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Up to date Akuma Restaurant prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.


1. Shrimp Tempura $7.95
Mixed Tempura $8.95
Vegetable Tempura $7.95
Jumbo Scallop Tempura $6.95 Deep fried jumbo scallops.
Calamari Rings $8.95 Golden fried calamari served with special dipping sauce.
Gyoza $5.95 Fried pork and vegetable dumplings.
Baked Green Mussels $6.95 Broiled perfection in our perfect sesame garlic baking sauce.
Tofu Steak $5.95 Seasoned and pan fried tofu served with scallions, masago and special sauce.
Armageddon $7.95 Spicy tuna and crab meat stuffed inside two giant mushrooms and lightly fried.
Stuffed Jalapenos $7.95 Spicy tuna and cream, cheese stuffed jalapeno, battered and fried.
Dynamite $7.95 Tuna, salmon, white fish, scallops mushrooms, white onions, baked in house aioli.
Fresh Oysters $6.95 Served chilled with ponzu sauce, scallions and a touch of spicy rooster.
Broiled Salmon Collar $6.95 Served with ponzu sauce.
Broiled Yellowtail Collar $7.95 Served with ponzu sauce.
Softshell Crab $6.95 Fried softshell crab, served with ponzu sauce.
Rice Crispy Tuna $8.95 Deep fried crispy bed of rice topped with mounds of spicy tuna, finished with avocado and sweet sauce.
Sesame Chicken $7.95 Lightly fried chicken, marinated in sesame and ginger, served with teriyaki sauce.
Spicy Tuna Wrap $7.95 Spicy tuna, unagi and tempura shrimp, wrapped in fresh lettuce. Includes eel sauce.
Popcorn Lobster $9.95 Panko battered lobster, fried till golden brown, served with our special sauce.
Japanese Onion Rings $6.95 Thick onion rings battered in crispy Japanese bread crumbs served with side of tempura sauce.
Japanese Hay Stack $6.95 Tall stack of crispy tempura onion shavings.


1. Sashimi Salad $12.95 Salmon, yellow tail, tuna, cucumber and daikon, fresh spring mix finished in light ponzu dressing and a hint of sesame oil.
2. Spicy Tuna Salad $12.95 A generous amount of spicy tuna set atop fresh spring mix finished in a light ponzu dressing and a hint of sesame oil.
3. Salmon Skin Salad $8.95 Baked, crispy salmon skin atop fresh spring mix.
4. Octopus Salad $6.50 Seasoned and marinated octopus salad.
5. Sweed Salad $5.50
6. House Salad $2.95 – $4.95 Fresh cut greens with house sesame dressing.
7. Cucumber Salad $5.95 Freshly sliced cucumber complimented by crab meat and finished with soy mustard dressing.
8. Seafood Salad $10.95 Crab, scallop, shrimp and fresh cucumber with soy mustard dressing and fresh greens.
9. Calbi Salad $9.95 Marinated beef short ribs on a bed of our house salad mix.
10. Chicken Salad $8.95

Regular Sashimi

Regular Sashimi
1. Spicy Tuna Sashimi $12.95 A heaping plate of sashimi cut tuna, marinated the same as our famous spicy tuna.
2. Albacore Belly Sashimi $13.95 Albacore cuts, super rich in oils with fried garlic, sprouts avocado, finished with fried garlic, scallions and sesame.
3. Hawaiian Poki Sashimi $12.95 Choice cuts of tender yellow fin tuna and seasoned up with special Hawaiian sweet sauce.
4. Tuna Truffle $13.95 Snow crab, avocado and gobo roots wrapped in tender yellow fin tuna finished in sesame dressing.
5. Halibut Heaven $14.95 Fresh slice of halibut sashimi stuffed with real crab meat and avocado, finished with jalapeno slices (ponzu sauce and hot sauce).
6. Albacore Carpaccio $15.95 Thin slices of garlic pepper seared albacore, fresh minced red onion and fried garlic, harmonized by house ponzu and chili oil.
7. Seared Ahi Explosion $15.95 Slices of tuna tataki on a bed of Japanese radish string salad, house special creamy spicy citrus ponzu and fresh red onion shavings.
8. Salmon Carpaccio $14.95 Slices of fresh salmon on yuzu ponzu both, fresh red and green onions mingled with a touch of sesame oil.
9. Zuke Ikura (Salmon Egg) $14.95 Charbroil flavored fresh salmon sashimi with salt cured salmon egg and harmonized by citric cucumber jalapeno coulis.
10. Yellowtail Jalapeno $15.95 Slices of yellow tail on a soy onion ponzu bath, Japanese vegetable mixture and jalapeno.
11. Sushi Tacos $13.95 Chunks of seared tuna and tomatoes, marinated in our special sauce served with crispy wonton chips.
12. Neggi Hama $15.95 Prime yellow tail cuts complimented by a touch of sesame oil, green onions and roasted sesame seeds.

