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Up to date Aku’s Kitchen prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: African, Caribbean.


Kelewele (Fried Spicy Plaintain) $3.00
Beef Khebab $1.50
Chicken Khebab $2.00
Suya Khebab $2.00
Shrimp Khebab Jumbo $7.00
Spicy Gizzards $5.00
Nachos Chips And Salsa $4.99
Mozzarella Sticks $5.00 Served with a marinara dipping sauce.

Starters And Soups

Tilapia Soup $12.00
Beef Patties $1.50
Chicken Patties $1.50
Meat Tikka $3.50 Lean ground beef patties (not breaded).
Shrimp Popcorn $5.00 Served with a marinara dipping sauce.
Aku?s Special Grilled Ginger Chicken $5.00
Spinach & Egusi $6.00
Oxtail Tail $9.00

Main Course – Seafood

All main courses come with your choice of jollof rice, steamed rice, banku, kenkey, abollo or couscous.
Grilled Tilapia With Jollof $12.95 Rice or stew with plaintain and salad spiced up chicken with steamed rice.
Banku & Tilapia $11.00 Fresh cooked cornmeal served with spiced up baked tilapia and blended fresh tomato, pepper, onions.
Tilapia Soup With Fufu Or White Rice $12.95
Tilapia Pepper Soup With Fufu Or Rice $12.95 Plantain fufu served with spiced up light chicken soup.
Red Snapper With Jollof Rice $13.95 Oven broiled spiced red snapper served with either jollof rice, fried plaintain and salad or banku andpepper.
Fish & Pepper With Banku Or Kenkey $11.00 Fresh cooked cornmeal with fish and fresh tomato, pepper, onions and some spices.
Fried Plaintins With Beans And Fish $10.50 Pan-fried yellow ripe and sweet plaintain served with spicy black-eyed pea stew.
Aku Special $13.95 Jollof rice or banku with either grilled whole or filet tilapia, shrimp and salad.
Abolo With Fried Fish $10.50 Steamed corn served with shito.
Kenkey With Shito & Fish $10.50 Cornmeal cooked and served with spiced up fresh blended tomatoes or fried spiced pepper with your choice of fish or beef stew.
Attieke-Couscous With Tilapia $11.00 Attieke or couscous cooked and served with tomato stew or spiced pepper, tomatoes and onions.


Banku & Okra Stew $10.50 Fresh cooked cornmeal served with fresh cooked okra stew and your choice of beef, goat or fish.
Koliko (Fried Yam) & Fish $10.50 Fried ghana yam with either fried fish or choffi (turkey tail) and red pepper and shito.
Jamaican-Style Oxtail $11.00 Oxtail cooked in caribbean spiced sauce served on steamed rice and plaintain with salad.
Ghanaian-Style Oxtail $11.00 Oxtail cooked in spiced tomato stew, with steamed rice or jollof rice. Served with salad and plaintain.
Banku & Peanut Soup $10.00 Fresh cooked cornmeal served with peanutbutter soup.
Jollof Rice $10.00 Steamed rice cooked in spiced up tomato stew with your choice of chicken, beef or fish.
Fufu With Goat Or Beef Soup $11.00 Plaintain fufu served with soup cooked with spiced up goat meat.
Fufu With Peanut Butter Soup $11.00 Plaintain fufu served with popular peanut butter soup cooked with spices, chicken, meat or fish.
Eba With Spinach & Egusi $10.00 Gari served cooked with spinach and ground melon seeds with your choice of beef or goat meat.
Lamb Suya Steak With Yam Or Attieke $12.95 Fried ghana yam or attieke with fresh blended spiced pepper, tomatoes and onions.
Khebabs With Mixed Veggies $10.50 Two chicken or beef khebabs served with spiced steamed mixed veggies.
Collard Greens With Smoked Turkey $10.00 Served with steamed white rice or jollof rice with plaintain.
Waakye With Stew & Shito $10.50 Steamed rice and beans served with spiced up fried pepper with chicken, meat or fried fish.
Spinach Stew With Plaintain Or Yam $10.50 Boiled plaintain or yam served with spiced up spinach and ground mellon seeds cooked with either chicken, beef or fish.
Rice With Spinach & Egusi $10.50 Steamed rice served with spinach cooked with ground mellon seeds with chicken, meat or fish.
Pounded Yam With Spinach & Egusi $11.00 Cooked fresh yam powder made into balls with either spinach and ground mellon seeds or okra stew with your choice of fish, beef or goat meat.

