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Cuisine: Mediterranean.


Gluten-Free and nut-free subject to availability
Locally Made Pastries
Homemade Baklava Pistachio, Walnuts, or Cashews


Baba $6.00 Charbroiled eggplant blended with tahini & lemon juice, topped with scallions & olive oil.
Hummus $5.50 Chick peas blended with tahini & lemon juice, topped with scallions & olive oil.
Falafel (5) $6.00 Patties of chick pea & fava bean blend, mildly spiced & fried, a side of tahini-yogurt.
Tourlou $6.00 A ratatouille of roasted vegetables, chick peas & garlic.
Dolmades $6.50 Grape leaves stuffed with a vegetarian rice mix, topped with feta, a side of tzaziki.
Tabulee $6.00 A mix of parsley, tomatoes, scallions & bulgur wheat in a lemon-olive oil dressing.
Sauteed Spinach $5.50 In olive oil & garlic.
Spanakopita $6.00 Spinach & feta in filo pastry.
Vegetarian Combo $8.00 – $10.00 Any 3 of the above, any 4.
Grilled Chicken Strips $7.00 With sides of honey-mustard & tahini-yogurt.
Octopus Salad $8.50 Served in a lemon-olive oil dressing on a bed of mixed greens.


Lentil $3.50 – $4.50 Escarole, potatoes. With grilled chicken. With cheddar add $1.00.
Vegetarian Chili $3.50 – $4.50 In a mildly spiced fresh tomato sauce. With grilled chicken. With cheddar add $1.00.
Lenchili $3.50 – $4.50 Half lentil, half chili. With grilled chicken. With cheddar add $1.00.
Chicken Vegetable $3.50 (Seasonal) with vegetables in a seasoned chicken broth.
Creamy Vegetable $3.75 (Seasonal) with vegetable of the day in a creamy sauce.
Gazpacho $3.75 (Seasonal) cold tomato, cucumber & green pepper with fresh herbs.
Tzaziki $3.75 (Seasonal) yogurt, cucumber & mint.


All salads served with tomatoes, cucumbers & scallions. Toppers: chicken $3.50, tenderloin $5.00, shrimp $5.00. Optional: dolmades (3) or falafels (3) $3.00.
Mixed Greens $5.50 – $4.00 With alfalfa, choice of dressing.
Tuna Salad $8.00 (Dolphin safe, celery & mayo), or chicken salad (with apples & walnuts) topping a large mixed greens salad.
Spinach $6.00 – $4.50 Mushroom, alfalfa served with asiago or feta with choice of dressing.
Greek $6.00 – $4.50 Mixed greens with feta, banana peppers & kalamata olives in greek dressing.
Caesar $5.50 Romaine lettuce, pita croutons & asiago cheese in caesar dressing.
Pine Nut $7.00 Mixed greens, mushrooms, alfalfa, asiago & roasted pine nuts in yogurt-pine nut dressing.
Roman $7.00 Mixed greens, apples, toasted pitas & goat cheese in lemon-citronette dressing.
Mediterranean $7.00 Mixed greens, grilled eggplant, goat cheese & vinaigrette dressing.
Fattoush $6.00 Romaine, onions, & toasted pita in greek dressing.
Fruit & Nut $7.00 Fresh seasonal fruit, walnuts, yogurt & honey.

Pita Pockets

With lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, alfalfa & scallions.
Tuna Salad Pita Or Chicken Salad $7.00 Pita with feta or cheddar & choice of dressing.
Vegetarian $6.00 Falafel pita (with tahini-yogurt), hummus pita or tabulee pita.

Pita Rolls

Kabab $6.00 Beef or chicken served with tomatoes, grilled onions & peppers, feta & greek dressing.
Chicken Pita Or Gyro Pita $6.00 Served with tomatoes, onions & tahini-yogurt.
Falafel $6.00 Lettuce, tomato, scallions, banana peppers & tahini-yogurt.
Dolmades $6.00 Tomato, scallions, feta & greek.
Dolmades – Eggplant Tomato $6.00 Scallions, feta & greek.


Chicklaki Plate $9.00 Chicken, mixed greens, tomato, cucumbers, mushrooms & scallions with feta & kalamata olives & choice of dressing.
Gyro Plate $9.00 Broiled mild blend of lamb & beef, tomato, cucumbers, mushrooms, scallions over mixed greens with feta & kalamata olives & choice of dressing.
Souvlaki Plate $11.00 Grilled tenderloin, mushrooms, grilled onions & peppers over mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, feta, olives & choice of dressing.
Mixed Grill $14.50 Chicken, beef & shrimp on a pita with grilled onions, peppers & mushrooms, choice of tabulee or greek salad & a side of hummus.
Moussaka $9.50 Layered lean beef, eggplant & potato casserole in bechamel, served with a small salad.
Melanzagna $9.50 Layered eggplant & seasonal vegetables with 5 cheeses baked & topped with marinara, served with a small salad.
Spanakopita $9.00 Served with a small salad.


Linguini (basil or spinach), fettuccini, spaghetti or gluten-free penne. Toppers: chicken $3.50, tenderloin $5.00, shrimp $5.00. Optional: garden or greek salad with pasta add $3.00.
Aglio Olio $9.00 Olive oil, roasted garlic, cilantro, crushed red peppers, scallions.
Grecca $9.00 Feta, cilantro, scallions & olives.
Basilica $9.00 Basil, pine nuts, scallions, asiago.
Limone $10.00 Sherry-lemon sauce, spinach, sundried tomatoes & artichokes topped with feta.
Pignolia $10.00 Goat cheese cream sauce, mushroom & pine nuts.
Pistacchio $10.00 With goat cheese cream sauce, broccoli & pistachios.
Marinara $9.00 With fresh tomato & basil sauce, asiago cheese.
Verdura $9.50 In marinara with broccoli, artichoke, mushroom, spinach & onions with asiago.
Pesto $10.00 Basil pesto, artichoke, red peppers, asiago.
Ravioli Or Tortellini $9.50 Choice of marinara, vodka cream sauce or basil pesto, asiago cheese.
Couscous $7.50 Choice of tourlou or bean chili.


Hot Sauce $1.00
Side Of Kalamata Olives $2.00
Extra Pita $1.00
Extra Side Of Dressing $1.00

Juice Bar

Freshly squeezed or extracted, to order, from fresh fruits & vegetables (12 oz).
Carrot $3.50
Celery $3.50
V2 $3.50
Orange $3.50
Lemonade $2.75
Blended $3.75 Orange-banana, orange-strawberry, orange-fruit cocktail, honey banana-milk.


Cold Bottled $3.00 Orangina, root beer, perrier, pure cane sugar sweetened soda. Regular or diet soda, sweetened iced tea spring water $1.75.
Iced Poured – Coffee $2.50 Decaf, unsweetened tea.
Cappuccino $3.00
Fountain Soda $2.00
Arnold Palmer $2.50
Hot – Coffee $2.00 Swiss water process decaf, tea.
Espresso $2.50
Cappuccino $3.00

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