Nigiri Sushi

Nigiri Sushi
Spicy Seared Albacore Nigiri Sushi $3.99
Albacore Nigiri Sushi $3.99
Peppered Atlantic Salmon Nigiri Sushi $3.95
Atlantic Salmon Nigiri Sushi $3.95
Shrimp Nigiri Sushi $2.89
Crab Nigiri Sushi $2.99
Scallop Nigiri Sushi $2.99
Snapper Nigiri Sushi $3.50
Mackerel Nigiri Sushi $3.50
Squid Nigiri Sushi $3.50
Smelt Egg Nigiri Sushi $1.99
Sweet Egg Nigiri Sushi $1.99
Quail Egg (Uzura) Nigiri Sushi $0.99
Tuna Nigiri Sushi $3.99
Seared Tuna (Premium) Nigiri Sushi $3.99
White Tuna (Premium) Nigiri Sushi $3.99
Yellowtail (Premium) Nigiri Sushi $5.25
Yellowtail Belly (Premium) Nigiri Sushi $5.95
Halibut (Premium) Nigiri Sushi $5.25
Octopus (Premium) Nigiri Sushi $3.99
Fresh Water Eel (Premium) Nigiri Sushi $4.25
Salmon Egg (Premium) Nigiri Sushi $5.95
Sea Urchin (Uni) (Premium) Nigiri Sushi $6.95
Sweet Shrimp (Premium) Nigiri Sushi $6.95

Dinner Entrees

Dinner Entrees
1. Dinner Chicken Teriyaki $10.95 Charbroiled chicken with special teriyaki sauce. Includes rice, salad, miso soup and gyoza.
2. Dinner Beef Teriayki $11.95 Charbroiled beef with special teriyaki sauce. Includes rice, salad, miso soup and gyoza.
3. Dinner Tonkatsu $9.95 Panko breaded pork loin, lightly fried to perfection, served with secret recipe tonkatsu sauce. Includes rice, salad, miso soup and gyoza.
4. Dinner Salmon Teriyaki $11.95 Soft and generous cut of fresh Atlantic salmon, charbroiled and finished with teriyaki sauce. Includes rice, salad, miso soup and gyoza.
5. Dinner Tempura $11.50 Mixed vegetable and shrimp tempura. Includes rice, salad, miso soup and gyoza.

Dinner Combination

Dinner Combination
1. Dinner Chicken Teriyaki and Mixed Tempura Combo $12.95 Includes rice, salad, miso soup and gyoza.
2. Dinner Beef Teriyaki and Mixed Tempura Combo $13.95 Includes rice, salad, miso soup and gyoza.
3. Dinner Tonkatsu and Mixed Tempura Combo $11.95 Includes rice, salad, miso soup and gyoza.
4. Dinner Salmon Teriyaki and Mixed Tempura $13.95 Includes rice, salad, miso soup and gyoza.


U-don $7.95 Traditional Japanese noodles in a classic broth.
Paitan Pork Ramen $9.95 The soup is made with carefully selected high quality pork meat rich and full bodied flavor.
Shoyu Ramen $9.95 Classic soy sauce flavored soup gives it a distinct flavor that everyone loves.
Miso Ramen $9.95 Flavory taste of miso and herbs.
Tempura Udon $10.50 Udon complimented with shrimp and vegetable tempura.
Seafood Udon $10.50 Udon complimented with green mussels, shrimp, scallops and calamari.
Yaki Udon with Shrimp $10.95 Stir fried tangling udon noodle with cabbage and green onion, seasoned with house sweet garlic soy sauce.

