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Cuisine: Mediterranean.

Soup & Salad

Hearts Of Romaine Caesar $8.00 add grilled chicken $4.00, add grilled 3 jumbo shrimp $6.00
Greek Salad $8.00 lettuce, tomatoes, onions, feta & olives
Lebanese Salad $7.00 cucumber, tomato, olive oil and lemon garlic
Vegetarian Lentil Salad $7.00 with carmelized onions and marinated beets
Lentil Or White Clam Chowder $5.00
Cucumber With Yogurt Salad $5.00 freshly chopped cucumbers mixed with fresh garlic and dry mint, served with yogurt

Cold Mezza

Hummos $7.00 pureed chick peas, tahini sauce
Baba Ghannouj $7.00 roasted eggplant, tahini sauce
Labneh $7.00 strained yogurt and cucumber
Tabbouleh $7.00 parsley, mint, onion, tomato and burghul
Fattoush $7.00 lettuce, tomato, cucumber,. mint and pita chips
Warak Enab $7.00 stuffed grape vine leaves, rice, tomato, and parsley
Jebneh Wa Zeytoun $8.00 feta and olives and tomatoes
Lebanese Pickles $7.00 baby eggplant ;makdous;, cucumber and turnips
Kebbeh Nayeh $12.00 seasoned raw beef trtare blended with burghul and onions
Habra Nayeh ;Tabley; $12.00 extra lean raw beef tartare garnished with onions and our garlic sauce
Lebanese Vegetable Plate $10.00 (for 4 people) tomato, cucumber, romaine lettuce, carrots, fresh mint and olives
Shrimp Cocktail $16.00 five jumbo shrimp served with cocktail sauce
Basturma $8.00 aged meat coated with a mixture of garlic, herbs and spices
Shankleesh $7.00 aged labneh coated with herbs
Mohammara $9.00 hot red pepper mixed with bread crumbs and walnuts topped with olive oil

Hot Mezza

Fatayer $7.00 4 spinach, onion and pine nuts in pastry pockets
Sambousik $7.00 4 seasoned meat and pine nuts in fried pastries
Fried Kebbeh $7.00 4 beef, burghul, pine nuts
Borek $7.00 4 feta cheese roll, parsley and onion
Chicken Wings $7.00 with french fries deluxe
Falafel $6.00 4 fried ground chickpeas and tahini sauce
Al Diwan Hummos $10.00 traditional hummos topped with shawarma and toasted pine nuts
Makanek $9.00 lebanese mini lamb sausages flamb, yon butter and lemon
Soujouk $9.00 grilled spicy american sausage
Jumbo Shrimp Hareef $12.00 served with garlic lemon sauce
Fried Calamari $9.00 spicy aioli, and saffron aioli
Home-made French Fries $4.00
Hot Combo Platter $19.00 kebbeh (2ea), borek (2ea), jawaneh (4ea), sambousik (2ea) with french fries, falafel
Foul $5.00 fava beans with garlic, lemon juice and spices
Toushka $7.00 pita bread stuffed with seasoned meat, cheese and tomatoes
Chicken Tenders $7.00 with french fries deluxe
Cheese Burger Deluxe $9.00
Mozzarella Sticks $7.00 with french fries deluxe


Shawarma platters marinated meat tender roasted in upright rotisserie thinly sliced and served with rice.
Roasted Tomatoes & Sumac Onions Chicken $16.00
Beef & Lamb $17.00 served with yogurt mint, tahini or garlic sauce
Vegetarian Mezza Platter $17.00 hummos, baba ghannouj, tabbouleh, warak enab, and flafel
Vegetarian Mousaka $18.00 braised eggplants with plum tomatoes, onions, and garbanzo beans, mediterranean white sauce served with mediterranean rice
Chicken Francaise $17.00 chicken breast sauteed with lemon and butter sauce served over linguini or rice
Fettucini Alfredo Seafood $19.00 pasta and chunks of tender seafood topped with alfredo sauce
Fettucini Alfredo Chicken $17.00 pasta and chunks of tender chicken breast topped with alfredo sauce
Vegetable Couscous $15.00

Traditional Mashawi

Served with rice, roasted pearl onions and tomatoes (2 skewers)
Kefta Meshwiyeh $17.00 charbroiled minced lamb and beef with parsley, onions and seasonings
Sheesh Tawouk $19.00 tender broiled marinated chicken cubes, (garlic sauce optional)
Lamb Kabab $23.00 succulent lamb cubes marinated in pomegranate sauce
Vegetarian Kabab $12.00 bell pepper, eggplant, onion
Filet Mignon Kabab $25.00 marinated in our special spices, skewered and charbroiled
Jumbo Prawns Kabab $25.00 jumbo shrimp marinated in a garlic lemon sauce
Jumbo Scallops Kabob $25.00 seasoned and charbroiled
Combination Kabab $27.00 choice of any three for seafood or filet add $5.00
Family Special $24.95 chef selection of 4 mezza plates mixed grill (3 skewers) minimum 2 persons


Lamb Chops $26.00 charbroiled, served with grilled seasonal vegetables and rice
3 Quails $19.00 served with garlic lemon sauce and with french fries
Aldwan Filet Mignon $26.00 topped with crumbled feta cheese, served with french fries
New York Steak $21.00 served with french fries
Lamb Shanks $19.00 served with rice and vegetables
Filet Of Flounder $22.00 cajun blackened
Grilled Salmon $20.00 served on a bed of spinach and caramelized onions with rice and vegetables
Red Snapper Fried $22.00 served with rice and vegetables
Samkey Harra $30.00 boneless baked sea bass served with our special lebanese hot sauce
Ahy Tuna $22.00
Chilean Sea Bass $28.00
Seafood Platter $50.00 for 4 people grilled salmon, deep fried calamari, grilled shrimp, and grilled scallops.

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