Sunday And Holiday Specials

Omotuo $12.00 Steamed rice balls with palm nut butter or peanut butter soup cooked with spinach and eguisi with beef or goat meat.
Tuo Saafi $12.00 Steamed corn with cassava sauteed with beef and goat with jute leaves.
Chicken Lite Soup With Fufu $12.00 Plaintain fufu served with spiced up light hard chicken soup.

Kiddie Corner

(For Children under the age of 10).
Macaroni And Cheese $4.49
Spaghetti And Meatballs $4.99
Hamburger $4.49 Served with french fries.
Cheeseburger $4.99 Served with french fries.
Chicken Wings $4.99 Served with french fries.
Chicken Nuggets $4.99 Served with french fries.
Jollof Rice And Chicken $4.99 With some sweet corn.

Kiddie Delights

Cake $2.49
Ice Cream $1.99 Your choice of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or neopolitan.
Apple Pie $1.99 With ice cream (add $0.50).
Chocolate Brownie $1.99 With ice cream (add $0.50).


Mixed Vegetables Only $2.00
Side Beans $2.00
Extra Shito $1.00
Extra Red Pepper $1.00
Lamb Suya Only $10.00
Chin Chin $1.00

The Perfect Ending (Dessert)

Cake $3.49
Ice Cream $2.99 Your choice of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or neopolitan.
Apple Pie $2.99 With whip cream (add $0.50), with ice cream (add $1.00).
Chocolate Brownie $2.99 With whip cream (add $0.50), with ice cream (add $1.00).
Pudding $1.99 Your choice of vanilla, chocolate, rice or tapioca. With whip cream (add $0.50).
Fruit Cocktail $2.99
Fresh Fruit $3.99 Seasonal fruit served freshly sliced.


Aku?s Ginger Drink $1.99
Malt Drink $2.49
Coke – Pepsi $0.99
Diet Coke- Diet Pepsi $0.99
Apple $1.49
Orange $1.49
Pineapple $1.49
Mango $1.49

Jolof Rice With Chicken Very tasty and highly recommended aku’s jolof rice with spicy grilled chicken, plain fried plantain, tomato gravy and assorted vegetables.
Steak And vegetables Steak grilled to your desired texture, served with an assortment of vegetables.
Lemon Fish Lemon flavoured fish, baked in the oven until crisp and served with plain boiled potatoes , sprinked with fresh parsely.
French Fries Potatoes, sliced and deep fried to a crisp on the outside, moist on the inside finish, with a light sprinkling of salt.
Beans Stew Beans stew made with fresh palm oil and cooked with fish to give a rich yet very tasty and filling stew.
Floured Fish Very tasy and highly flavoured fish, coated in flour and deep fried. Perfect served with any vegetable of choice.
Saute Potatoes Tender potato chunks, shallow fried with onions, seasoned and baked to perfection.
Chicken Chichinga Spicy ghanaian barbecue powder sprinked over chicken fillet pieces and charcoal grilled.
Waakye And Red Snapper Waakye(rice and beans) with fried red snapper and plantain, served with a rich tomato gravy plus hot ghanaian pepper sauce called shito.
Buffalo Wings Buffalo wings grilled to perfection, served on a bed of lettuce and assorted fresh vegetables with a finger licking sauce for dipping.
Shish Kebab Over night seasoned lamb and chicken pieces, grilled on kebabs sticks until cooked yet still tender and tasty.
Ginger Wings Chicken wings smothered in a homemade ginger sauce, then grilled to perfection.
Fish Escavich One of our specialites, fish well seasoned and cooked to a crisp texture served with an assortment of stir fried peppers.
Grilled Corn Sweetcorn slapped on the grill and cooked to a perfect finish.
Whole Grill Whole chicken charcoal grilled and perfect for sharing or tearing up with your fingers.
Grilled Tilapia Spicy tilapia, seasoned with fresh lemons, then charcoal grilled and served with gravy and Shito. Perfect with fried rice or banku.
Barbecue Chicken With rice Our special recipe barbecue sauce smothered all over chicken drumsticks, grilled then served with boiled rice and assorted vegetables.
Roast Lamb Fresh lamb ribs, seasoned with mint sauce and baked in the oven under low heat untill tender.
Salmon Fresh salmon baked with garlic butter and parsely, resulting in a delicate mouth watering fish dish.
Toasted Sandwiches Soft white bread lightly toasted and deep filled with assorted fillings.
Plantain Balls Plantain made into seasoned balls ready for popping into the mouth.
Lamb Kebabs Well seasoned lamb pieces, skewered into kebab sticks with vegetables and grilled.
Steamed Prawns Platter of just off the boat, fresh king prawns, steamed to an exquisite finish.
Fried Plantain Plantain slices, deep fried with a sprinkling of salt, perfect for eating with beans stew.

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