Al Boccalino

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Cuisine: Italian.

Soups and Salads

Zuppa Vellutata $6.00 With toriatoes, aromatics & a touch of cream
Zuppa Di Fagioli $6.00 Caiaellini beans pancetta broken pasta & parniigiano
Pear $7.00 Salad with fIeld greens, walnuts, gorgouzola cheese & balsanilco
Caesar $15.95 Salad tossed tableside for two
Spinach $7.00 Sauteed with phiemits, raisbis,nntnieg extra virgin & lemon
Caprese $9.00 Of mozzarella tomatoes & asparagis
Sandwich with Garden Salad $9.00 Grilled chicken breast, roasted peppers & sliced fonthia cheese served
Sandwich of Parm Prosciutto $9.00 Fresh mozzarella & smoked roasted roma tomatoes served with garaden salad

Pasta & Risoito

Capellini $13.00 Grilled prawns & basil pesto sauce
Lasagne $13.00 Stuffed with cromini mushrooms, caramelized onions & ftntina cheese beschamel sauce
Fettuccine $12.00 Bolognese
Linguine $13.00 Clams tomato or garlic sauce
Lasagne Bolognese $13.00
Ravioli $13.00 Filled with three cheeses in pistachio cream sauce or pomodoro
Linguine $14.00 With grilled tuna lemon capers & white wine sauce
Oreccfflette $12.00 Primavera with asparagus, green beans peas aglio & aollo
Fettuccine Alfredo $13.00 The original since

Meats & Seafood

Chicken Breast $14.00 Pan roasted with prosciutto cream & cognac sawe
Veal Scaloppine $15.00 Pan seared piccata or marsaia
Chicken – Partnigiaa $14.00
Parwns $14.00 Sauteed with tomato basil & fresh spinach
Veal $15.00 Cutiet milanese breaded
Lamb $15.00 Rib chops grilled extra virgin olive oil drizzle
Filet Mignon 4oz $15.00 Grilled gorgonzola sauce
Salmon $15.00 Ifiet grilled, capers, lemon & white wine sauce


Tiramsu $6.00
Semifreddo Amaretto & Kaliwa $6.00
Chocolate Terrtne $6.00 Raspberries sauce
House Made Spumoni $6.00

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