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Cuisine: Greek.


Hummos Chick peas blended with tahini sesame paste, lemon juice and garlic.
Mediterranean Hummos Feta cheese, sun dried tomatoes, olives and pickled garlic.
Baba Ghanouj Blend of broiled eggplants, garlic, tahini sauce and lemon juice.
Grecian Sauce Cucumber dip with sour cream, garlic and greek spices.
Fried Kibbi (One) Cracked wheat mixed with fine meat, stuffed with ground beef, pine nuts and onion
Falafel (6) Lebanese veritable patties, mixture of fava beans, cracked wheat and chick peas, deep fried
Spinach Pies (2) Filo dough filled with spinach and feta cheese.
Meat Stuffed Bell Pepper (One)
Meat Stuffed Grape Leaves (6)
Meatless Stuffed Grape Leaves (6)
Meat Stuffed Cabbage Rolls (6)
Meat Stuffed Squash (2)
Feta Cheese with Greek Olives
Mujadarah Lentil beans and rice
Mousaka (Eggplant) Baked eggplant in tomato sauce,topped with sauteed vegetables.
Mousaka (Squash) Baked squash with olive oil, garlic and onion
Fried Cheese Slices of haloom cheese sauteed in olive oil and fresh garlic


Fatoush Salad Toasted pita bread with olive oil dressing.
Feta Cheese Salad
Green Garden Salad
Taboule Traditional lebanese parsley and cracked wheat salad.
Albasha Super Salad Feta cheese salad, taboule, and vegetarian grape leaves
Spinach Salad Feta cheese, sun dried tomatoes, pickled garlic. Add chicken shawarma, gryos or combo
Chicken Shawarma Fatoush Salad
Chicken Shawarma or Gryos Combo Salad
Shrimp Salad or Shrimp Spinach Salad


Adass Soup (Lentil bean soup) Cup


All sandwiches are served on pita bread with your choice of french fries or hummos and salad
Gyros Sandwich A lean blend of ground beef and lamb, lightly seasoned, topped with grecian sauce, tomato and onions.
Chicken Shawarma Sandwich Vertically broiled fresh chicken with grecian sauce, tomato and lettuce.
Souvlaki (Shish Kabob) Sandwich Tender beef with tahini sauce, tomato and onion
Falafel Sandwich Fresh vegetable patties with tahini sauce, tomato and onion.
Hamburger Add $0.50 for cheese

Kid’s Menu

Kid?s Plate 12 years old and under. All served with french fries, rice or feta cheese salad


French Fries
Rice Pilaf
Pita Bread Whole wheat available
Pita Bread Chili paste
Grecian Sauce


Kid?s Plate 12 years old and under. All served with french fries, rice or feta cheese salad
Chicken Tenders
Chicken Shawarma


Baklava Flaky pastry filled with walnuts and honey.
Ashta Phyllo dough filled with cream cheese.
Tiramisu Lady fingers dipped in coffee liqueur layered in mascarpone cheese
Chocolate Cake


Fresh Squeezed Lemonade
Mango Juice
Orange Juice
Soft Drink (Free Refill)
Barq?s Bottled Root Beer
Lebanese Iced Tea
Hot Tea or Iced Tea
Lebanese Coffee
Community Coffee
Decaffeinated Coffee

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  1. Excellent family-friendly option with flavorful Options and good service. The tea was a bit too lemony compared to other rose teas we’ve enjoyed in other restaurants, but otherwise, the meal did not disappoint. The causal atmosphere and no wait gave us all an enjoyable evening with no stress.

  2. The best Mediterranean food since we left Glendale CA. Chicken kabob was superb tender juicy seasoned Gabby was a great waitress
    Try the Greek dry wine


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