Aki Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar

Up to date Aki Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Steak.

Appetizers From Kitchen

Edamame $4.00 Steamed young suybean
Age Tofu $5.00 Deep fried bean curd w/ tempura sauce
Vegetable Spring Roll $4.00 Deep fried w/ vinegar sauce
Gyoza (Pork or Vegetable) $5.00 Pan fried dumpling w/ vinegar sauce
Shrimp Shumai $4.50 Steamed shrimp dumpling w/ vinegar sauce
Vegetable Tempura $5.00
Shrimp Tempura $7.00 2 pcs of shrimp & vegetable w/ tempura sauce
Yakitori $6.00 Grilled chicken on skewer
Chicken Fried $5.00 Japanese style deep fried ginger chicken
Calamari Fried $6.00 Deep fried squid w/ tempura sauce
Beef Negimaki $8.00 Broiled thinly sliced beef roll with scallions inside
Bacon Shrimp $7.50 Broiled shrimp & bacon w/ teriyaki sauce
Grilled Shrimp Skewer $7.00
Soft Shell Crab $9.00

Apptizers From Shushi Bar

Tako Su ( Octopus Su) $7.00 5 pcs of octopus w/ lemon vinegar sauce
Grilled Mussels $7.00 Grilled half shell mussels topped w/ mayonnaise sauce
Sushi Appetizer $9.00 5 pcs of sushi
Sashimi Appetizer $9.00 6 pcs of sashimi
Naruto $9.00
Sexy Jalapeno $8.00
Rainbow Naruto $11.00 Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado wrapped in paper thin cucumber w/ lemon vinegar sauce
Mango Tuna Tartar $9.00 Chopped orchid tuna & fresh mango w/ wasabi sauce
Sushi Pizza $10.00 Crispy fried cake, topped w/ tuna. Salmon, yellowtail, white tuna, avocado, flying fish roe chef special sauce
Sashimi Roulade $10.00 Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, lobster salad, chef special sauce
Tuna Ceviche $10.00 3 pcs of tuna white tuna, color caviar served yuzu sauce
Yellowtail Jalapeno $12.00 6 pcs of yellowtail w/ jalapeno served yuzu sauce
Fresh Oyster $9.00 Half dozen
Tuna Tataki $10.00 Sliced seared tuna served w/ ponzu sauce


Green Salad $2.50 Fresh lettuce & carrot, cucumber w/ ginger sesame dressing
Avocado Salad $5.00 Green salad w/ avocado on top
Seaweed Salad $4.50 A marinated kelp salad
Kani Salad $5.50 Crabmeat, cucumber w/ mayonnaise
Seafood Salad $8.00 Shrimp, crabmeat, octopus, mussels, cucumber w/ yuzu sauce
Pepper Tuna Salad $8.50 Organic spring mix vegetable w/ sliced pepper tuna in chef special sauce

Sushi: Entree From Sushi Bar

Sushi Dinner $18.00 8 pieces of sushi w/ tuna roll
Sashimi Dinner $20.00 12 pcs of sashimi
Sushi or Sashimi Combo $25.00 5 pcs of sushi, 9 pces of sashimi & california roll
Chirashi Sushi $21.00 Assorted fish on rice
Tekka Don $22.00 9 pcs of tuna sahsimi on rice
Unagi Don $17.00 Grilled eel on rice
Happy Combo $15.00 Spicy tuna, california % eel avocado roll
Spicy Maki Combo $18.00 Spicy tuna, spicy salmon, spicy yellowtail rolls
Vegetable Maki Combo $13.00 Cucumber & avocado, asparagus, house vegetable roll
Sushi for Two $32.00 14 pcs of sushi, california & spicy tuna roll
Sahsimi for Two $30.00 20 pcs of sashimi
Love for Two $55.00 10 pcs of sushi, 16 pcs of sashimi, california roll & caterpillar roll
Chef’s Choice Feast $90.00 18 pcs of sushi, 24 pcs of sashimi, chef’s choice of special roll, tuna roll. Spicy white tuna roll