Cut and Hand Rolls

Cut and Hand Rolls
1. Tuna Roll $3.99
2. Spicy Tuna Roll $4.25
3. Cucumber Roll $2.99
4. Albacore Roll $3.99
5. Eel Roll $4.25
6. Shrimp Roll $3.49
7. Vegetable Roll $3.49
8. Salmon Skin Roll $2.99
9. Avocado Roll $3.50
10. Philadelphia Roll $3.99
11. Yellowtail Roll $4.25
12. Scallop Roll $3.69
13. California Roll $3.99
14. Shrimp and Crab Roll $3.99
15. Lobster Hand Roll $5.95
16. Hawaiian Hand Roll $5.95
17. Sake House Hand Roll $4.95
18. Salmon Roll $3.99

Fresh Roll

Fresh Roll
Sake House Roll $11.95 Spicy crunch Sake house stuffing wrapped in albacore, avocado and fresh red onion. (Soy mustard, ponzu and chili oil).
Tender Greens Roll $7.95 Real crab meat, gobo and avocado wrapped in cucumber. (Soy mustard).
Ichinisanshi Roll $8.95 Real crab meat stuffing wrapped in shrimp. (Creamy sesame dressing).
The Shocker Roll $9.95 Real crab meat inside, wrapped in seared albacore and avocado, topped with fried rice and garlic.
Jalapeno Salmon Roll $11.95 Stuffed with our Sake house mix, with salmon, avocado and jalapenos on top. Creamy sesame, spicy mayo and dot of hot sauce.
Montrose Roll $10.95 Spicy tuna, salmon and crab meat wrapped in avocado (soy mustard).
French Kiss with White Tuna Roll $10.95 Creamy real crab stuffing, white tuna and avocados on top. (Sesame dressing, eel and hot sauce).
Superman Roll $10.95 Spicy tuna wrapped in fresh tuna (eel sauce).
Kamekazi Roll $10.95 California roll with cream cheese, topped with Sake’s famous spicy tuna.
Yuki Roll $10.95 Juicy asparagus spears and cream cheese wrapped in pink shrimp and avocado.
Green Goblin Roll $11.95 Spicy tuna wrapped in avocado. (Chili oil, sweet sauce, red pepper and hot sauce).
Great White Tuna Roll $12.95 Spicy yellowtail and cucumber inside, wrapped in white tuna and seaweed salad. Finished with creamy sesame dressing.
Hogwarts Special Roll $11.95 Spicy tuna wrapped in tuna with seared tuna on top, finished with crispy onion goodness.
Caden’s Roll $9.95 Spicy tuna, crab meat and cucumber wrapped in fresh salmon. (Soy mustard).
Dorothy Rainbow Roll $11.95 California roll topped with tuna, salmon, albacore, snapper, shrimp and avocado (soy mustard).
Soy Wrapped Shrimp Roll $7.95 Shrimp, asparagus, avocado and crab stick wrapped in soy paper (ponzu sauce).
Triple Tuna Roll $11.95 Spicy tuna stuffing, yellow fin and white tuna on top. Three tunas in one roll (maguro maguo maguro). Salad dressing, spicy mayo, cucumber and jalapeno coulis.
Omega 3 (Heart Care) Roll $11.95 Cucumber, avocado, gobo inside, top: salmon, fresh red onion shaves. (Soy mustard and fresh lemon juice. ).
Katana Roll $10.95 Sushi shrimp roll, topped with spicy scallop and eel sauce.
Bushido Roll $10.95 Spicy tuna and asparagus inside, wrapped in fresh white tuna and pink shrimp.

Baked Roll

Baked Roll
B.S.C.R Roll $7.95 Baked scallop, avocado, crab and baking aioli. (Eel sauce).
This is How ;We; Roll $8.95 Crab meat stuffing wrapped with fresh water eel and avocado. (Eel sauce).
Mounds Roll $9.95 Spicy tuna on fresh salmon wrapped California roll, baked with house special aioli. (Eel sauce).
Honolulu Ave Roll $10.95 Spicy tuna, shrimp tempura inside, topped with baked fresh water eel and avocado. (Eel sauce crunch crumbs).
The Volcano Roll $10.95 Crab meat, gobo, wrapped in salmon, baked with house special spicy aioli. (Eel sauce).
Baked Crab Temaki $10.95 Baked snow crab mixture (snow crab, imitation crab, stick crab) with caramelized house special aioli and avocado wrapped in soy paper.

