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Cuisine: Indian.


Vegetable Pakora $4.95 Spinach, lentil fritters
Onion Pakora $4.95
Shrimp Pakora $6.95
Chicken 65 $6.95 Specially prepared chicken strips deep fried
Vegetable Samosa or Singara $4.95 3pcs., additional pcs. $1.00 each
Chicken Samosa $4.95 3pcs., additional pcs. $1.00 each
Paneer Pakora $5.95 Spicy cheese fritters

Vegetable Delight

Served with pilaf rice
Mixed Vegetable Curry $9.95 Assorted vegetables in mild curry sauce
Aloo-Palak $9.95 Spinach with potatoes in mild creamy sauce
Palak-Paneer $10.95 Spinach with home-style cottage cheese in a creamy sauce
Motor-Paneer $10.95 Sweet peas with Cottage cheese in mild creamy sauce
Dal-Makhni $9.95 Black lentils & kidney beans simmered in creamy sauce
Chana Masala $9.95 Tender chick peas in mild thick sauce
Paneer Tikka Masala $10.95 Chunks of cheese cooked with onions, peppers and spices in a creamy sauce
Aloo-Gobi $9.95 Chucked cauliflower & potatoes in a curry sauce
Vindi Bhajee $9.95 Fresh picked okra suteed with garlic and onion

From the Oven – Clay Oven

Served with naan bread
Tandoori Chicken $10.95 Traditional tandoori spiced chicken leg broiled in tandoor
Chicken Boti $12.95 Tender pieces of chicken breast marinated in spicy yougurt sauce
Chicken Tikka Masala $13.95 Chicken boti in mild creamy sauce
Tangri Kabob $12.95 Chicken drumstick seasoned in spicy marinade and broiled in tandoor
Reshmi Kabob $12.95 Pieces of chicken breast marinated in mild, minty sauce & broiled in tandoor
Chicken Malai Curry $13.95 Reshmi kabob in mild coconut based sauce
Lamb Boti Kabob $14.95 Boneless leg of lamb marinated in spicy sauce & roasted in tandoor ovenq
Grilled Shrimp $14.95 Lightly marinated jumbo shrimp broiled in tandoor
Butter Chicken $13.95 Chicken boti in cumin enriched tomato sauce

Biryani – Classic Mughul Traidition

Vegetable Biryani $10.95 Assorted vegetables with basmati rice
Chicken Biryani – Bone-in $11.95
Chicken Biryani – Boneless $12.95
Lamb or Goat Biryani $13.95 Tender spring lamb or baby goat
Chicken Roast on Pilaf Rice $11.95
Kachi Biryani $14.95 Specially selected spring lamb or baby goat meat, slow cooked
Chicken Kacchi Biryani $10.95 Quartered chicken pieces prepared in the classic kacchi fashion, slow-cooked

Meat & Poultry

Served with saffron basmiati rice or naan. The term murag refers to chicken
Curry Chicken $12.95 Boneless white meat chicken in curry sauce
Desi Murag $11.95 Bone-in chicken in spicy curry sauce
Murag Acari $13.95 Boneless chicken cooked with traditional pickling spices
Karahi Chicken $13.95 Bone-in chicken in tomato enriched sauce with ginger & cilantro
Curry Goat $12.95 Tender goat meat in traditional curry sauce. Bone-in.
Lamb Curry $14.95 Boneless lamb in midly spiced curry sauce
Lamb Vindaloo $14.95 Boneless lamb cooked with potatotes in black mustard sauce
Chicken Vindaloo $13.95 Boneless chicken cooked with potatoes in mustard based sauce
Chicken Korma $13.95 (Tender pieces of chicken breast in creamy almond based sauce

Seafood Specialties

Served with saffron basmiati rice
Fish Masala $13.95 Filet of tilapia cooked in roasted onion sauce
Shrimp Masala $15.95 Selected jumbo shrimp cooked in roasted onion curry sauce
Shrimp Malai Curry $15.95 Jumbo shrimp in thick coconut milk sauce
Grilled Salmon $16.95 Salmon steak broiled to perfection, served with grilled vegetables

Sides & Condiments

Bowl of Pilar Rice $2.49
Naan Bread $1.99 Whole wheat
Garlic Naan $3.49
Paratha $2.49 Pan fried, layered bread
Apple Kashmiri Achar $1.99 Sweet & sour pickled apples
Mango Chatnee $1.99
Kachumba or Ryta $1.99


Selections of authentic desserts
Rosomalai $3.95 Specially made cheese dumplings in thick creamy milk
Rosogolla $1.95 Cheese dumpling in sugar syrup. Per piece
Gulab Jumon $1.95 Lal mohan
Rice Pudding $2.45


Coke $1.99
Diet Coke $1.99
Sprite $1.99
Orange Soda $1.99
Plain Lassi $2.99 Sweet yogurt drink
Mango Lassi $3.49 Sweetened yogurt drinks with mango pulp
Masala Tea $2.49
Desi Tea $2.49

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