Sushi and Sashimi

Two piece per order
Blue-Fin Toro (Fatty Tuna)
Big Eye Tuna (Maguro) $5.00
White Tuna (Shiro Maguro) $5.00
Pepper Tuna $6.00
Salmon (Namasakake) $5.00
Smoked Salmon $5.00
Yellowtail (Sake) $5.00
Flounder (Hamachi) $5.00
Striped Bass $5.00
Red Snapper (Tai) $5.00
Mackerel (Saba) $4.50
Masago (Smelt Roe) $5.00
Tobiko (Flying Fish Roe) $5.00
Wasabi Tobiko $6.00
Salmon Roe (Ikura) $6.00
Uni (Sea Urchin)
Crabmeat (Hanikama) $4.00
Shrimp (Ebi) $4.00
Surf Clam (Hokkigai) $4.50
Squid (Ika) $4.50
Octopus (Tako) $5.00
Scallop (Hotate) $5.00
Eel (Unagi) $5.00
Sweet Shrimp (Ama Ebi) $8.00
Omelet (Tamago) $4.00
Bean Curd $4.00
Quail Egg (Uzura) $3.00

Makimono – Cooked Roll

Hand roll on request
California Roll $5.00 Crabmeat, cucumber, avocado
Shrimp Cucumber Roll $5.00
Eel Avocado Roll $6.00
Philadelphia Roll $7.00 Smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado
Boston Roll $5.00 Shrimp, lettuce, cucumber & avocado
Futo Maki $6.00 Crabmeat, bean curd, avocado, cucumber, ashinko & egg
Salmon Skin Roll $5.00
Crab Tempura Roll $6.00
Chicken Tempura Roll $6.00
Shrimp Tempura Roll $7.00
Oyster Tempura Roll $7.00
Spider Roll $10.00 Soft shell crab
Spicy Tuna Tempura Roll $8.00 Medium cooked
Alaska King Crab Roll $10.00
Lobster Roll $15.00
Caterpillar Roll $11.00 Eel, cucumber inside, avocado non top

Makimono – Raw Fish Roll

Tuna Roll $5.00
Salmon Roll $5.00
Yellowtail Roll $5.00
White Tuna Roll $5.00
Alaskan Roll $5.50 Salmon & avocado
Christmas Roll $5.50 Tuna & avocado
Tokyo Roll $8.00 Tuna, salmon, yellowtail & fish egg
Spicy Tuna Roll $6.00
Spicy Salmon Roll $6.00
Spicy Yellowtail Roll $7.00
Rainbow Roll $12.00 Tuna, salmon, white fish on top of california

Makimono – Vegetable Rolls

Cucumber Roll $3.50
Avoacado Roll $4.00
Asparagus Roll $4.00
Cucumber & Avocado Roll $4.00
Sweet Potato Tempura Roll $4.00
Sunshine Roll $4.00 Cucumber, avocado, lemon
Avocado Cheese Roll $4.50
A.A.C Roll $5.00 Asparagus, avocado, carrot
House Vegetable Roll $5.50 Cucumber, avocado, tomato, lettuce, carrot & oshinko
Vegetable Dragon Roll $7.00 Asparagus, cucumber inside, avocado outside

Kitchen – Entree From Kitchen: Teriyaki

Vegetable $13.00
Beef Negimaki $18.00
Steak $21.00
Calamari $18.00
Chicken $16.00
Salmon $21.00
Shrimp $21.00

Kitchen – Entree From Kitchen: Chef’s Special

Sea $45.00 Grilled shrimp, scallop, lobster tail w/ lemon butter sauce
Grilled Lobster Tail $45.00 2 pcs of lobster w/ yokinku sauce
Grilled Filletmignon $27.00

Kitchen – Entree From Kitchen: Tempura

Vegetable $11.00
Seafood $24.00 Soft shell crab, shrimp, scallop & squid
Chicken $14.00
Shrimp $16.00

Kitchen – Entree From Kitchen Noodle

Nabe Yaki Udon $13.00 Noodle soup w/ chicken, vegetable, fish cake, egg & shrimp tempura
Yaki Udon $11.00 Stir-fried noodle w/ choice of chicken or vegetable
Yaki Soba $11.00 Stir-fried soba w/ vegetable & chicken
Seafood Yaki Udon $16.00 Stir-fried noodle w/ shrimp, scallop & crabmeat
Yose Nabe $16.00 Assorted seafood, vegetable & noodle in the hot pot

Entree From Kitchen: Fried Rice

All fried rice are stir-fried w/ eggs & onion
Vegetable $7.00
Beef $8.00
Chicken $8.00
Shrimp $9.00

Hibachi Dinner Entree

Served w/ clear soup, green salad, shrimp appetizer, vegetable & white rice.
Vegetable $13.95 No shrimp appetizers
Steak $21.95
Shrimp $19.95
Calamari $19.95
Lobster Tails Two 8oz-10 oz tails
Chicken $15.95
Filet Mignon $25.00
Salmon $21.95
Scallop $23.95