Tempura Roll

Tempura Roll
Popcorn Lobster Roll $13.50 Crunch batter fried baby lobster on bed on California roll. (Baking mayo, eel sauce).
Dragon Roll $10.95 Sake special mixture of spicy tuna, crab, tempura shrimp and crunch bits (eel sauce).
Hidden Dragon Roll $12.95 Stuffed with avocado and shrimp tempura, spicy tuna and fried fresh water eel on top. (Baking mayo dot, eel).
Spiderman Roll $7.95 Soft shell crab, crab meat, cucumber, gobo and avocado. (Ponzu).
Deep Fried California Roll $7.95 Crab, avocado, cucumber deep fried. (Eel sauce).
Crunch Roll $7.95 Shrimp tempura, crab and avocado, crunch crumbs on top. (Eel sauce).
Blooming Onion Roll $12.95 Stuffed with spicy tuna, wrapped in seared a albacore and avocado, accompanied with two handful of tempura onion stings. (Ponzu and creamy sesame).
Pebbles Roll $8.50 Crunch panko fried scallops, crab meat and avocado. (Eel sauce).
Tempura Calamari Roll $8.50 Golden tempura calamari, crab and avocado, extra tempura calamari. (Eel sauce).
Crouching Tiger Roll $12.95 Spicy crab meat and shrimp tempura inside, topped with sushi shrimps and avocado. (Spicy mayo, eel sauce and crunch crumbs.)
Tempura Salmon Roll $8.95 Tempura salmon strips, crab and avocado, extra tempura salmon strips too. (Eel sauce).
O.M.G Roll $8.95 Full of salmon, albacore tempura and avocado. (Sot mustard dressing).
Samurai Roll $9.95 Shrimp tempura, asparagus and cream cheese, wrapped in soy paper.
Shrimp Tempura Roll $9.95 Four pieces of golden fried shrimp, avocado and crunch bits. (Eel sauce).
Fire Fighter Roll $10.95 Shrimp tempura and avocado wrapped in spicy tuna. (Spicy sweet sauce and crunch crumbs).
Rolling Deep Fried Roll $10.95 Real crab and avocado, rolled in soy paper, deep fried and finished with a mountain of spicy tuna. (Creamy sesame and sweet sauce).
Slot Machine Roll $7.95 Tuna, salmon, albacore, snapper, avocado and cream cheese, golden deep fried. (Soy mustard and eel sauce).
Crunch Lobster Roll $11.95 Baked baby lobster on bed of spicy tuna tempura roll. (Eel sauce).
Land Slide Roll $8.95 Deep fried California roll, topped off with a mountain of crunch scallop (eel sauce) topped.
Spicy Tuna Tempura Roll $8.95 Deep fried spicy tuna roll.
L.O.L. Roll $7.95 Fried yellowtail, baked fresh water eel and avocado. (Eel sauce).
This is How ;I; Roll $10.95 Crab meat, shrimp tempura inside, fresh water eel and avocado topping. (Eel sauce).
Lobster Mania Roll $10.95 Baked marinated lobster and avocado inside, topped off with mounds of baked lobster.
The Dream Team Roll $10.95 Crab meat, cream cheese, wrapped in snapper baked with creamy sesame aioli. (Eel sauce).
Tokyo Sunset Roll $12.95 Baked whole baby lobster on top of California roll.

Lunch Special

Lunch Special
Chicken Teriyaki Lunch Special $8.95 Includes rice, salad, miso soup and gyoza.
Mixed Tempura Lunch Special $10.95 Includes rice, salad, miso soup and gyoza.
Beef Teriyaki Lunch Special $9.95 Includes rice, salad, miso soup and gyoza.
Salmon Teriyaki Lunch Special $10.95 Includes rice, salad, miso soup and gyoza.

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