salmon Skin Roll $4.50
Unagi Roll $5.00
Spider Roll $7.50 (soft shell crab)
Caterpillar Roll $9.95
Dragon Roll $14.95
Las Vegas Roll $12.50
Philly Roll $5.95
Rainbow Roll $11.25
Vegetable Roll $4.95
Calamari Tempura Roll $6.25
Shrimp Tempura Roll $6.25
Crunch Roll $6.95
Asparagus Roll $5.25
Sashimi Combination $13.00 – $18.00
Sashimi Or Sushi Boat $35.00

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