Akiko’s Sushi Bar

Up to date Akiko’s Sushi Bar prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi.

Salad & Appetizers

Edamame $2.00
Seaweed Salad $4.00
Miso Soup $1.50 with tofu & scallion
Roasted Japanese Eggplant $3.50 with garlic & sweet soy sauce marinade
Mixed Green Salad $4.50 with pickled ginger, toasted walnuts & soy-balsamic vinaigrette
Ahi Tuna Spring Roll $4.00 with edamame, daikon sprouts, & miso dressing
Cucumber Salad $4.50 with crab & rice vinegar dressing
Unagi Salad $9.00 with warm mushrooms, avocado, mixed greens & hamachi sashimi
Hamachi Carpaccio $9.00 with spicy salmon & brown garlic lemon soy sauce
Japanese Seafood Salad $5.50 with cucumber, pickled cabbage, & furikake
Miso Marinated Salmon $4.50 with crab, avocado & cucumber
Sashimi Salad $11.00 with mixed greens, endive, asparagus, tuna, salmon & shrimp


Sliced Raw Fish With Garnish.
Moriawase $15.00 combination
Kaba-Yaki $10.00 grilled eel
Maguro $10.00 tuna
Hamachi $10.00 yellow tail
Sake $10.00 smoked or fresh salmon

Sushi Assortment

Combination Sushi $11.50 – $9.00
Vegetable Sushi Assortment $7.00
Sushi & Sashimi Assortment $15.00
Chirashi $15.00 assorted sashimi over sushi rice


Chicken Donburi $7.50 saute vegetables & egg
Unagi Donburi $9.50 fresh water eel with pickled radish
Tekka Don $12.00 fresh tuna, soybeans & mixed greens


Japanese Noodle Soup With Carrots & Napa Cabbage.
Chicken Udon $7.50
Seafood Udon $9.00
Beef Udon $9.00
Vegetable Udon $6.95


With Seasonal Vegetable Shiitake Mushroom & Rice.
Chicken Teriyaki $7.50
Beef Teriyaki $9.00

Maki Sushi

Seafood & Vegetable Rolled In Seasoned Sushi Rice With Dry Seaweed.
Avocado Maki $3.25
Kappa Maki $3.25 cucumber
Oshinko Maki $3.25 pickle radish
Tekka Maki $3.75 tuna
Sake Maki $3.75 smoked salmon
Negi Hama Maki $3.75 yellow tail with green onion
Ebi Maki $3.75 poached prawn
Futo Maki $4.75 chef’s choice
California Maki $4.75 crab & avocado
Spicy Tuna Maki $5.50
Spicy Scallop Maki $5.50
San Francisco Maki $6.00 crab & spicy albacore
Spider Roll $9.00 soft shell crab
Rock N’ Roll $8.00 bbq eel with flying fish roe
RCR Roll $9.50 bbq, eel & salmon
Disco Roll $8.50 spicy tuna & eel
Hana Roll $8.50 bbq, eel, avocado, asparagus & pickled radish
Philadelphia Roll $6.50 smoked salmon & cream cheese
Philadelphia Special $10.00 philadelphia roll inside out with eel
Rainbow Roll $10.00 california roll topped with tuna, salmon, albacore, ebi, halibut
Alaska Roll $10.00 shrimp, avocado, cucumber smoked salmon & eel
Yellow Special $11.00 spicy yellowtail & avocado inside out with yellowtail
Salmon Special $11.00 spicy salmon & avocado inside out with salmon
Dragon Roll $11.00 bbq, eel, cucumber, marinated ebi, inside out with avocado
Lizzy Roll $7.00 fresh salmon, avocado & lemon
Kamikazi Roll $8.50 spicy smoked salmon, bbq eel & ebi
Swamp Roll $7.00 spicy tuna & seaweed salad
Double Star Roll $10.50 snow crab & bbq, eel topped with 3 slices of maguro, 3 slices of hamachi
Sumo Roll $11.00 tuna, marinated shrimp, garlic & lemon soy sauce

Nigiri Sushi

2pcs Per Order. Slice Of Seafood Served On Seasoned Sushi Rice.
Inari $2.50 sweet tofu
Tako $3.75 octopus
Saba $3.25 marinated mackerel
Ika $3.25 squid
Hirame $3.75 halibut
Ebi $3.75 broiled shrimp
Sake $3.75 smoked or fresh salmon
Maguro $3.75 tuna
Hamachi $3.75 yellow tail
Albacore $3.75 white tuna
Toro fatty tuna
Unagi $3.75 freshwater eel
Ama-Ebi $4.00 sweet shrimp
Tobiko $3.75 flying-fish roe
Ikura $4.00 salmon roe
Scallop $3.75
Spicy Tuna $3.50
Spicy Salmon $3.50

Chef’s Specials

7pcs Sushi Assortment $8.50 with miso soup 4pcs california roll, chicken teriyaki, miso soup & rice
Spicy Tuna Roll $8.50 2pcs salmon nigiri, 2pcs unagi nigiri
Spicy Salmon Roll $8.50 2pcs albacore nigiri, 2pcs unagi nigiri
Miso Soup $8.50 mixed green salad, avocado roll & inari nigiri
Spicy Tuna Roll $10.00 with large beer or sake
3pcs Assorted Sushi & 4pcs Rock N’ Roll Maki $12.00 with large beer or sake

Temaki Sushi

Hand Rolled Cone
California Temaki $3.25 crab, avocado
Vegetarian Temaki $3.00 shiitake mushroom & daikon sprouts
Ebi Temaki $3.50 shrimp, avocado
Aspragus Temaki $3.25 seasonal
Unagi Temaki $3.75 fresh water eel
Salmon Skin Temaki $3.50 salmon skin
Hamato Be Chi Temaki $3.75 hamachi, tobiko
Spicy Tuna Temaki $3.50
Spicy Scallop Temaki $3.75
Spicy Unagi & Fresh Salmon $4.00 with green onion


Mochi Ice Cream $3.50


Sm / Lg.
House Sake $6.00 – $3.50
Akita Homare $6.50 – $10.00
Nanbutoji $6.50 – $10.00
Nigorizake $6.50 – $4.50
Beer $5.00 – $3.00 kirin, asahi, sapporo
Soft Drinks $1.50
Crystal Geyser $1.50

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