Hibachi Combinations

Chicken & Shrimp $23.95
Sea Scallop & Shrimp $26.95
Steak & Shrimp $23.95
Filet Mignon & Chicken $25.95
Filet Mignon & Shrimp $26.95
Filet Mignon & Scallop $27.95
Lobster ( 8Oz-10 Oz) & Steak $34.95
Lobster ( 8Oz-10 Oz) & Filet Mignon $36.95
Seafood Combo $36.95 Choice of three types of seafood: shrimp, scallop, calamari, salmon or lobster

From Kitchen: Bento Box

Served w/ soup, salad, shumai, 4pcs of califronia roll & steamed rice
Chicken Teriyaki $10.00
Beef Teriyaki $12.00
Vegetable Teriyaki $9.00
Chicken Tempura $10.00
Vegetable Tempura $10.00
Shrimp Teriyaki $12.00
Salmon Teriyaki $12.00
Tofu Teriyaki $9.00
Shrimp Tempura $12.00

From Hibachi

Served w/ soup, salad vegetable & vegetable fried rice
Vegetable $9.00
Salmon $12.00
Shrimp $12.00
Calamari $12.00
Chicken $10.00
Scallop $13.00
Steak $13.00
Filet Mignon $16.00


Miso Soup $2.00 Soybean soup w/ scallions, tofu & seaweed
Clear Soup $2.00 Chicken broth, scallion, msuhroom & fried onion
Seafood Soup $7.00

Sushi: Aki Chef Special Rolls

Haru Roll $12.00 Shrimp, crabmeat & avocado fried w/ tempura batter
Snow Roll $13.00 Tuna, salmon,, yellowtail, tobiko, cucumber & avocado in white seaweed
Eel Special Roll $13.00 Shrimp tempura, avocado inside, eel on top
Orange Dragon Roll $13.00 Shrimp tempura, avocado inside, fresh salmon outside
Special Dragon Roll $12.00 Crab tempura, avocado inside, eel & crabmeat outside
Dancing Dragon Roll $15.00 Shrimp tempura, spicy tuna inside, spicy cra, spicy shrimp & avocado on top
Volcano Roll $14.00 Shrimp tempura, avocado inside, spicy tuna, tobiko on top
Tiger Roll $12.00 Crab tempura, cucumber inside fresh tuna, yellowtail, eel & avocado outside
Crazy Tuna Roll $13.00 Spicy tuna crunchy, cucumber inside, black pepper tuna, avocado outside
Mango Tuna Roll $13.00 Spicy tuna, asparagus inside fresh tuna, mango & fish on egg on top
Triple Treat Roll $15.00 Fresh tuna, salmon, yellowtail wrapped w/ soybean sheet, top w/ spicy crab & fish egg
Thai Spicy Roll $13.00 Shrimp tempura, spicy crabmeat, jalapeno, cilantro leaves
Red & Hot $13.00 Spicy salmon crunchy inside, fresh tuna, jalapeno & tobiko outside
Spicy Girl $14.00 Spicy tuna, spicy salmon, spicy yellowtail, crunchy inside, color fish egg outside
Aki Roll $15.00 Shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, broiled eel, crabmeat, avocado & fish egg wrapped w/ soybean seadweed
Summer Breeze $15.00 Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, white tuna, avocado, mango, fish egg, wrapped w/ soybean sheet
Godzilla $13.00 Eel, shrimp tempura, cream cheese, cucumber, avocado top w/ crunch
Sakura Roll $13.00 Shrimp tempura, avocado, mango inside mayonnaise crabmeat on top
Dynamite Roll $15.00 Spicy crab, white tuna, avocado inside, salmon on top w/ dynamite sauce
Mermaid Roll $16.00 Yellowtail, spicy tuna, cream cheese, avocado inside, fried w/ tempura batter, bake spicy scallop & crabmeat on top

Side Order

Steak(4 Oz) $9.00
Filet Mignon $10.00
Shrimp $8.00
Salmon $8.00
Chicken $7.00
Calamari $8.00
Scallop $12.00
Vegetable $5.00

Kid Meal

Under 12 years old only. No shrimp appetizer
Chicken $10.00
Shrimp $12.00
Filet Mignon $15.00
Steak $12.00
Salmon $12.00

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